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11/17/2017.  A member of my hollow earth email list brought to my attention an interesting website,, that although the website creator has the earth erroneously rotating backwards, interestingly nevertheless shows the areas where I have determined the polar openings are located to have voids in polar orbiting satellites, both for the Arctic region and the Antarctic continent. 
The conspiracy aspect supposedly relates to a large hole providing access to the underworld, which is located somewhere in the Arctic or Antarctic regions,[3] and the attempts to keep it quiet made by the superpowers in conjunction with whatever the Grand Theory du jour is, be it reptilians, Tibetan masters, Atlanteans and/or aliens. That there are undisclosed entrances to these “inner worlds” extends also to the Moon, with one video purporting that you can see it on Google Earth,[4] though this is just a graphics glitch caused by stitching multiple low-resolution and high-contrast images together in combination with the usual seam errors produced at the poles when using spherical UV mapping. These theories are also associated with apocryphal stories of apparently bottomless holes in various locations, such as Mel’s Hole in Washington, USA.
The Hollow Earth Theory has been around for a long time. While the first concepts were crude, this so-called ‘crazy’ idea has slowly been embraced as viable alternative to the solid Earth model and will soon be recognized as the truth. With today’s technology, many of our findings point towards a hollow structure as the only method to explain many of today’s scientific findings.
In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1300 km (800 miles) thick, with openings about 2300 km (1400 miles) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents. He proposed making an expedition to the North Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride, but the new President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, halted the attempt.
The Thule Society are based on an actual organization associated with the Nazi Party during World War II. In HEX they have a deep interest in getting into the Hollow Earth and the powerful ancient weapons they believe are kept there.

Symmes spent the rest of his life lecturing and lobbying for action. “In May 1829,” writes Collins, “Symmes died, believing right up to the end that the greatest discovery in human history had eluded his grasp.”
“There’s a salty tang in the air of early British Progressive rock, some King Crimson perhaps, some Spring, some Canterbury. The organ and strings, and the at times slightly sinister mood, remind me a little of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown…” – Daniel Dellamorte, music historian
The idea as also used by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, in a series of novels beginning with “At the Earth’s Core” (1914). Using a mechanical drill, his heroes discover a prehistoric world 500 miles below the surface. Lit by an inner sun, this inner earth is called “Pellucidar” due to the constant light of the unsetting inner sun. There is also an inner moon which creates a “Land of the Dreadful Shadow” by blocking the light of the inner sun for a portion of Pellucidar. Burroughs also makes use of the idea of openings at the poles, and has zeppelins travel to the interior of the earth via these openings. There are seven novels in the “Pellucidar”series.
–Could someone anciently have had a faint recollection from some unknown scriptural writings of the actual location of the Lost Garden of Eden? This map shows the Lost Garden of Eden on a high mountain at the north pole. Or is this the map makers attempt to show the Lost Garden of Eden inside Our Hollow Earth looking through the north polar opening? The abundant waters that flow from the Garden of Eden divide into four rivers that flow to the four cardinal points of the compass.
^ Jump up to: a b Rawlins, Dennis (January 2000). “Byrd’s Heroic 1926 Flight & Its Faked Last Leg” (PDF). DIO, the International Journal of Scientific History. 10: 2–106; see pp 69–76; also pp. 54, 84–88, 99, 105. Retrieved July 13, 2007.
Surprisingly (or maybe not) proponents of Hollow Earth Theory frequently cite NASA photographs and video as proof of their cause. Many photos from space do show anomalous formations at the poles. Most can be explained away by science, but a few remain controversial. Some even claim NORAD satellites do not travel over the poles, due to the fact that they keep getting lost within the earth. Computer images (allegedly) support this claim, but of course NASA does not.
Some who believe the planet is hollow also insist that the interior of the Earth is full of humanoid beings who are far superior to those of living on the exterior. Humans who measure twelve feet or taller and never get sick are said to reside inside the planet, and other wildlife also thrives in vast valleys.
To emphasize the degree of dedication to which I performed this research, allow me to inform you that at one point, I had collected over one thousand and three hundred files related to these different areas of thought.
Indigenous Eskimos believe that there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean and observations by several Arctic explorers like Olaf Jansen and Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., who claim to have seen mirages of exposed land near the North Pole, indicate that the most plausible location for an opening is located at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude.
But our razors are not all perfect tools. When the number or specificity of assertions made by a model are unclear, Occam’s razor feels subjective. Is one scientist’s simplicity another scientist’s Gordian knot? Case in point, Abdelkader himself might have found simplicity in Hohlwelttheorie. By vanquishing those billions of light years of lifeless intergalactic void, Abdelkader saves us from the difficulty of believing in the fantastic vastness of the Universe and ‘the consequent reduction of the Earth to an infinitesimal’.
Then they followed the road characterized by creeks with cold water that passed trough the cavern and fell into a void, larger than the previous ones, where lied some brilliant stuff with the same shape of bee hives, about 10 meters of diameter, placed above a seedling, like a tree´s log, at a height imprecise by the memory of the last Macuxies who live remembering that, still with fear of retaliation from “the Big Men”
In his Letters from Nowhere, Bernard claims to have been in contact with great mystics in secret ashrams and with Grand Lamas in Tibet. He was, in short, another Gurdjieff. Dr. Bernard “died of pneumonia on September 10, 1965, while searching the tunnel openings to the interior of the Earth, in South America.”
Admiral Byrd was interviewed by Lee van Atta of International News Service aboard the expedition’s command ship USS Mount Olympus, in which he discussed the lessons learned from the operation. The interview appeared in the Wednesday, March 5, 1947 edition of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, and read in part as follows:
This new oddball theory seems to be getting attention as of late thanks to a self-proclaimed “scientist” named Rodney Cluff. Cluff penned a book on his believe that the Earth is hollow and even tried to get an expedition funded to prove that a hole actually exists at the top of the planet. As you’ve probably already assumed, that journey never actually too place, but that’s not stopping Cluff from trying to recruit followers to his cause.
2/13/2014.  Today my attention was drawn to the spacecraft Cassini’s images of moon of Saturn, Titan’s south polar vortex.  It is a swirl of the clouds at Titan’s south pole caused by the polar opening beneath them.  Yes, even moons are hollow, and this image is evidence of that.
– The Hollow Earth – Dr. Raymond Bernard tells stories about people who have entered the inner Earth and what has happened to them. It mentions a photograph published in 1960 in the Globe and Mail in Toronto, Canada which shows a beautiful valley with lush hills. An aviator claimed that he had taken the picture while flying into the North Pole.
Steve Currey, our expedition organizer, discovered May 1 he had brain cancer with 6 tumors, and on May 22 was advised it was incurable.  He passed away July 26 and his funeral was August 1, 2006 in Provo, Utah.  The family has cancelled their involvement in the expedition and have returned all monies to expedition members.  We were most SAD to hear this fateful news.
As recorded in these books, Valient Thor told Dr. Stranges that his planet Venus is hollow like our Earth is hollow and that his people live INSIDE Venus.  As you will also learn in this video, Valient Thor told Dr. Stranges that all the planets in our solar system including Earth and Venus are hollow, and that people live in their interior worlds.  In the 50’s Howard Menger was taken to an alien base on the far side of the moon in a Venusian flying saucer craft, as he described in his book, The High Bridge Incident, The Story Behind the Story, and at that base he met people from all the planets in our solar system. 
Recently, I received this letter (translated to English) sent to a friend by a German who made it to Inner Earth in a German submarine at the end of World War II, and then wrote back to his friend letting him know that their submarine made it there safely.  You can read the original letter in the German language here.  You can read my conversation with Joe from Alaska, who sent me this letter on my Interesting Emails below, or by clicking here.
Dr. Brooks Agnew, Founder of Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC is the Scientific Project Director of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE). By far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. “We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach. There has never been a more exciting or appropriate time to visit this region of the Earth. The science is ready. The documentary film viewing public is ready. The mission is extraordinary enough to dominate documentary content for a strong feature release and bold enough to make history.” It is interesting to note that Brooks is the descendant of the Scottish explorer James Ross, who is credited with the discovery of the Magnetic North Pole in 1831.
Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, a Department of Defense School located in Negishi (Yokohama, Japan) opened on September 20, 1948. The name was changed to R.E. Byrd Elementary School on April 5, 1960.
Then in verse 9, the first action on the 3rd Day of Creation was to create the Inner Continent:  Genesis 1:9 “And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
The Terra Arcanum is an esoteric society dedicated to keeping the Hollow Earth a secret. They have their foundations deep in the mists of time, and only a few of their current members realize their true origins.
The negative anomalies over the polar openings are so great that the U.S. has lost satellites over them. In the early 1960’s when the U.S. was trying to put its first satellites into polar orbit, they kept losing them over the Arctic up near the pole until they decided to put them into orbit on either side of the polar opening. When they tried to send their satellites over the polar opening, several satellite cones were lost because they followed the earth’s curvature into the earth’s hollow interior where they crashed. (SECRET OF THE AGES, p. 130)
8/5/2016.  Proof that the North Polar Opening is not located at the geographic pole end of earth are the expeditions taken by Quark Expeditions each year with Russian Nuclear Icebreakers to the geographic North Pole from Murmansk, Russia.  One expedition member in 2015 made this video documentary of his trip to the pole on the Russian nuclear icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory.  The reason why Quark Expedition members are not finding the North Polar Opening at the North Pole is because the North Polar Opening is not located at the geographic North Pole.  It is located 363 statute miles from the North Pole on the Russian side of the pole.  My latest best estimate for the location of the North Polar Opening is 84.84 N 129 E based on the anomalous readings taken by the U.S. Naval Laboratory in October 2015.  Read about those readings and see their images in an article below dated 10/26/2015.
In recent decades, the idea has become a staple of the science fiction and adventure genres, appearing in print; in film, notably as the premise for the creatures in Kong: Skull Island; on television programs such as Sanctuary, where Hollow Earth formed the core of the story arcs of the third and fourth seasons; in comics; in role-playing games, such as the Hollow World Campaign Set for Dungeons & Dragons; in video games like Gears of War, where humans live on an Earth-like planet with a mostly hollow interior; and in many animated works, such as Torin’s Passage, where the hero must travel to the “lands below” to rescue his family.

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ДокторСартори,17летпроработавшаявотделенииинтенсивнойтерапии,приводитводнойизсвоихстатейопубликованнуювжурнале “危重病急救医学” историюшестимесячногомалыша。 Тотедванеумероттяжелойболезни,нопоправился。 Спустятригодамальчиксообщилродителям,чтоегобабушкаскороумрет。 “ИдянавстречусБогом,онапройдетчерезтотжетуннель?” – поинтересовалсяон。 Ребенокимелввидусвойсобственныйопыт “проходачерезтуннель” всостоянииклиническойсмерти,которуюонпережил。
(注:在半到3D 4D的空间里比较没有沟通的障碍,人和动物可以用心电感应去沟通理解对方的用意,不像地面上的人和动物一样都凭直觉在猜对方是否有恶意或假设有恶意然后为了自保就先发制人互相攻击,两败俱伤。食物方面,现在也已经有人可以用素食的食材去做出跟肉类一模一样的菜色,连味道都一样,因为肉本身其实是淡然无味而且还很腥臭,全都是靠调味品和烹饪法去腥加料才好吃。比如说有人能做出跟鱼翅完全一样分别不出味道不同的鱼翅羹,因此,好吃的是调味料而不是食材本身。
由于地表十分干旱,金星跟火星类似,岩石也就比地球上的坚硬。前文介绍天狼星时有提到从3D的物质星球提升到4D的半物质星球的3D景象,再度证明金星已经是一颗4D阿修罗界的星球(属于光明的,但也有少部分负面的种类同时存在,互不侵犯,跟地球内部的阿修罗界一样有正负两种文明,偶尔还是会打一下,但没有人类这么血腥,因为都打不死),部份达到5D的天人界。地球将会逐步变成像金星和火星那样的半物质红星球(质量会压缩变小颗,石头更硬物质密度更高物理的生存条件更恶劣) ,不再适合现在的人类居住而适合提升到图4D与图5d的人继续生活(半物质4D的生存条件反而变得更好,两者南辕北辙,反方向发展)。

“摩诃波罗多”(一译 “玛哈帕腊达”),印度古代梵文叙事诗,意译为 “伟大的波罗多王后裔”,是古印度两部著名的史诗之一此书记载。了居住在印度恒河上游的科拉瓦人和潘达瓦人,弗里希尼人和安哈卡人两次激烈的战争。此书与 “罗摩衍那” 并称为印度两大史诗,它写成于公元前一五○○年,距今约有三千五百多年了。而书中记载的史实则要比成书时间早二千多年,就是说书中的事情是发生在距今约五千多年前了。书中的战争规模浩大,其惨烈程度世所罕见。
“古尔卡” 乘坐的飞行器 ‘维玛那又是什么呢诗中写到:“’。维玛那“借助水银和一种强大的推进气流,确定了在九天航行的路线它的飞行距离可以是无限的,飞行方向可以从上往下,从下往上,还可以从后往前。 “在这部史诗中,飞船曾多次出现,在描述英雄阿周那乘坐飞船时” 乘上这太阳形的飞船,阿周那飞升而去,当到达一个凡人看不见的地方时”,他发现了数百艘飞船。在这个地方,太阳和月亮都不发光,更不要说火炬了。没有亲身经历单凭想象恐怕无法写出这样逼真的细节。而圆形飞船不就是现代人所说的 “飞碟” 吗?
暴露「地心人」真实存在文章来源:CHN强国网于2015-02-2821:31:58在披露了「监听门」等丑闻事件后,斯诺登在「世界年代记」网站上还公布了一项令人惊愕的机密文件,这份文件中提到:「远高于人类智慧的种族 – 地底人存在于地球的地幔中」斯诺登坦言,在其看到的文件中写着一些操纵远比人类智慧高的种族之类的内容。据说,内容中还涉及到一些之前发生的,被认为可靠性极高的目击事件。那就是有热水从海底的裂缝中喷出,跟有关UFO从海底起飞直接进入太阳轨道的一些目击事件的调查而且,斯诺登称:「国防部国防高等研究计划局(DARPA)的大部分人,确信地球的地幔中存在着远比现代人类聪明的人类。」据说,地幔数十亿年来都没有任何变化,因此那里很有可能成为维持长期生命,稳定居住的场所。「地底人」很有可能就生活在那样的环境中,那是与我们完全不同的温带环境。在那里,可以使他们的智慧加速提高,并不断进化。
(注:耶和华的希伯来文发音是Yehovah或Yehowah,因为希伯来文没有Ĵ通道,译成英文就是耶和华,耶和华或耶和华亚威旧约圣经里的意思是天主,上帝,神的代名词希伯来原文的字母是明智的,他-勒沃 – 嘿 – 耶和华,但是十诫里不允许信徒直接叫他的名字:不可妄称耶和华你的神的名,就只好以我主>我的主的母音代替,或写4字神名:耶和华,法语是JHWH,拉丁语是IHVH,到了新约圣经就改成RIO =洛德上主,原本的意思在火星上的部队和猎户帝国里是主奴关系的主人,却被圣经写成上帝,天神,天主来理解旧约圣经里他说:我是你们的上主耶和华;新约圣经却改成:我是你们的上主 – 万军的统帅)

terre creuse et OVNI | théorie de la terre creuse partie 1

Volantes organisations, Soucoupes Neuschwabenland, ils sécrètent en Antartique, Avril énergie, Société de calme, HAARP, visitez ET, l’expédition de l’amiral Byrd de 1947, la Ahnenerbe méconnue, la base de 211 et plus encore de un à la Russ Documentaire frontière entre la réalité et la conspiration. Hollywood ne se tient pas bien!
L’des que Dû à la étonnement d’un soleil découverte à l’intérieur de la Terre, encore une fois un peu atténué, NOUS AVONS DECOUVERT Que la ALORS Terre .Duke en buffets ont Creuse sphère. Ce soleil .Duke Maintenant, équidistant des surfaces et Internes Externes, Que la montrant AINSI coque au niveau terrestre du faisait perche, au NonyboneCapture 500 miles d’Épaisseur. Nous étions à mi-chemin dans la sphère intérieure.
Bon tanpis La réponse est le don de vous-même! Le lapin ne se sacrifie pas seulement pour nourrir l’ancien, il le fait aussi pour l’ours et le renard! Elle donne sa vie en sachant qu’elle sera plus utile! Jésus est la même chose, le sacrifice pour servir un monde entier, et Gilgamesh qui voulait l’immortalité ne comprenait pas les mots d’othamapshitine qui voulait qu’il comprenne cette annulation et la clé. Personne ou pas beaucoup de gens donneraient leur vie à un voleur ou un tueur si cela était utile, comme Bouddha! Comment pouvons-nous prétendre nous élever si notre égoïsme personnel prend la place, comment aimer les autres si nous sommes trop imbu! ??? S’ils essayent de se lever, nous n’y arrivons pas, si nous sommes effrayants, c’est possible, c’est nirvna!
Durant l’Ete 50, sur Alors la Qu’il base de trouvait de camp Perry militaire en Virginie, il Insiste verser Avait d’un contenu Connaître Bunker par un de ses Amis. Il a finalement accepté de le laisser regarder à l’intérieur. Paul était alors capable de voir clairement, à 5 ou 6 mètres de lui, un communément enfermé dans une minuscule cage. Cet être de
Un Jour Vers 16 h 20 locales, nous Avons simplement Placé dehors, Deux d’Eau identical bouteilles minérale, et nous CONSTATE de Visu Avons, Qué les ÉTAIENT ombres et Parallèles Parfaitement que l’ombre portée 98 cm mesurait d’Illes verser Chacune.

quand le père fut illuminé, et que, soufflant, mon guide reçut une petite flamme, il s’approcha du bout d’un bâton qui devint une brillante torche.
Aussi Donca Voyez (LLC CE same de La Chaîne documentaire Planète), en CE Buffet Qui est Arrivez l’Archéologue Jean Steen Mackintyre en 1966 Qui Un site au découvrit Mexique, possèdant des outils en Pierre et des ossements fait Humains Qu’elle daté par divers laboratoires, convaincu que ces objets, au moins 20 000 ans, étaient proches de ce qui était officiellement accepté. Mais le résultat de ces laboratoires surprendra tout le monde, puisque les objets ont été datés il y a 250 000 ans. :
Mais il y a beaucoup mieux, nous le savons déjà, et ici nous revenons volontairement aux idées précédentes sur la vie sur d’autres planètes. et les histoires impopulaires de la page 112 du Livre du Collectif Soria, connues sous le nom de 4520 entités cosmiques, et le livre «Les grandes voies du soleil», publié dans les éditions ARIANE en avril. 2001
Évidemment, c’est encore une fois, c’est cette pâte noire, mais presque toute rectangulaire, juste placée dans le pôle, et dans laquelle on voit clairement, il y a encore des rayons de lumière notoires.
Ainsi, en examinant le voyage en avion à travers les régions polaires, nous voyons que ce voyage est toujours autour du pôle ou passe, mais ne l’a jamais négligé (voir aussi une vieille carte Air France ci-dessous).
“Il est également possible de voir que les ouvertures mystérieuses ne sont plus visibles sur les photographies prises plus tôt ou plus tard, on parle alors de la théorie” pro “qui vous expliquera que les ouvertures des pôles s ‘élargir et retirer en mode d’obturation de la caméra, découvrant ainsi et expliquant qu’aucun explorateur n’a jamais trouvé ces ouvertures célèbres.
D’un autre côté, nous ne pouvons jamais faire des lois et des principes actifs sur la vie, ce qui est un événement futile pour tous, y compris nos scientifiques. Où est le générateur, où sont les relais, qui font le service …. etc … etc
Les géants étaient sur terre à cette époque. Il en était de même après que les fils de Dieu étaient venus vers les filles des hommes et leur avaient donné des enfants: ces héros étaient célèbres dans les temps anciens.
avait la maîtrise de la science génétique comme aujourd’hui sur terre de laboureurs avec des créations végétales ou animales et peut aussi être caché dans la recherche pour le développement génétique des cellules humaines.
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Je baissai la tête et le Maître continua. “En 1945, nous avons essayé d’entrer en contact avec votre race, mais nos efforts ont été confrontés à l’hostilité. Nos Flugelrads ont été ciblés et même poursuivis avec le mal et l’animosité par vos avions de chasse. Alors, je te le dis maintenant, mon fils, il y a une grande tempête qui dort dans ton monde, une furie noire qui ne s’arrêtera pas avant plusieurs années. Il n’y aura pas de réponses dans vos armées, il n’y aura pas de sécurité dans votre science. Il peut être furieux jusqu’à ce que chaque fleur de votre culture soit transpercée et que toutes les réalisations humaines soient réduites à néant dans un grand chaos.
, c’est pour vous inviter à tirer la tête par la fenêtre, celle qui est la plus accessible à vos sens. CROYANCE NE PAS DIRE! Notre planète est un lieu d’EXPÉRIENCE!
C’était il y a un million d’années. C’est l’histoire de l’existence de notre planète avec des entités de l’âme
Nous demandons alors à tous ceux qui ont ce livre ou un autre, de parler des herbes des mammouths congelés, en insistant sur le fait de toucher deux petits mots. Merci mille fois à l’avance.
Environ 3
d’autres, j’ai dit à Platon de revenir sur ses «idées». Il est venu du principe que tout l’univers est né d’une «idée» qui en a engendré une autre, et une autre … ect … J’ai trouvé l ‘”idée” franchement intéressante et je suis tombé sur le même chemin, en ligne, les paragraphes dans les paragraphes sa vision de l’ “idée” semblait de plus en plus compréhensible Le seul problème est qu’il n’a pas regardé la mère «idée» qu’il admet porter. Et encore, le merveilleux outil de la mémoire (et la réflexion aussi pour le tir) m’a apporté la solution! Il était déjà dans le taoïsme dans le principe de la dualité! Et oui, voyez-vous où je veux venir? J’ai rejoint les deux pour trouver un début à tous! Attention à vous pendre (mais je me souviens que c’est ma théorie), personne ne s’est déclenché au moment où il s’est rendu compte qu’il était le seul, il est parfait TOUTE la question, comment le neveu laissez-moi en prendre conscience, je vous répondrai qu’il était depuis le début mais sans être conscient de lui-même à cause de l’absence de tout, et de l’esprit qui ne fait pas partie de notre visible à votre avis, qui a le plus de chances d’être présent dans le nœud, la matière ou l’esprit? Pour info contraire et possible, demandez à un patient qui est enfermé dans son corps qui ne peut être servir s’il pense ou non poser la question à celui qui ne peut pas agir sur le sujet! la matière, vulgairement parlant, il n’a rien à faire avec elle, mais son esprit est enfermé dans un grand surnom, tandis que tout est présent autour d’elle, c’est possible je me réfère au principe de la dualité! une des réalités créées par une notion de chacun connecté les uns aux autres par une idée de départ qui évolue constamment, nous revenons à chaque sommeil pour nourrir l’idée que nous existons!
Nous sommes heureux et merci à vous deux! Eh bien je suis wnlance, pour commencer je vous invite à reconnaître l’invisible, notre dimension mélange visible et invisible, je mets de côté l’élément quantité qui démontre si notre réalité est créée ou ne se comporte pas comme ça quand un observateur est présent ou non, en fait je suis dans la simplicité même, notre cerveau est ainsi fait, nous percevons des images qui se reflètent à l’intérieur et qui sont interprétées à travers l’énergie électrique ou le pouls ce qui nous donne une image parfaite de ce que nous voyons ou voyons! or comme l’accès à l’image n’est pas direct, personne ne peut prouver que ces images sont des suggestions réelles ou collectives à interprétations individuelles, quand j’ai découvert cela, j’ai posé la question suivante, aussi étrange que coupable mais pas incroyable dans mon esprit: serait-il possible de voir à travers les yeux d’un mort? Et que verrions-nous si un mort et un vivant pouvaient regarder au même moment et même lieu! Près beaucoup, et plus que ça encore, de triturations cérébrale J’ai trouvé, non pas grace à mon brain Qui pas la Science Possède FUSE, à l’Mais Grâce tool la mémoire qu’est génial! Je avais déjà-de ma partie ont par les enquêtes Réponse menées sur PLATON.Mais Personnelles Comm je m’égare je reviens sur Visible et l’Invisible pas m’éparpiller et versez Rester COHERENT, de plus de TribordTV Reviens j’y mais prouver que tout le monde sans exception coïncide avec l’invisible, tous les jours sans forcément le savoir! Premier exemple, Ce que Scientists la particule de appellent dieux, matiére invisible Autour de partouts trouvant nous sans la Ivoire Interagir Pouvoir Avec, POURTANT c’est bien la! Deuxième exemple, vous Quand vous Pensez ous Que réfléchissez, vous avez une tête petite Savoie LLC LLC, Savoie très à la Souvent Associée vôtre, resonne et langue same se exprime Avec Qué LLC, petite Savoie this Ne est ni palpable et invisible Elle est là de POURTANT! c’est pour côtoyons dire, l’invisible à nOUS nous same sans Travers en Être conscient (pour CERTAINS), third exemple, nos rêves! Je suis d’accord répandrai dire Que nous rêvons nous Quand pas Sommes les rêves Mais conscient font tout de same partie de l’invisible, voiture ee may qu’expliquer ous un rêve et raconter pas Savoir faire! ! fourth exemple, l’Intuition, Pareil, sur en a tous sur may pas Mais voir.cinquieme exemple, la chaleur, may Êtres Elle sentie, invisible Mais pas perçue de same verser froid, commentaires tentatives de viol à Qu’une personne Tord convaincue être fermé dans un réfrigérateur peut déclencher l’hypothermie ?? Sixième exemple de vent. Ont Ste Longu J’ai d’exemples que je te vais vous épargner verser à la remorque avenir Que Notre dimension visible et chiné l’Parfaitement invisible, d’where l’idée de verify si Notre dimension Avec Fonctionne Pareille et l réel ‘ virgule irréel, et Monde du Travail me descendeur à ma chaîne je suis de contraint faire des que finir CE Pourra! merci
« Ce Goulden Capitaine, Qui fait, plus de Avait voyages Trent au Groënland, un à Rapporté Sa Majesté, que, being au pendentif ont Vingtaine d’Groënland ANNEES, il encore en Compagnie de Deux à l’est Hollandais de l’Île d ‘ Edge. Comm les Baleines la Côte fuyaient, les Deux déterminèrent à Waller Hollandais, plus loin Universe Nord, et ont Quinzaine de Près, Huiles Jours de retour furent. Les ongles dirent Alors Navigué JUSQU’AU Qu’ils avaient 89 ° de latitude Nord , et pas de Qu’ils Glace rencontrèrent, ont Mer libre Mais et ouverte, et Qui ont une Avait de configuration à ressemblant cellule de la Baie de Biscaye. M. Goulden pas de n’étant SATISFAIT par Brutal this REVELATION Huiles W presented Quatre Lui Journaux de Borda des Deux NAVIRES, en Qui témoignaient catégoriquement, et demander, en Quatre minutes, l’received de tout un agrément each ».
Toutes les entités sont présentes partout. Entrez dans une pièce simple dans une maison et vous pouvez capturer des dizaines d’entités en fonction de votre ouverture sensorielle. Une entité est par définition une créature vivante créée avec de l’énergie. Il est contenu dans un “sac” qui contient cette énergie. Cette entité est liée à celui qui l’a créée.
, nous pouvons lire ceci de façon très conventionnelle: “La densité moyenne de saturne est de 0,7, autrement dit, plongée dans une piscine imaginaire remplie d’eau, Saturne flottera à la surface comme une balle. Saturne est, comme Jupiter, des éléments du nébuleux solaire primitif, c’est-à-dire de l’hydrogène et de l’hélium. Mais on s’aperçoit que depuis le début des années 1980, notre amie parisienne Colette Cyril Lefèvre, qui était en accord avec les amis les plus célèbres et les plus connus de George Adamski, nous avait donné un texte dactylographié montrant un voyage d’adamski, qui avait le 26 mars 1962, en direction de Saturne, où il a assisté à une conférence dans laquelle il y avait 12 chefs. Voulez-vous un petit échantillonnage du début du voyage et de l’aperçu du paysage?
Quand vous dites que Seth et sa dynastie sont des reptiliens, il y a quelque chose qui me dérange! Les humeurs de l’ère égyptienne étaient encore les mêmes avant Seth, après quoi, qu’est-ce qui a changé Seth avant lui? La location était déjà présente pour que le défunt puisse l’accomplir, si nous comprenions que les reptiliens connaissaient devant nous les nombreuses vies et incarnations, si c’est le cas, cela signifie que nous ne sommes que des copieurs qui les aiment premier? S’il nous a génétiquement modifiés et que le résultat est la réflexion que nous avons aujourd’hui, pourquoi ne pas les remercier? La question qui brûlait mes lèvres, et la chose la plus importante à mes yeux pour ma compréhension personnelle et ce qui suit: ce que sont exactement les Hébreux, et pourquoi l’étiquette de Hitler, financée par un groupe hébreu ailleurs, a cherché pour les détruire
Au moment de Sons òû CES NOUS Agnès, la réchaffement mondiale en train de l’Est de Qui de cé dégeler Rest des SES anciennes allemandes.Pendant des ANNEES secrètes, sur Google Earth Fin masqué de … CE Tenir Qui secrètes DEGAGE des glaces me antartiques.Je souviens En 2007, j’essayais de localiser Neu Schwabenland via Google Earth et tout était flou.
LLC pour les Temps anciens, l’haute qualité française de «.Duke partie royaumes souterrains integrante de Croyances Religieuses Nombreuses, Comm les Enfers de la mythologie grecque, Svartalfheim de la mythologie nordique.
“Il y a Ceux à Qui crédit is Dû”, a t-il dit à several des reprises Alors Que les images ETAIENT montrees, Avec des ses camarades des engagés de la Tâche Dangereuse de faire flotter l’Énorme Sivion Fokker sur un Radeau à Travers la Banquise. Il a également félicité Floyd Bennet avec un autre citoyen de la Virginie qui a volé l’avion pendant le voyage du Pôle Nord.
“La densité de la Terre est de 5,52 (sur la base de l’eau égale à 1), mais la densité moyenne de la corde terrestre est de 2,70. On en déduit que l’intérieur de la terre, doit correspondre à une densité beaucoup plus élevée que le cordon, pour atteindre la densité requise.Un sol creux ne pourrait pas répondre à ces exigences ”
Les désordres de notre temps correspondent à l’humanité à une nouvelle vision de qui sont des individus en dehors de leur espace spatial. C’est choquant de se sentir mais très facile à comprendre. Nous ne sommes pas terriblement terrifiés en tant qu’ancres. Nous n’appartenons pas à la planète Terre. Nous ne lui rendons visite qu’au niveau de notre âme qui est l’ambassadeur de notre puissant esprit.
Mais Byrd a pu découvrir ces 7.770.000 km², pour la plupart inconnus de l’humanité, ce qui montre clairement que le territoire occupé par les autres nations (voir ci-dessus) diminue évidemment comme une peau de chagrin?
Alors, les fans de Zeel Menger, puis utilisent cette photo nommée Howard Menger, présentée à ses amis depuis 1956, mais publiée seulement en 1959 dans son livre “From your space to you”, votre puissant logiciel. comme Tungstene et Consorts, pour les caractéristiques photographiques de cette photo, pour savoir si elle était déchirée, ou si c’était au moment d’une requête, et si elle était authentique, vous auriez indirectement une démonstration préliminaire, que notre soleil n’est pas du tout chaud … et, à bon revendeur hier !!!
Comme vous l’avez noté dans ce paragraphe, le soleil étrange est apparu à midi et Nansen a parlé plus haut. Les deux textes, qui ne sont pas identiques, décrivent alors le même épisode. D’une part, nous parlons du soleil, de l’autre côté d’un soleil rectangulaire. D’un côté de Dieu de la vie et de l’autre aucune mention de ce genre. Je vous laisse regarder la fidélité de la traduction de 1996. Nous n’avons trouvé aucune mention, parce que Nansen vit au soleil pour une succession de trois jours ou pour deux jours complets. est dit ci-dessus
C’est ce qu’il a acquis aujourd’hui, le Pentagone l’a mis dans le secret militaire et a confisqué son carnet de vol. En conséquence, il était interdit de parler en public. Le doute planait sur cette histoire pendant près d’un demi-siècle et il s’est finalement terminé à la fin des années 1990, lorsque le fameux carnet de vol est apparu. ”
Mon guide de Zora, un scientifique foncier interne, âgé de 150 000 ans, a révélé que ma sœur et moi étions originaires de la Terre intérieure où vivaient nos vrais parents. Quand notre Père de la surface, nous avons récupéré du corps des enfants adoptés, nous ne parlions aucune langue connue d’un monde extérieur. ”
11 h 35 – Notre radio devient folle et une voix anglaise sort avec ce qui pourrait être un léger accent nordique ou germanique! Le message est: “Bienvenue, Amiral, dans notre région, nous atterrirons dans exactement sept minutes!
En bref, nous pourrions sortir ici beaucoup d’autres anoniens attachés aux photos d’Apollo 12, mais cela aurait beaucoup plus à voir avec ce fichier. Mais finir ici est un dernier buzz que tout le monde peut découvrir sur le site quasi-officiel:
L’ouverture est élargie et se rétracte constamment. Donc les deux mesures ne sont pas fausses. La Terre dans son ensemble utilise la dilatation du mouvement, la rétraction, mais en réalité, cette planète est en expansion. Dans quelques décennies, son diamètre ne sera plus celui de ce moment.
route tortueuse que vous suivez en ce moment:
Par la suite Edgard Poe Poe, Edgard Allan: Les Ventures de Gordon Pym, 1838 Puisi of course Jules Verne Verne, Jules: Voyage centre au de la Terre, 1864, Edgar Rice Burroughs Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Au cœur de la Terre, Willis George Emerson Emerson, Willis George: le dieu fumé ou un voyage au monde intérieur, Chicago Forbes & Company, 1908 – Roman en mettant le voyage d’Scène Olaf Jansens Père fils en Avec 1829 aussi Edward Bulwer Mais Lytton Lytton, Edward Bulwer: la course à … Qui avenir Cell nous exterminera, un Livre qui deviendra la bible de la Société du avril, pendant la Guerra fiche créée et d’obédience nazie.
« Le soleil a un buffet Accordé Toujours à la bruni Reconstitution historique. Nos ÉTAIENT ainsi Légers teints Que des HABITANTS d’Celui Atvatabar, Qui ÉTAIENT vous avez d’universellement teinte jaune d’or, et il is Surprenant de commenter les gens Savoir Beau semblaient , votre compte du fait LLC un Qu’ils vivaient paie where soleil Couch jamais. d’Aucun n’avait un teint Eux, plus d’foncé Que Celui Bruni un véritable chocolat. La raison de demander du fait provient Que la lumière de non supervisé n’atteignait pas la Moitié de l « cellule que du intensité soleil de Nos Tropiques externe. La Petite Bataille de l’Éclat contrebalançait sa proximité à Terre environnante. La lumière sur Atvatabar Qui tombait .Duke chaleureuse, séparés, incandescent, et rose , qui donne à la vie un sentiment délicieux … ”
Les Bayeux du Maître W Semble penetrer LLC mon Esprit Profondément, et pendant Etudie me avoir Près moments il a Quelques cours répondu, « un LLC reached de ce point de Maintenant non retour, Parc ya Qu’il vous Parma Qui Ceux détruirait LLC Monde Plutôt que d’abandonner leur pouvoir comme ils le savent … ”
Commentaire this à double tour est joué Histoire is la Service née au des de fausse facts Romaines Avec de Fausses REELLES et vraies la Preuves vraie, clandestine, Qui la force Avec ressort Avec aussi Aujourd’hui Mais d’facts non Autres Romaines et SURTOUT non CATHOLIQUES.

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NASA has posted a beautiful image of the aurora australis from space.  If you look carefully, you can see a dark spot from where the auroral radiation is emanating from — that area where I have estimated the south polar opening is located.  Here is a NASA movie of the aurora australis showing the radiation emanating from the polar opening that causes the auroral lights.
10/12/2009.  I was having an interesting discussion with a list member regarding what Google Earth shows at the earth’s poles, when I noticed that if you zoom into the north geographic pole on Google Earth, you will see that the north geographic pole is not on the surface of the planet!  The meridian lines running along the surface of the earth are dipping into the earth at that latitude and in order for Google Earth to depict the location of the north pole, it has to put it way up in the atmosphere above the surface of the planet at the location of 90 N Lat 0 W Lon!  If the earth has a polar opening near the north geographic pole, you would expect the meridian lines to be dipping into the earth as you approach the pole.  So in order to depict the location of the geographic pole, Google Earth has to bend the meridian lines into a cone some distance from the pole and put the geographic north pole at the pinnacle of the cone — far above the surface of the planet depicted with the meridian lines as they approach the pole.
The negative anomalies over the polar openings are so great that the U.S. has lost satellites over them. In the early 1960’s when the U.S. was trying to put its first satellites into polar orbit, they kept losing them over the Arctic up near the pole until they decided to put them into orbit on either side of the polar opening. When they tried to send their satellites over the polar opening, several satellite cones were lost because they followed the earth’s curvature into the earth’s hollow interior where they crashed. (SECRET OF THE AGES, p. 130)
Like many believers, Cluff is convinced by the accounts of others who claim to have already found and even visited the “inner Earth”. Chief among them is Karl Unger, a German sailor said to be part of a 1943 U-boat expedition to the South Pole. The submarine apparently entered the Hollow Earth through an underwater passageway, and its crew were greeted by an advanced civilisation in a place called “Rainbow Island”. (Hitler was reportedly a believer, and some conspiracy theorists are convinced he escaped to the Hollow Earth at the end of the Second World War and is still there.) Then there’s Admiral Richard Byrd, a highly decorated US Naval officer whose supposedly hushed-up “secret diary” of a 1947 expedition to the North Pole is believed to contain descriptions of a land full of lush lakes, greenery and woolly mammoths (Byrd was actually in the South Pole at the time). There’s even a retired colonel in the US Air Force, Billie Faye Woodward, who claims that he and his twin sister (both hermaphrodites) were born in the Hollow Earth.

According to Shaver, the Dero, live there still, using the fantastic machines abandoned by the ancient races to torment those of us living on the surface. As one characteristic of this torment, Shaver described “voices” that purportedly came from no explainable source. Thousands of readers wrote to affirm that they, too, had heard the fiendish voices from inside the Earth.
Rodney had planned to go, with a group of like-minded explorers via Voyage to Our Hollow Earth back in 2007. However, sadly Steve Currey – who was organising the trip – found out he had inoperable brain tumours just weeks before the journey was due to start and he died months later.
In the summer of 1947, the hollow earth government sent their flying saucers out to outer earth to make sure we do not use nuclear weapons again.  Our military were placed on orders to shoot the flying saucers down.  Since the hollow earth nation is a peaceful people, our military does not fear any retaliation for shooting their spacecraft out of the air.  They know the hollow earth nation is the political Kingdom of God and will not retaliate, even though they have defended their homeland from invasion.  Also, the  military wanted to know how the flying saucers work so they could back engineer the technology of the flying saucers and the androids that fly them.  This they have done in super secret deep black unacknowledged underground projects using trillions of dollars that even the Congress cannot account for.
Another member of the expedition – Dr Brooks Agnew – was appointed as the new leader. After renaming the operation “The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition” and raising yet more funding, they planned for a summer 2014 departure. But a further unexpected disaster befell the team.
1/20/2011.  The sun rose 2 days early this year in the town of Ilulissat, Greenland, which is located on the western shore of Greenland, just north of the Arctic Circle, 66 degrees north Latitude — that latitude where the sun does not set on the summer solstice, and does not rise on the winter solstice.  Traditionally, Ilulissat residents expect to see their first sunrise on January 13.  This year it appeared on January 11, two days early.  This could have occurred as a mirage.  As warm air rises from within the earth through the north polar opening, it rises above the cold air next to the ice in the arctic, creating a layer of air with a different density that could cause this mirage effect, bending the light of the sun below the horizon up to warm layer of air and back down to the town of Ilulissat.  Learn more about mirages in the Arctic here.
No purchase necessary. Winner will be selected at random on 05/01/2018. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Offer subject to change without notice. See contest rules for full details.
Clark concludes that Columbus found the new continent of America, which he called the “Indies” where he believed was located the lost Garden of Eden on a high mountain.  Although Columbus came closer to finding the continent where the lost Garden of Eden is located, the actual discovery fell to a Norwegian fisherman Olaf Jansen, and his father Jens Jansen, who after accidentally sailing through the North Polar Opening into the interior of the earth in 1829, were taken by the inhabitants there to the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent wherein is located the lost Garden of Eden.  My estimate of it’s location is 800 miles beneath Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.
In one chapter of his book On the Wild Side (1992), Martin Gardner discusses the Hollow Earth model articulated by Abdelkader. According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern. No energy can reach the center of the cavern, which corresponds to no point a finite distance away from Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. A drill, Gardner says, would lengthen as it traveled away from the cavern and eventually pass through the “point at infinity” corresponding to the center of the Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. Supposedly no experiment can distinguish between the two cosmologies.
Recently, I received this letter (translated to English) sent to a friend by a German who made it to Inner Earth in a German submarine at the end of World War II, and then wrote back to his friend letting him know that their submarine made it there safely.  You can read the original letter in the German language here.  You can read my conversation with Joe from Alaska, who sent me this letter on my Interesting Emails below, or by clicking here.
Also, as I had concluded in Chapter 8 of my book, the angels told Phoebe that the Sun is a giant crystal. Scientists, on the other hand, claim the Sun is entirely gaseous. But if it is hollow and has a shell thickness 10% of its planetary diameter, that would give the Sun’s shell a density of 2.9 gm/cc, and so would have a solid surface! Glass has a density of 2.6 gm/cc. And it’s not hot inside as scientists claim either, but a nice warmth is provided for the celestial city suspended within the Sun’s hollow interior. You can get Phoebe Marie Holmes book, My Visit To The Sun at
At this location for the North Polar Opening, notice also that the ice thickness image from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory also shows these same two spots giving thinner ice on each side of the opening, as well as the sea surface salinity is lower in these two spots, and the sea surface temperature is higher in these two same spots.  As you can also see, in this NASA image of the Arctic ice for 2012, there is a hole in the ice at these same exact coordinates.
The Coming War of Repossession.  Are you ready to face the retribution for supporting the Bankers’ continual war fighting for continual peace — that great scam they have conned us into just to make them rich at our expense — with the excuse that it keeps the economy going — while they bask in riches paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of we, the people?  Or are you ready for true peace that has nothing to do with war, that the Kingdom of God from within is offering us all?  If not now, you may be ready for true peace when their wars finally hit our shores in a few short years.  We are now in the process of repossessing Iraq for the bankers, but what most don’t know is that soon we will be NEXT!
You can also stream the audio on Apple Music, Spotify, and the Good Fight Music Bandcamp and you can buy the single on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. Our album Dead Planet is also on s…ale for $6.99!
In October 1989, Warren P. Aston on an expedition to look for the Land of Bountiful described by Nephi in the Book of Mormon,  in looking for the most likely location on the southern coast of the Saudi Arabian peninsula — discovered a lush wooded inlet with fresh water, fruit trees, and iron ore that could be picked up from the ground — where Nephi and his brothers could very possibly have built their ship to migrate to America around 587 B.C.  In a similar pilgrimage, our upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition will attempt to locate the Lost Tribes of Israel in the North Countries of Our Hollow Earth — that the Book of Mormon records the resurrected Savior, in his visit to ancient America, said he would also visit when he said, “Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold.  Them also must I bring, and they shall hear my voice; that there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” – John 10:16, 3 Nephi 15:17,  3 Nephi 17:4.  The Savior at that time promised the Nephites that he would visit the Lost Tribes of Israel that had been led away by the Father out of the land of Jerusalem.  We expect to find the Lost Tribes with their OWN scriptures relating the Savior’s visit to them after visiting the Nephite nation in ancient America.  This will be a Third Witness to the World that Jesus IS the Christ, the Savior of the World — the first Witness being the Holy Bible, the second Witness being the Book of Mormon.  — 2 Nephi 29, 2 Corinthians 13:1, Deut 19:15   Also listen to Apostle Dollin H. Oaks of the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints April 2006 General Conference talk, All Men Everywhere
My list member says that perfect visibility at 37,000 feet from an airline plane should allow you to see about 235 miles.  I estimate the passengers on the one flight from New York to Bangkok, Indonesia would need to be able to see 424 miles in order to see the polar opening on the left of the plane before the plane gets to Northland, Russia.  Passengers on the two flights from Moscow to the Russian city near Alaska would need to see about 358 miles in order to see the polar opening on the left of the plane after it passes over Northland, Russia, which is the land closest to the polar opening location.  So most likely even these closest flights to the polar opening are too far away for the passengers to see the hole in the earth, but they may get close enough to see the curvature of the earth into the opening.
Perhaps most incredibly, Thompson revealed he’d secured funding to travel to the hole with a helicopter backpack called a SoloTrek, which he’d use to descend into it. He even had a date for the trip: May 24 2003.
In his diary, Byrd allegedly tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving through the brush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degrees F.
In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1300 km (800 miles) thick, with openings about 2300 km (1400 miles) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents. He proposed making an expedition to the North Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride, but the new President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, halted the attempt.
Over the next few months, news of Thompson’s expedition spread. He began to receive emails from media companies keen to report the story and many more from both critics and admirers. The sprawling book he’d written, which included his theories about Hollow Earth, began to sell.
Why did Copernicus triumph over Ptolemy? Selecting the simplest, most parsimonious model is a criterion for deciding the truth called Occam’s razor. It’s as if science stands up and says: ‘Dammit, there’s got to be a simpler explanation!’ If someone must weave a complicated tale where a simple story will suffice, stay with the simple story. Ptolemy’s epicycles gave his model just enough rope to hang itself. As the popular saying goes: ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.’
They know all about us but, for the most part, don’t want to interact with us (I can’t blame them). However, Rodney says they do get pretty pissed off with us when we set off nukes (again, I can’t blame them) as it has an impact on their lives.
Because established models become entangled with our sense of reality, doubting them is often an act of defiance, if not utter sacrilege. Today, of course, we know that Ptolemy was wrong. The heliocentric model introduced by the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus in 1543 places the planets in elliptical orbits around the Sun, and best explains the data (including retrograde motion). Moreover, we now know that planets are neither stars nor even spheres. The English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton was the first to realise that Earth and other planets are actually ‘oblate spheroids’, globes that are squished a bit at each pole due to their rotation. 
11/17/2017.  A member of my hollow earth email list brought to my attention an interesting website,, that although the website creator has the earth erroneously rotating backwards, interestingly nevertheless shows the areas where I have determined the polar openings are located to have voids in polar orbiting satellites, both for the Arctic region and the Antarctic continent. 
8/19/2011.  Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition under the leadership of Steve Currey was cancelled upon his death in July 2006 and all monies returned to expedition members. However, expedition members expressed the desire to continue the quest.  Physicist Dr. Brooks Agnew offered to become our new expedition leader and the Currey expedition members voted “Yes” to that offer.  Dr. Brooks Agnew subsequently renamed the expedition the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, and has been working ever since to raise the money to fund it.
In the early 19th century, an eccentric veteran of the war of 1812, John Symmes (d. 1829), promoted the idea of interior concentric spheres so widely that the alleged opening to the inner world was named “Symmes Hole.”* In Hamilton, Ohio, his son erected a monument with a stone model of the hollow earth to commemorate his dad’s incessant lobbying for an expedition to the North Pole to find the entrance to the world below. Martin Gardner writes that “It took Byrd’s flight over the North Pole to deal a death blow to ‘Symmes’ hole’ “(Gardner 1957: 41). However, later advocates hail Admiral Byrd as having actually gone into the hollow earth at both poles! This strange belief seems to be based on nothing more than the fact that Byrd referred to Antarctica as “The Land of Everlasting Mystery” and once wrote: “I’d like to see that land beyond the (North) Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the Center of the Great Unknown.” Such evidence apparently suffices for the alternative scientist.
Have you seen the video of our cover of Failure’s “Heliotropic?” Head over to Exclaim! and watch the entire video! Heliotropic serves as episode 1 of Silver Bullet Studios “Influences” series and we are honored to help kick it off!…/…/hollow_earth-heliotropic_failure_cover

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^ Jump up to: a b Rawlins, Dennis (January 2000). “Byrd’s Heroic 1926 Flight & Its Faked Last Leg” (PDF). DIO, the International Journal of Scientific History. 10: 2–106; see pp 69–76; also pp. 54, 84–88, 99, 105. Retrieved July 13, 2007.
On January 20, 1915, Richard married Marie Donaldson Ames (d. 1974). He would later name a region of Antarctic land he discovered “Marie Byrd Land” after her. They had four children – Richard Evelyn Byrd III, Evelyn Bolling Byrd Clarke, Katharine Agnes Byrd Breyer, and Helen Byrd Stabler. By late 1924, the Byrd family moved into a large brownstone at 9 Brimmer Street in Boston’s fashionable Beacon Hill neighborhood[2] that had been purchased by Marie’s father, a wealthy industrialist.[3] It would be Byrd’s primary residence for the rest of his life. Noted naval historian Samuel Eliot Morison also lived on Brimmer Street.
The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is by far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach.
This could only happen if the Earth’s crust contains one or more gigantic holes in it. A signal could enter via the North or South Polar holes. Exiting from the Polar holes would be extremely difficult since they cover only a small fraction of the Earth’s surface area. Some radio waves may move around the outside of the Earth, while some may go inside then later emerge. All manner of variations could result from radio waves bouncing around the outside and inside of a hollow planet.
8/20/2011.  Terry Smith, the Alaskan bush pilot I was hoping could take people to the north pole, died in a plane crash August 9, 2010, I just learned.  Terry had offered to take us to the coordinates we provided where we estimate the North Polar Opening is located.  Our hearts go out to his wife Terri and their family.  He will be missed.
Symmes, John C. The Symmes theory of concentric spheres, demonstrating that the earth is hollow, habitable within, and widely open about the poles. Compiled by Americus Symmes from the writings of his father, Capt. John Cleves Symmes. [2d ed.] Louisville, Ky., Printed by Bradley & Gilbert, 1878 [1885] 69 p. port.
Byrd attended the Virginia Military Institute for two years and spent one year at the University of Virginia before financial circumstances inspired his transfer to the United States Naval Academy, where he was appointed Midshipman on May 28, 1908. While at the Academy, he severely injured his right ankle while performing a gymnastics routine. While he was able to graduate from the Academy, the injured ankle was the reason for his medical retirement from the Navy in 1916. He was an initiate of the Beta Commission of the Kappa Alpha Order while at VMI.
Chapel, bell tower and penitential beds on Station Island. The bell tower stands on a mound that is the site of a cave which, according to various myths, is an entrance to a place of purgatory inside the Earth. The cave has been closed since October 25, 1632.
[McBride, James] Symmes’s theory of concentric spheres; demonstrating that the earth is hollow, habitable within, and widely open about the poles. By a citizen of the United States. Cincinnati, Morgan, Lodge and Fisher, 1826. 168 p.
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A variety of people still believe in Aghartha for religious reasons. Buddhists, among others, believe in the existence of beings in Aghartha. Macuxi Indians from the borderlands of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana believe in Aghartha, too.

Byrd commanded the aviation unit of the arctic expedition to North Greenland led by Donald B. MacMillan from June to October 1925.[8] This position gave Byrd an appreciation for the benefits aircraft could bring to Arctic exploration. As a result, he employed aircraft in all of his future expeditions.
On March 15, 1916, Byrd was medically retired for a foot injury he suffered on board the Dolphin. He was immediately promoted to the rank of lieutenant (junior grade) and assigned as the Inspector and Instructor for the Rhode Island Naval Militia in Providence, Rhode Island.[5] On December 14, 1916, he was commissioned as a commander in the Rhode Island Naval Militia.[6] On April 25, 1928, by act of the Rhode Island General Assembly, he was promoted to captain in the Rhode Island Naval Militia in recognition of his flight to the North Pole in 1926.[7]
The secret they foster is one which says our world is actually hollow, and another society of beings lives inside. All we have known of this planet, all the history and science taught in schools and universities, is only a half truth. The real truth lies within.
In 1869, the Baptist fundamentalist Cyrus Reed Teed reported his divine revelation that the Earth was hollow. At first glance, nothing novel. Jules Verne had explored a similar concept five years prior in his science-fiction adventure Journey to the Centre of the Earth. But while Verne imagined a subterranean cavern of fantastic creatures, Teed declared in earnest that we were literally living inside the sphere. In this strange cosmology, the Sun, planets, stars and galaxies all occupy the Earth’s interior. The Earth’s crust is an infinitely thick layer of rock encasing the entire Universe.
–Could someone anciently have had a faint recollection from some unknown scriptural writings of the actual location of the Lost Garden of Eden? This map shows the Lost Garden of Eden on a high mountain at the north pole. Or is this the map makers attempt to show the Lost Garden of Eden inside Our Hollow Earth looking through the north polar opening? The abundant waters that flow from the Garden of Eden divide into four rivers that flow to the four cardinal points of the compass.
Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, a Department of Defense School located in Negishi (Yokohama, Japan) opened on September 20, 1948. The name was changed to R.E. Byrd Elementary School on April 5, 1960.
Since 1926, there have been doubts raised, defenses made, and heated controversy over whether or not Byrd actually reached the North Pole. In 1958, Norwegian-American aviator and explorer Bernt Balchen cast doubt on Byrd’s claim on the basis of his knowledge of the airplane’s speed.[14] Balchen claimed that Bennett had confessed to him months after the flight that he and Byrd had not reached the pole.[2][15] Bennett died on April 25, 1928, during a flight to rescue downed aviators in Greenland. However, Bennett had started a memoir, given numerous interviews, and wrote an article for an aviation magazine about the flight before his death that all confirmed Byrd’s version of the flight.[11]
— Confirming my conclusion in Chapter 8, The Celestial Destiny of Our Hollow Earth, that our Sun is hollow and suspended in its center is a City of God, is my recent discovery of a book written by Phoebe Marie Holmes in 1933, of her visit to the Celestial City of God in the Sun!
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Hi, I think that the diary was about a flight at the South Pole not the north. And the Admiral had stayed with the advance base when the fleet had to break out of the bay area due to ice. His plane was logged as being well over the possible limit for the fuel he carried yet landed with no trouble and had fuel in the tanks…..
In June, 1906, Peary had stood on the summit of Cape Colgate and announced his discovery of what he called Crocker Land.  He wrote in his book, Nearest the Pole, “North stretched the well-known ragged surface of the polar pack, and northwest it was with a thrill that my glasses revealed the faint white summits of a distant land which my Eskimos claimed to have seen as we came along from the last camp.”  A few days later he stood on the summit of Cape Columbia and recorded, “The clear day greatly favored my work in taking a round of angles, and with the glass I could make out apparently a little more distinctly the snow-clad summits of a distant land in the northwest, above the ice horizon.  My heart leaped the intervening miles of ice as I looked longingly at this land, and in fancy I trod its shores and climbed its summits, even though I knew that that pleasure could be only for another in another season.”  (pp. 202, 207)
Because on the 2nd Day of Creation, God created the firmament, heaven, or hollow expanse within the hollow earth:  Genesis 1: 6 “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
Several twentieth-century German writers, including Peter Bender, Johannes Lang, Karl Neupert, and Fritz Braut, published works advocating the Hollow Earth hypothesis, or Hohlweltlehre. It has even been reported, although apparently without historical documentation, that Adolf Hitler was influenced by concave Hollow Earth ideas and sent an expedition in an unsuccessful attempt to spy on the British fleet by pointing infrared cameras up at the sky.[44][45]
In his very first declaration, Symmes proposed to mount an expedition to the North Pole, where he was sure they could locate one of these apertures, and gain access to the inner Earth. He too believed that the interior of the Earth not only could, but did support life, saying in Circular No. 1, that the inside of the Earth would be “stocked with thrifty vegetables and animals if not men.” Symmes believed that his theory was not science fiction, but science fact, and that it applied not only to the Earth, but too all planetary bodies. To him, the whole universe was hollow.
Natives of the Trobriand Islands believe that their ancestors had come from a subterranean land through a cavern hole called “Obukula”.[11] Mexican folklore also tells of a cave in a mountain five miles south of Ojinaga, and that Mexico is possessed by devilish creatures who came from inside the Earth.[12]
US Army officer John Cleves Symmes, Jr.(1780-1829) was the first known person to propose a hollow Earth with openings at both poles. He persuaded President John Quincy Adams to fund an expedition to the North Pole, but Adams left office before this could occur.
In his diary, Byrd allegedly tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving through the brush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degrees F.
Accepting that the conflicting data in the typed report’s flight times indeed require both northward and southward ground speeds greater than the flight’s eighty-five mph airspeed, a Byrd defender posits a westerly-moving anti-cyclone that tailwind-boosted Byrd’s ground speed on both outward and inward legs, allowing the distance claimed to be covered in the time claimed (the theory is based on rejecting handwritten sextant data in favor of typewritten alleged dead-reckoning data[19][20]). This suggestion has been challenged by Dennis Rawlins who adds that the sextant data in the long unavailable original official typewritten report are all expressed to 1″, a precision not possible on Navy sextants of 1926 and not the precision of the sextant data in Byrd’s diary for 1925 or the 1926 flight, which was normal (half or quarter of a minute of arc).[18]
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All is duly recorded. The President has been advised. I am now detained for several hours (six hours, thirty- nine minutes, to be exact.) I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal!!!!
The main motto of the Macuxies of this place, was to look out for the entrance of the cavern, keeping out everyone who was not an authorized member of the tribe. When the great wind wich ran through the great tunnel began blowing outside, (it had a rhythm of 5 days blowing out and another 5 blowing in) they could start climbing down the stairs (about 33″ each step).
Another set of scientific arguments against a Hollow Earth or any hollow planet comes from gravity. Massive objects tend to clump together gravitationally, creating non-hollow spherical objects such as stars and planets. The solid sphere is the best way in which to minimize the gravitational potential energy of a physical object; having hollowness is unfavorable in the energetic sense. In addition, ordinary matter is not strong enough to support a hollow shape of planetary size against the force of gravity; a planet-sized hollow shell with the known, observed thickness of the Earth’s crust would not be able to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium with its own mass and would collapse.
It’s not clear what supports the surface of the Earth according to the Hollow Earth Theory, since the surface of the Earth we can see would most likely collapse under the force of gravity without a substrate (the mantle and inner core are solid, the outer core is liquid, and both states are highly resistant to compression). Nor is it clear what keeps the denizens from floating away from the inner surface.
Even with the wind in their favor — about day 7 or 8 of their march — they reached the place where “everything flies”, which is the center of the Earth’s crust. (The middle of the mass, magnetically speaking, which is not the geometrical center of the Earth, but any point in the middle of the thick of the crust).
Admiral Byrd was interviewed by Lee van Atta of International News Service aboard the expedition’s command ship USS Mount Olympus, in which he discussed the lessons learned from the operation. The interview appeared in the Wednesday, March 5, 1947 edition of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, and read in part as follows:
An entry has been published on the LDS Anarchist blog website by the blog moderator regarding his take on the Hollow Earth theory. He is right — there is a lot more evidence for the theory than you would at first think exists. The scientific, scriptural and historical evidence in support of the theory may even surprise you.  You may even find that truth is often at times stranger than fiction!  Of course, there will always be those that will assert that the hollow earth / hollow planets theory is just bs, but that’s just because they haven’t yet seen enough evidence.  Many of their types also once believed the earth was flat, or that the sun, moon, and stars all revolve around the earth as they do indeed appear to do every day and night!  It’s all in the perspective.
The 18th-century Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley believed that unusual compass readings could be explained by the fact that the planet was composed of a hollow shell, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury respectively.
In addition to this kind of a hollow-earth there may be a “hollow Mars.” A mars rock discovered in the antarctic suggests that bacteria may have, and might continue to, exist underground on the red planet.
0910 Hours- Both Magnetic and Gyro compasses beginning to gyrate and wobble, we are unable to hold our heading by instrumentation. Take bearing with Sun compass, yet all seems well. The controls are seemingly slow to respond and have sluggish quality, but there is no indication of Icing!
I just received a very interesting set of mosaic images of the north and south poles from a list member.  The north mosaic seems to show the north polar opening in the location we have estimated it to be, on the Russian side of the pole.  For comparison, I have copied a section of the image next to a section of the original image and put a red circle around the area in the second copy where there appears to be a circular pattern where we think the polar opening is located on the Russian western quadrant.
The further these explorers would proceed north, the more erratic their passage north would become, until finally they would be forced to turn backwards until they regained their bearings. This confusion can be easily explained by the unexpected curvature of the earth they encountered as they approached nearer the opening into the inside of the earth. The phenomenon they titled a ‘mirage’ was actually the sighting of the inner sun rising over the horizon of the inner earth opening.
In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1,300 km (810 mi) thick, with openings about 2,300 km (1,400 mi) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents, and Hamilton, Ohio, even has a monument to him and his ideas.[26] He proposed making an expedition to the North Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride.

cloudscapes hollow earth | hollow earth morrow

Hollow Earth Expedition is set in the 1930s. On the surface, everything appears as it does in our real world history books, but if you dig a little deeper you encounter secret societies and villainous organizations, many of whom have a vested interest in the Hollow Earth.
As Jan Lamprecht pointed out in his book, Hollow Planets, MacMillan apparently did not understand that a mirage in the Arctic, unlike mirages in the lower latitudes which reflect the sky, called an inferior mirage, in the Arctic the exact opposite happens.  Mirages in the Arctic, called superior mirages, reflect the earth’s surface.  This happens as the warm air rising up out of the Polar Opening creates a warm layer of air above the cold layer of air next to the ice that reflects what is on the surface to a person traveling over the Arctic ice farther away.  Many Arctic explorers observed in the far north what was called the “water-sky” where leads in the ice in the mirage would reveal water between the ice floes up ahead, which they would then use to try to find their way between ice floes.  The fact is, mirages in the far north Arctic do not reflect what is in the sky like they do in lower latitudes, but what is on the surface.  So if MacMillan, Green and his Eskimos were seeing land as a mirage in the far north, they were actually seeing land that is over the horizon reflected in the sky as a mirage of land.
Olaf Jansen and his father Jens Jansen, Norwegian fishermen, accidentally discovered the North Polar Opening in 1829 in search of the “Chosen Ones” of their ancestors and entered the hollow earth where they lived for two years with the giant people there.  Olaf then returned to Sweden by way of the South Polar Opening after being rescued by a Scotland whaleboat from an iceberg.  His father was killed when their fishing boat was struck and sunk by the iceberg in Antarctica.  Olaf later immigrated to the United States and died in Los Angeles in 1908.  Here is a YouTube video recording of Olaf Jansen’s story.
Both special relativity and Hohlwelttheorie destroy basic human assumptions: one successfully, the other unsuccessfully. Special relativity tells us that time and space are relative. Hohlwelttheorie tells us that we live inside the Earth. The rope that rescued special relativity is also the rope that hanged Hohlwelttheorie: Popper’s falsifiability criterion. Special relativity offers many possible falsifications, all of which have thus far survived experimental tests. 
— Read the moving story of Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian fisherman, as he relates the account of the discovery in 1829 he and his father made of the North Polar Opening located northeast of Franz Josef Land which led them into the Hollow Earth where they were taken in by the friendly giant people who live there, ancestors of the Vikings who found this hidden land 2500 years ago, led there by a prophet of God.
Jump up ^ Halley, Edmond, An Account of the cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetic Needle; with an Hypothesis of the Structure of the Internal Parts of the Earth, Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society of London, No. 195, 1692, pp 563–578
It’s just as the man said (“the man” being Dillon Ethier); this is some “long-form retro leaning instrumental prog rock” shit right here! Now, hear me out, if you like this, make sure you check out Mahogany Frog’s album ‘VS Mabus’ — Trust me! You’ll thank me later! Found this on Steven Effren’s page. Christopher Moklebust
As science and science fiction merge, we unravel the ancient mysteries of the human experience. If indeed entities exist beneath the surface of the planet, they would not live in molten rock but in space ships. And as the tectonic plates are breaking – it is either by their doing, a knowing that the consciousness hologram that creates this reality, is ending so they no longer have to monitor from below, or they emerge as the plates naturally break apart.
1/1/2012.  Ken Johnston, former NASA photo lab manager, was on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp this past December 25, 2011.  Ken described how he was asked by his superiors to show some men a video taken by the Apollo 11 command module as it orbited behind the moon.  In the video they saw a crater that had an alien base with domes and towers with interior lighting coming from them indicating they were in use.  This alien base on the far side of the moon was visited in the 50’s by Howard Menger, whom my wife and I met at the 1991 UFO conference here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I bought Menger’s book, The High Bridge Incident, The Story Behind the Story where he described how he was befriended by people that look just like earthlings from Venus, and he at one time convinced them to take him to the moon.  The trip took about one week, because they were decompressing their spacecraft on the way to the moon, so that they could breathe without spacesuits on the lunar surface.  They landed on the far side of the moon, the side that never is seen from earth, at an alien base he said had domes and towers, where he met people from all the planets in our solar system.  Howard was even taken on a tour of the far side of the moon in a train ride, and at one point stopped to look at a spacecraft that had landed on the moon, and the astronaut had gotten out on the moon’s surface where he died, apparently not having decompressed enough to breath the thin air on the moon.
Jeremiah Reynolds also delivered lectures on the “Hollow Earth” and argued for an expedition. Reynolds went on an expedition to Antarctica himself but missed joining the Great U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838–1842, even though that venture was a result of his agitation.
The Cassini spacecraft has sent back to earth an interesting image of Saturn’s north polar aurora.  According to the Hollow Planet theory, auroras on all planets are caused by the inner suns within each planet emanating their solar winds out through their polar openings.  Until scientists realize that all planets are hollow with interior suns, they will be mystified by these auroral lights on other planets.  Read their report here.  There are four reasons that the auroras cannot be caused by our outer sun.  First, the solar wind from our outer sun is not powerful enough to light up the auroras on any planet including earth. Second, the magnetic fields of each planet prevents the outer sun solar wind from entering the atmosphere and lighting up the auroras. Third, the auroral radiation has been observed to emanate FROM the planet following the electromagnetic field lines of the planet AWAY from the planet.  Fourth, variations in the auroral displays occur at both poles at the same time strongly indicating that the solar radiation causing the auroral displays originates from the planet’s core.
In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1,300 km (810 mi) thick, with openings about 2,300 km (1,400 mi) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents, and Hamilton, Ohio, even has a monument to him and his ideas.[26] He proposed making an expedition to the North Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride.
Explore one of the world’s greatest and most dangerous secrets: the Hollow Earth, a savage land filled with dinosaurs, lost civilizations, and ferocious savages! Players take on the roles of two-fisted adventurers, eager academics and intrepid journalists investigating the mysteries of the Hollow Earth. Meanwhile, on the surface, world powers and secret societies vie for control of what may be the most important discovery in all of human history.
Modern science holds that that the Earth is an unbroken series of layers, crusts, and liquid magma surrounding a dense, hot core made primarily of iron and nickel. But not everyone is convinced. In the 17th century, some of the leading scientific minds of the time came up with a new theory—that the planet is actually hollow. This idea has proved incredibly durable.
The idea of a hollow Earth is a common element of fiction, appearing as early as Ludvig Holberg’s 1741 novel Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum (Niels Klim’s Underground Travels), in which Nicolai Klim falls through a cave while spelunking and spends several years living on a smaller globe both within and the inside of the outer shell.
It’s not clear what supports the surface of the Earth according to the Hollow Earth Theory, since the surface of the Earth we can see would most likely collapse under the force of gravity without a substrate (the mantle and inner core are solid, the outer core is liquid, and both states are highly resistant to compression). Nor is it clear what keeps the denizens from floating away from the inner surface.
The deepest hole drilled to date is the SG-3 borehole which is 12.3 km (7.6 miles) deep, part of the Soviet Kola Superdeep Borehole project; thus, visual knowledge of the Earth’s structure extends that far.
The Thule Society are based on an actual organization associated with the Nazi Party during World War II. In HEX they have a deep interest in getting into the Hollow Earth and the powerful ancient weapons they believe are kept there.
Mark McCutcheon’s solution is that everything is expanding including the earth, which expansion he claims produces the effect of  gravity.  While I accept Neal Adam’s expanding earth theory (only with a much smaller time-frame) that the earth once had a smaller diameter where all the continents fit together like a jig-saw puzzle, and that over time has expanded to its present diameter, and is still presently expanding, I cannot accept Mark’s theory that the earth is expanding so fast that it produces the effect of gravity.  What is really happening, instead, is that the effect of gravity, in my theory of gravity, is caused by a push of the ether of space into all matter.
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected electrons emanating out of Saturn’s polar area, as you can read on this Space Daily article.  Of course, this seems unusual to NASA scientists that claim that auroras are caused by our outer sun.  Actually, the opposite is what is happening.  Saturn is hollow, and it’s brilliant aurora is caused by it’s Inner Sun emanating electrons and protons from its solar wind OUT of Saturn’s polar opening which then follow the electromagnetic field lines of the planet AWAY from the polar area.  This powerful Inner Sun solar wind is what causes the auroras to light up on all the planets including earth.  While in Alaska in 1981, I watched the auroral radiation flowing UP causing the light of the aurora.  The auroral lights are NOT caused by our outer sun, but by an Inner Sun suspended within the hollow of each planet.
This Mercator’s map of the arctic appeared first as a vignette in his 1569 world map atlas. The arctic had yet to be explored at the time Mercator created his map and is, therefore, based upon commonly held beliefs about the region. Mercator’s map inspired explorers like the Englishman Martin Frobisher to seek a northwest passage to China.
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3/3/2012.  Listen to the interview of Foster Gamble with John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM concerning his excellent documentary Thrive, in which he explains how our world is controlled by a global elite who want to eliminate 90% of the world’s population.  In his video Thrive, Foster Gamble explains that there is a better way, one in which the people of earth can thrive and have abundance.  And it is all based on his discovery that abundance systems emanate from an energy pattern called a torus (a donut shape), which is, in fact, the shape of our hollow earth, as well as all bodies in space.

For a long time I thought that the Illuminati were at the top of world control of our outer world.  Then again, and again, I would come across reports of the Jesuits being involved in nearly everything.  And I remembered that even the Illuminati was first set up by a Jesuit Priest, Adam Weishaupt, May 1, 1776.  Now we learn that Pope Francis is a Jesuit.  And how curious that he came to America and was accepted so very well by former President Obama.  He spoke to Congress, at the UN and at Philadelphia.  One thing after another, and now I am convinced that the Jesuits are indeed at the top of world control like I have been told.  The Jesuits control the Catholic church, the Illuminati, the Communists, the International Bankers, the UN, the Democrats and the Liberals.  Indeed, the Bible calls this group of no-gooders the “Great and Abominable Church” run by Lucifer in this fallen world.  So of course, they don’t want the world to know about Our Hollow Earth and the Political Kingdom of God that is the government of Our Hollow Earth.  Lucifer and his fallen angels that Jude talks about in Jude 1:6 are hard at work trying their best to wrest control of this world from the Creator.  Most likely they know they will lose, but they will do their best to take as many with them as they can. 

空心土的坐標 | 黑暗地平線以外的空心地球


現在,愈來愈多的科學家相信地球內部有空洞。理由之一是地球面積是5.1×10 8的次方平方公里,重量卻只有6×10的9次方的100萬倍。如果內部充滿岩漿,就不該這樣輕。造成地球內部空洞的原因是它內部的離心作用。原始的地球是火和岩漿的混合體,地球在旋轉的過程中,把重的物質拋向了外層,這便。是岩石之類的地殼而兩極幾乎不受離心力的影響,所以有可能形成空洞而未形成地殼。離心力影響最大的是赤道,所以那裡地層膨脹,而形成了今天橢圓形的地球。專家們推測,兩極的洞口直徑約有2240千米。由於熔成糊狀的熾熱物質仍殘留在地心部,那裡離心力幾乎不起作用,於是就成了地心的「太陽」。這個「太陽」儘管小一些,但卻能照射出足以養育動物和植物的光和熱,這便是為什麼在地球空洞中發現動物和植物的緣故。
在當今社會為應對諸多民族預言中的“末日”,一位美國房地產商人為人們打造了“末日地堡”。地堡位於地下約9米深處,號稱可抵擋裡氏十級強烈地震和500小時的洪水以及核生化襲擊,即使屋外攝氏677度的烈火持續燃燒10天10夜,只要居住其間,也可安然無恙。根據項目模擬圖,這地堡就像一個特別定制的大型郵輪,只不過是在地下。地堡配有各種適於生活的設施,如休息室區,影劇院,廚房,圖書館,醫療設施,健身器材和浴室等,並儲存有足夠使用一年的各種生活用品。他在推銷自己的地堡時說“。災難是罕見的意外,但從長遠來看,它們是不可避免的。在得知某個災難將要發生的通知後,短短的幾天內你能逃到哪裡去呢? “
納粹曾經計劃將南極變成“新施瓦本”,1938- 1939年年德國人曾往南極大陸派出兩支強大的探險隊,德國空軍參與其中。負責此次行動的里特舍爾大尉親自向當時的航空部長和空軍頭子戈林元帥報告,稱德國飛機每隔25公里就投下帶有納粹標誌的通信筒,還說他們飛遍了幾乎860萬平方公里的地域,並對其中35萬平方公里進行拍照。德國人把這片仔細考察過的土地稱為新施瓦本,並宣布為未來千年帝國的一個部分。施瓦本曾是中世紀的一個公國,後來曾合併到統一日耳曼國家。
,是軍隊的北風之一,北部的北部,北部,北部,北部,北部,北部,東部被稱為東部 此外,在他的腳步中,他遇到了河流,河流和向日葵,以及東部許多地方,他還創造了很多西北探險家,其中一位是他的高級開門(優化)操作,他 直責安排,計劃最初的目標是建造一個南極研究基地。他將被送往其中一個最成功的航班,由阿加莎和另一個將進行下一次飛行的人員陪同,他們將會 擔心核子武器的發展以及全地表的福址。
最近,國家某部公佈了一項統計數據,告訴人們:你要不是三大式人物(大款,大官,大腕)而想在北京買套100平方米總價300萬的房,社會階層所付出的代價請看:1農民:種三畝地每畝純收入400元的話要從唐朝開始至今才能湊齊(還不能有災年); 2工人:每月工資1500元需從鴉片戰爭上班至今(雙休日不能休); 3白領:年薪6大多數需從1960年上班就拿這麼多錢至今不吃不喝(取消法定假日); 4搶劫犯:連續作案2500次(必須事主是白領)約30年5:妓女:連續接客10000次,以每天都接一次客,需備戰10000天,從18歲起按此頻率接客到46歲(中間還不能來例假)以上還不算裝修,家具,家電等等費用。中國的現狀(經典)1,ATM取出假錢—>銀行無責2,網上銀行被盜—>儲戶責任3,銀行多給了錢—>儲戶義務歸還4,銀行少給了錢—>離開櫃台概不負責5,ATM機出現故障少給錢—>用戶負責6,ATM機出現故障多給錢—>用戶盜竊7,廣東開平銀行行長貪污4億—>判2年8,ATM多吐7萬給老百姓許霆—>判無期。

空心土地和海軍上將伯德 | 由john和carole barrowman創作的空心地球

希特勒在聽到在前捷克斯洛伐克自古以來就流傳著關於地下王國的故事,那裡的居民們掌握了一種被稱作是「布里魯」的未知強大能源時,便急不可耐地下令入侵捷克斯洛伐克以求得與地下王國的居民們結為同盟。事實上,在戰爭瀕臨結束時的希特勒有可能做到了這一點。德國由一戰的戰敗國成為當時世界上科學技術水平最高的國家,就是在現在看來也有它的一些科技也是難以企及的。盟軍一位高級將領說到,「對納粹德國科研機構的佔領揭示出這樣一個事實,我們在許多研究領域已經遠遠落後於他們⋯⋯ 」德國發明的世界上最早的火箭與導彈讓盟軍心驚不已。原子彈也是由德國人首先研發的,後來美國吸納德國的人才後取得成功。在德軍遺留的諸多技術資料中,盟軍。還發現了被潰敗德軍破壞的碟形飛行器樣機。1952年年,一位前德國空軍上尉航空專家斯徹里沃宣稱自己曾在布拉格附近為一個碟形飛行器繪製過藍圖。這架設計時速2600千米的神話般的飛行器能夠90°垂直轉向並垂直起飛。德國科學雜誌“PM”也報導稱,希特勒曾下令德國納粹科學家秘密研製飛碟,據稱這一項目在打破重力的實驗取得了突破性的進展,項目的原型機也可能進行過試飛活動。報導援引目擊者的話稱,他們曾看到一個裝飾有德軍鐵十字標識的飛碟1944年年在泰晤士河上空低空飛行。德國戰敗時,幾乎銷毀了該飛碟項目的大部分文件。所有設計資料被付之一炬。
據說這些地方都有通往地內世界隱秘入口,它們分別是:北極,南極,埃及吉薩大金字塔,西藏喜馬拉雅山入口(據說由僧侶守衛),肯塔基州Mommoth洞穴,巴西馬托Grosso- Posid城,阿瓜瀑布,印度羅摩 – 地表城市下,所羅門國王寶庫,加利福尼亞芒Shasta-(HQ傳說的Agharthean城市,存在於山脈內和山脈下面),德羅洞穴⋯⋯等等根據地理學家貝羅希諾夫1916年年的報告在阿爾泰山區也有一些地下長廊,從蒙古南部一直延伸到沙漠戈壁,中國的敦煌也可能是某個「地下王國」的入口。
而在進入該房間之後所發生的事情,更具有震撼性。拜爾德一再使用“前所未有”,“不可思議”,“難以形容”等詞彙來描述他親眼看到的景象。房間華麗精緻,那些人的聲音既悅耳又熱忱,他們告訴將軍,因他具有高貴的素質,並在“地表”世界有一定的知名度,所以讓他入境。那些人還告訴他,這個神秘世界名為“阿里亞尼” ,自從美軍在日本廣島投下兩顆原子彈以後,他們才開始關注外面的世界,並在那個危機四伏的時代,派遣許多飛行器到地表展開調查。他們表示,地下世界的科技和文化要比地上世界進步數千年,原先他們並沒有干涉地上世界的戰爭的想法,但因為不願再見到人類使用原子武器,因此派出密使訪問超級大國,可未受重視。這次借邀請將軍的機會,傳達地上世界可能會走上自我毀滅的信息。他們派出的人在地上世界受到不友好的待遇,而飛行器也常遭戰機惡意攻擊。
對於研究土的本構關係來說,儘管定量很難,但是定性的研究對土的認識會相當的深入,對土及其基本原理的掌握是有很大意義的。如關於土的剪脹性,土的圍壓的影響,循環加載下的性狀等概念性的認識非常有用。比如複合地基問題,無論是用夯,擠,還是爆,對於土來講,密實的土最好不要去擾動它,一擾動它可能會剪脹,越來越松。對地基處理還是要動鬆土不要動密實的土,這就是土的剪脹原理。我的導師黃文熙先生曾經問過我一個問題,砂土地基如果地下水位上升了,上面的樓怎麼變形。我理解因為應力卸載,應當是地基回彈,其實恰恰相反,地基會下沉,因為砂土的模量是與其圍壓有關的,圍壓減小了,土的模量也降低了這一點在鄧肯 – 張模型中有反映:。初始模量榮與土的圍壓σ3成ň次方的函數關係對土的本構關係的理解,使人對土的認識深入的多了,所以說是能夠抹煞土的本構關係的研究,持完全否定態度這是其一;其二就是對土的本構關係的研究過程中把相鄰的力學學科,數學學科,不確定性的理論知識和成果都用在土力學當中來,拓寬了土力學的手段和領域。其三就是它還是解決了一些重大工程問題,比如說像三峽二期圍堰,十幾個單位用了七,八個模型平行計算結果和測試的結果相比可能不是那麼完全準確,但最後的數量還是比較接近的,特別是對於方案的比較,設一道還是兩道防滲牆,哪道先修和後修都有比較應當說還是有效果的。像解決三峽二期圍堰,小浪底高土石壩,還有目前的一些面板堆石壩,只能是通過數字計算對方案進行比較,因為也不太可能去做原形試驗,離心機模型試驗作不了那麼大的壩,因此只要是符合實際情況,對解決問題還是有用的。
據說這些地方都有通往地內世界隱秘入口,它們分別是:北極,南極,埃及吉薩大金字塔,西藏喜馬拉雅山入口(據說由僧侶守衛),肯塔基州Mommoth洞穴,巴西馬托Grosso- Posid城,阿瓜瀑布,印度羅摩 – 地表城市下,所羅門國王寶庫,加利福尼亞摩Shasta-(HQ傳說的Agharthean城市,存在於山脈內和山脈下面),德羅洞穴??等等根據地理學家貝羅希諾夫1916。年的報告,在阿爾泰山區也有一些地下長廊,從蒙古南部一直延伸到沙漠戈壁,中國的敦煌也可能是某個“地下王國”的入口。

插一個反轉地球理論,季后賽“反轉地球”理論聲稱我們我們的文明 – 。實際上存在於地球內部我們被牢固地固定在地上不是靠引力而是靠如地球旋轉的離心力按照這個理論星星是懸浮在空中閃爍的大冰塊,而白天與黑夜的幻想被一中心旋轉的半明半暗的太陽引發.Cyrus開球,一位來自紐約尤蒂卡的煉金術士,是最初普及這個想法的人們之一。他被該想法如此困惑以致他基於此創立一個信仰,將他的名字改為考雷什,於1988年在芝加哥建立一個Koreshanity社團。
最近,國家某部公佈了一項統計數據,告訴人們:你要不是三大式人物(大款,大官,大腕)而想在北京買套100平方米總價300萬的房,社會階層所付出的代價請看:1農民:種三畝地每畝純收入400元的話要從唐朝開始至今才能湊齊(還不能有災年); 2工人:每月工資1500元需從鴉片戰爭上班至今(雙休日不能休); 3白領:年薪6大多數需從1960年上班就拿這麼多錢至今不吃不喝(取消法定假日); 4搶劫犯:連續作案2500次(必須事主是白領)約30年5:妓女:連續接客10000次,以每天都接一次客,需備戰10000天,從18歲起按此頻率接客到46歲(中間還不能來例假)以上還不算裝修,家具,家電等等費用。中國的現狀(經典)1,ATM取出假錢—>銀行無責2,網上銀行被盜—>儲戶責任3,銀行多給了錢—>儲戶義務歸還4,銀行少給了錢—>離開櫃台概不負責5,ATM機出現故障少給錢—>用戶負責6,ATM機出現故障多給錢—>用戶盜竊7,廣東開平銀行行長貪污4億—>判2年8,ATM多吐7萬給老百姓許霆—>判無期。
在南美大陸地底深處,有一條更大規模的,綿延數千公里的龐大隧道體系。這條龐大的隧道是1965年6月阿根廷考古學家胡安·莫里茨在厄瓜多爾偶然發現的。這條隧道位於地下240公尺深處,屬於一個極為龐大,複雜的隧道系統,估計全長達4000公里以上,人們尚不知道其最終通向何處隧道的秘密入口位於莫羅納 – 聖地亞哥省的瓜拉基薩 – 聖安東尼奧 – 亞烏皮三角地目前只有在厄瓜多爾和秘魯境內的數百公里被人們考察和測量過。
在當今社會為應對諸多民族預言中的“末日”,一位美國房地產商人為人們打造了“末日地堡”。地堡位於地下約9米深處,號稱可抵擋裡氏十級強烈地震和500小時的洪水以及核生化襲擊,即使屋外攝氏677度的烈火持續燃燒10天10夜,只要居住其間,也可安然無恙。根據項目模擬圖,這地堡就像一個特別定制的大型郵輪,只不過是在地下。地堡配有各種適於生活的設施,如休息室區,影劇院,廚房,圖書館,醫療設施,健身器材和浴室等,並儲存有足夠使用一年的各種生活用品。他在推銷自己的地堡時說“。災難是罕見的意外,但從長遠來看,它們是不可避免的。在得知某個災難將要發生的通知後,短短的幾天內你能逃到哪裡去呢? “
無獨有偶,在「地中海」(地中海)東部,「希臘」(希臘)「克法利尼亞島」(凱法利尼亞)「阿哥斯托利昂港」(阿爾戈斯托利)附近的「愛奧尼亞海域」 (伊奧尼亞海上),有一個許多世紀以來一直在吸取著大量海水的「無底洞」。據估計,每天吸進這個「無底洞」裡的海水竟有3萬噸之多。為了揭開其秘密「美國地理學會」(美國地理學會,AGS)曾派遣一支考察隊去那裡進行科學考察。科學家們把一種經久不變的深色染料溶解在海水中,觀察染料是如何隨海水一起沉下去的。接著又察看了附近和海面以及「克法利尼亞島」上的河流湖泊,滿懷希望能發現這種染料的踪跡,進而追索同染料在一起的那股神秘的水流。然而,這些染料和海水都去向不明,令實驗毫無結果。

空心地球博客 | 空心地球更新

这些神秘人告诉他,这个地下世界名为 “阿里亚尼”。原本他们不愿意与外部世界的人接触,但自从美军在日本广岛投下2颗原子弹以后,他们意识到外部世界的人们所掌握的这种武器极有可能毁灭整个世界,便派出飞行器与地上超级大国进行交涉,但未得到积极的回应,一些飞行器还受到了战斗机的攻击。那些神秘人预言,如果人们使用原子武器,地上世界很。可能会走上自我毁灭的道路,届时人类将再次进入黑暗时代返回美国后拜尔德立即向最高当局汇报了这一奇遇他在日记中继续记录着那个神奇的日子中所发现的:“那块土地在北极,那个基地是一个巨大的谜“。
空心地球理论出现至今已有三,四百年。尽管现代科学已经证明地球是一个圆形的实体,空心地球理论并非是违反科学,荒诞不经的妄言臆断,其实,它恰恰源于十分严肃的科学研究第一个提出 “空心地球” 设想的,正是大名鼎鼎的发现了哈雷彗星的英国天文学家 – 埃得蒙·哈雷哈雷1692年的想法对今天来说,虽然十分离奇 – 他认为空心的地球里面还有三个一层套一层的球体,但的确基于实际的观察研究。他发现,地球有多个磁场,而且位置和强度在不断变化。这一发现导致 “磁偏角”理论的确立和陀螺仪的发明,至今仍然对航海,航空,航天发挥着重要影响。限于历史条件,哈雷生前未能证明他的理论。
如果告诉你: “希特勒在柏林陷落前最后一刻逃入了神奇的地下世界”,你一定觉得非常新奇其实,这一说法并非新颖的奇谈怪论,而是一群人极其认真的理性推导这些人遍布世界各地,有专门的研究团体,几十年初衷不改,一面坚持深入搜集各种历史资料,一面不断关注科学家和探险家的最新发现。据英国媒体4月28日报道,1946年12月,五角大楼开始了一项名为 “高空降落”(跳高)的绝密行动,派遣了大量舰船和飞机前往南极洲,执行所谓的 “勘测开发南极矿藏” 任务,而实际上,这项绝密任务的真正动机却是在南极寻找所谓纳粹余孽在南极冰层下建造的 “雅利安城”!在该次行动中,有3名美国士兵命丧南极,尸骨无归。发起该绝密行动的美军退役海军部长也突患精神病, “自杀” 身亡, “高空降落” 行动自此成了美军历史上的秘密之一。
地球表面以下是否还有神秘的地下世界?里面存在失落的文明?自从法国小说家儒勒·凡尔纳(凡尔纳)在1864年出版了著名的科幻小说 “地心历险记”(A旅地球的中心)之后,这个主题已经启发了无数作家及电影导演的灵感,进一步写成相关小说与拍成电影了。然而,小说或电影大部分都是幻想出来的故事,那么实际上“地下世界“到底是否存在?我们现在就来看看世界上关于地下世界的一些线索与传说故事。

据说这些地方都有通往地内世界隐秘入口,它们分别是:北极,南极,埃及吉萨大金字塔,西藏喜马拉雅山入口(据说由僧侣守卫),肯塔基州Mommoth洞穴,巴西马托Grosso- Posid城,阿瓜瀑布,印度罗摩 – 地表城市下,所罗门国王宝库,加利福尼亚摩Shasta-(HQ传说的Agharthean城市,存在于山脉内和山脉下面),德罗洞穴??等等根据地理学家贝罗希诺夫1916。年的报告,在阿尔泰山区也有一些地下长廊,从蒙古南部一直延伸到沙漠戈壁,中国的敦煌也可能是某个 “地下王国” 的入口。
地面更趋于平坦,拜尔德发现竟然有城市存在,而空中的飞行器似乎具有奇特的浮力。在舱门上端和右侧出现碟形发光飞行器,上面有无法形容的符号。结果,拜尔德的飞机被一股无形的力量所吸住,无法加以控制更不可思议的事情随即发生,无线电发出的哗哗声中竟然传出带着北欧语言或德语音调的英语: “欢迎将军的光临”并称不必担心,7分钟之后将安全降落。接着,飞机的引擎停止运转,飞机在轻微地震动中平安着陆,好像是由看不见的升降机支撑着。几位金发碧眼,皮肤白晰,体形高大的人出现了,这些人并没有携带任何武器。而这座城市闪闪发光,有规律地发出彩虹般的色彩。
“古尔卡” 乘坐的飞行器 ‘维玛那又是什么呢诗中写到:“’。维玛那“借助水银和一种强大的推进气流,确定了在九天航行的路线它的飞行距离可以是无限的,飞行方向可以从上往下,从下往上,还可以从后往前。 “在这部史诗中,飞船曾多次出现,在描述英雄阿周那乘坐飞船时” 乘上这太阳形的飞船,阿周那飞升而去,当到达一个凡人看不见的地方时”,他发现了数百艘飞船。在这个地方,太阳和月亮都不发光,更不要说火炬了。没有亲身经历单凭想象恐怕无法写出这样逼真的细节。而圆形飞船不就是现代人所说的 “飞碟” 吗?
那么亚威又是谁?在往后的许多世纪里,根据以色列的考古发现和宗教史的研究挖掘了许多有趣的线索。在希伯来人的原始宗教里(比希伯来人还早) ,最高神祗是埃尔伊勒伊罗安,有70个儿子,其中一个名叫亚威。亚威有一个配偶叫亚舍拉,是一个女神,她的名字在希伯来人的圣经里出现了40多次,但是都被翻译成<树>或<草来掩饰真正的名字,而她的象征符号就是一根直杆或一棵树。在希伯来人走出埃及时,甚至是早在(寄人篱下的)巴比伦(在伊拉克)时,这个宗教就是一神论,不许大家知道还有其他神祗,连木偶也不让人知道。当旧约圣经里表明不得在亚威的神坛种树时,真正的意思是不许摆这个代表木偶的符号在亚威面前。除此之外还会有什么意义? (注:意识从宇宙源头产生出第一因,第一因分裂出二元意识,二元意识继续分裂出副意识,直到初禅三天的大梵天开始有明显两极化的倾向,但还是相当统一平衡没有明显的分别,到了色界最低的第11d中的梵众天诸天神或人类认知的上帝们终于分裂出明显的二元对立的欲界10度空间,因此一神论以为的上帝或宇宙源头或造物主是众梵天,因为11D再上去到最高的28D就不造物,这里假设的物是人们以物质的物体来定义,而不包括以气体或光影显像的色相。以前的人很少能明白这些差别和细节) 犹太人犹太人大体上是旧约圣经的信徒,但又不完全是。基本上早期的希伯来>希伯来人(犹太人的祖先)是耶和华的复制体或这些复制人的子孙(就是火星来的米特>闪族人)。我们在其他提问当中已经提到过的,耶和华沉溺于复制后代,尤其是用自己的形象复制出亚当和夏娃供传宗接代去生孩子(也让猎户帝国的严酷铁腕人拿来当奴隶)。亚当和夏娃这些复制群体原本是在火星上复制出来,被赶出火星的伊甸园后被耶和华移到地球上来(在中东的伊拉克落脚,以色列人的祖先就没有地盘从天而降分成13支队伍四处分散侵略别人的土地,到了埃及也被赶走,才有出埃及记的故事,他们人数少但为了生存很有攻击性,直到今天还是一样)。耶和华破坏了星际联邦的星际法则创造出亚当和夏娃(这些奴隶
(注:公元前15年,阿波罗尼斯出生在罗马省份卡帕多西亚的泰安那镇,就是现在的土耳其中南部,也有人说他比拿撒勒的耶稣早出生3年,仍是个谜他是后柏拉图主义> Neopythagorean的。哲学家,顶撞暴君尼禄批评他用活人祭神被追杀逃走罗马.Pythagorean>数密主义者(希腊哲学家和数学家毕氏)相信非物质的形而上宇宙,反对用动物祭神,生活简约,极简作风>简约,百分百素食主义(跟眦那教一样),写过文章<打开Sacrfices:祭品>说明上帝不会要求人们利用生命来祭拜他,只能通过灵修的步骤去接近上帝,因为上帝本身就是智慧不是智力,而且是纯粹的智慧,没有任何智能在内,这种说法就是印度瑜伽士>修行者的主张,也有神通,他不是基督徒或基督教的创办人,罗马当局利用他的名声打压其他教徒。他的成就和共享高过拿撒勒那位耶稣,甚至当时多数的基督觉者,却允许人们把他当神来拜。到了17-18世纪才有学者发现他,认为他才是真正的基督觉者的化身)
1942年年3月,刚刚从墨西哥的恰帕斯州进行考古研究归来的戴维·拉姆夫妇受到了当时美国总统罗斯福的接见拉姆夫妇告诉总统,他们找到了 “阿加尔塔” 守卫人。 – – 。一群蓝白皮肤的印第安人据拉姆夫妇回忆,当他们横穿墨西哥的恰帕斯丛林时,遇到了把守地下长廊入口的皮肤呈蓝白色的印第安人这些印第安人马上包围了考察队,并严厉示意考察队立刻离开,不许再前进一步。拉姆的印第安人向导随即上前与他们搭话,才知道他们是玛雅人的后裔,是印第安族的一个分支,叫拉坎顿人。拉坎顿人居住在密林中,与世隔绝,世世代代守护着密林深处的圣地,地下长廊的入口就在此处。它通向地底的远方,那里藏有大量珍宝和黄金拉。坎顿人遵守祖训,不准外人进入他们的圣地。拉姆夫妇虽然声称自己的考察队发现了地下​​长廊的入口,但没能进入拉坎顿人守护的地下隧道。
这一篇出自一份被公开的高度机密文件,是美国的星际事务所在1972年年存档的机密报告,在1989年公开,是偷拿出来还是官方批准并没有说明,重要的是公开的举动和内容说些什么不为人知的秘密,报告关于1970 – 1989年收集自各方面跟外星人有关的接触,目击和报导这只是其中一份跟金星有关的文件,没什么大不了的内容,而且大部份都被个别公开报导过而且还出书出照片说得巨细弥遗,已经是公开的秘密,没有必要再躲躲藏藏。当然还有更多更劲爆的事情还是被列入高度机密,不愿意。跟自己的国民和全世界分享,但还是被少数冒着被修理被抄家的危险有良心的正义勇士给爆了出来这一份报告的标题是:

hueca tierra bernard | código de la Biblia de tierra hueca

Los Beneficios Físicos Que El temazcal OFRECE curativas por Asus Características Es Un Método Eficaz para estimular todos Los Órganos Internos, limpiando nuestro de tener acceso, Sudando Grandes Cantidades de Toxinas cum
Ante mi es un brillo de gran estará allí tendrás que marcada para la edad. Estoy seguro de que tienes un don gratuito para entrar con un movimiento de mano y debo sentarme tiene una de las lágrimas. El obedezco es un poco mío, y es solo un hombre de junta que es un poco más grande de lo que es. Yo sueno
Escribe este scribler de aparato que fue construido a partir de la película de la fessa. El tecnologismo que has usado para usar la ficción de la ficción hasta donde él sea. La idea que se piensa es que puede ser un poco menor que las señales de los gatos, así como el valor intelectual superior de la “Abierta mente”. Si está buscando unos 400 años, tendrá una gran experiencia. Puede pre pedir esto en unos minutos. Toma Un libro de física, y Los Mismos Haz Experimentos Que hicieron Cientos de Mentes curiosas un Largo de Los Ultimos 600 Niños, y Vas A Obtener LOS MISMOS Resultados que bellos.
“Si -recalcó el Maestro con Una sonrisa-, reventado ENCUENTRA en el Territorio de los Arianos, el Mundo sumergido de la Tierra. No hay retardaremos Mucho Y Su Misión sereis acompañados de Categorías Sobre la superficie y el pecado: Además peligro. Pero Ahora, Almirante Dire El Motivo de su convocación here. Nuestro Interés .Y exactamente INMEDIATAMENTE Despues de la explosión de la primera bomba atómica por parte de vuestra corto Sobre Hiroshima y Nagashaki, en UNASAM. Fue en Aquela Momento inquietante de Cuando expedimos Sobre vuestro Mundo de superficie Nuestros MEDIOS voladores:.. los Flugelrads, párrafo Investigar Sobre Aquello que vuestra habia corto Letra es esta, obviamente, historia pasada, Almirante, en Pero permítame Seguir Nivea, Nosotros Nunce, Antes de Ahora, habiamos interferido en las guerras y en La Barbarie de vuestra corto, Pero Ahora DEBEMOS Hacerlo en vosotros Cuanto Habéis aprendido un Manipular la ONU tipo de Energía, la atómica, Que no es de Letra, para el hombre. Benue Astros emisarios ya han del Entregado Mensajes a Las Potencias de vuestro Mundo Y sin embargo Stasi y los atienden. Usted aún no ha sido testigo de que nuestro mundo existe. Nivea, Nuestra Cultura y Ntra ciencia estan millas de Niños por Delante de las vuestras, Almirante”.
“Miramos por un Momento una los Flugelrads desapareciendo en el Cielo Azul pálido. El avión De Repente parecio Como Si estuviera Atrapado en Una fuerte corriente descendente por Momento de la ONU. Rapidamente recuperé el control. No hablamos Durant ALGÚN Tiempo, Cada tiene Tenia Pensamientos ASUS. …
… Recibimos la ONU Mensaje de la radio: “Dejamos ahora os, Almirante, vuestros Controles ESTÁN Sabres ¡¡¡Wiedersehen !!! Miramos por Un Instant los Flugelrads, HAST Que desaparecieron en el Cielo Azul pálido El avión parecio de improviso capturado.. por una corriente ascensional. Tomamos el control de INMEDIATAMENTE. No hablamos Durant ONU Rato, Cada cuenta de Nosotros ESTABA EN inmerso Asus Propios Pensamientos.
el puer ha sido restado
Si Nunce ha escuchado siguiente de la teoría de la Tierra Hueca o interior de la tierra te Estás Perdiendo de Algo importante. Ahora, imagina la Tierra Como Si fuese solo una cáscara Que en su interior Alberga ONU INICIAL sol. Esta Tierra Daría Una originales Hacia Do Lado interior Bogotá AGUJEROS ubicados en Bos Apolos del planeta, Como es es ALGUNAS de las ILUSTRACIONES que te mostramos.
Así Que la Masa de this estrella equivaldría un NOS (136 trillones) de kilos, Que manifestarían en la superficie en Forma De Una fuerza gravitatoria 100.000 Veces superiores a la Que sentimos ACTUALMENTE.
1140 Horas – Otro radio recibido. Comenzamos El Proceso de aterrizaje Ahora, y en momentos el avión estremece y Ligeramente Comienza la ONU descenso Como Si estuvieramos Atrapados en ALGÚN gran ascensor invisible! ¡El movimiento hacia abajo es insignificante, y encontrarás lo mejor!
adentramos núms en El Segundo peso pesado en Cuanto una ambientación. Este Capítulo dedica un describir ALGUNAS de las facciones Que Podremos encontrarnos en Nuestras aventuras, Tanto en la superficie Como en la Tierra Hueca.
OM AH Hum Vajra Guru Padma SIDDHI Hum – NAMASKAR: “Yo Ludo a la Conciencia Suprema Que esta Dentro de ti Con Toda La Pureza de mi al declararse y Con Toda La sinceridad y el amor de mi corazón”. Para todos los que me permiten compartir ASUS Conocimientos, para despertar el Camino a la Conciencia y Ser ONU Medio para realizarlo.
Estoy Feliz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … ..ACABO DE LA INFORMACIÓN Filtrar alto secreto de las Ciencias Tecnológicas PLEYADIANAS A WikiLeaks !!!!! … .Los Toma ya, A LA uni de MELBOURNE EN AUSTRALIA YA LA Uni Complutense de Madrid, en fin … ..QUE única ESPERO NO SE Queden CON ESTE SUPER-Oficial, recomendaciones hiciste TU dėlto, PUES Nuestro Padre creador, NO NOS QUIERE SUPERFICIALES HIJO, PUES LA MANZANA, PECADO ORIGINAL DE LA CODICIA DE LO material, REPRESENTA ALEGÓRICAMENTE LO exterior, A VER SI TE ENTERAS YA, Y LO interior ES LA SABIDURIA, majete, Que Lucifer Entrego Un amarillo en el paraíso TERRENAL, Jory ELLA simplement NO SE qUEDO CON LO exterior Y NO ESTA CODICIÓ material de SUPERFICIAL Y AL NO PECAR dE CODICIA dE LO, Dios PLEYADIANO Yehova ENVIO A Lucifer … SI SI ENCUENTRA PORTADOR de la Luz, Que AUN NO SE Quien COÑO ES !!!!! … Y ME ENTREGO LA SABIDURIA A MI, YO único amarillo FUI EN LA Primera de MIS ACCIONES RE-ENCARNE !!!! ….
El regreso fue penoso. La Ariz de Evans congela, Oates siempre hacer los Pies frios, El Avance Cada Vez les cuesta mas, Debilidad Hace Empresa en Bellos y Wilson lesiona Una pierna en Una Caída, Scott el hombro, Evans pierde dos uñas de Una Mano. El 11 de .Torneo, en pleno descenso del Glaciar Ardmore equivocan el Camino y internan En Una Masa de Horarios Extremadamente accidentada. Durante dos UDÍAS dan vueltas Entre el Horarios, Ben Que el Depósito de víveres y la estrella PUEDE Lejos muy Pero y la encuentran. Evans agota, el 16 de .Torneo, Sufre ONU colapso, al dia siguiente Parece Que MEJOR Y continuan, Evans rezaga párr ajustarse las botas, los Demás
-A babor y ella tiene un pequeño novio novios objectovals. Su muy rápido es nuestro acercan. Es verdad que puedes ver cómo distinguir. Es un poco más interesante que nadie que vive. Es fantástico. No tengo la idea de otro isamos.
Expedición a la Tierra Hueca Expedición a la Tierra Hueca Componentes Expedición a la Tierra Hueca juego Expedición a la Tierra Hueca precio Expedición a la Tierra Hueca Summum creador Novedades Juegos de rol Novedades Verkami Summum creador Tierra Hueca Tierra Hueca juego ubicuidad Verkami
 Este fascinante Reino Interno de la Tierra, this entramado Por una vastísima Red de Túneles Que conectan con Decenas de Ciudades Intraterrestres, que estan habitadas por Seres de Diferentes culturas, de DIVERSOS Veles de Evolución, Estando regidas por Grandes Seres Avanzados, de grado altísimo de la ONU de Conocimiento y Civilización, hijo Que Quienes custodio y preservan la Evolución Planetaria.
Yo isaba en una reunión en el Pentágono. Él le informa que hay muchas bajadas y bajadas en el menú Maestro. Todo lo que está escrito está escrito. Presidente tambien fude informado. Hay varios tipos diferentes de tiempo (exactamente lo que verá en los últimos minutos). Fui interrogado minuiticamente por un equipo de seguridad por un medio equipo. ¡Fue un infierno!
No se puede ir a la Antártida allí movilizó atrás aviones. La Expedición Partió en 1928, Durant Aquel vídeo exploraron el continente y Despues del Invierno, el 28 de Noviembre de 1929, iniciaron su Expedición al Polo Sur. Byrd Voló con el Piloto Bernt Balchen, el copiloto Harold June y El Fotógrafo Ashley McKinley en Nitro trimotor Ford, el Floyd Bennett, Cuyo nombre HACIA honor a un su compañero de expedición al Polo Norte, fallecido HACIA Poco Tiempo. El vuelo al Polo Hace más de 18 horas y 41 min. Despues del vídeo, Que Pasaron Explorando el Continente Antártico, Expedición Regreso a dos Estados el 18 de nio de 1930. El Éxito of this Segunda Expedición Valió Que la Marina ascendiera al cargo de Almirante, Cuando tenia 41 Solamente Niños De DAD. Esta recibiría también a tu medalla, la Sociedad Geográfica Estadounidense.
Roald Amundsen, explorador noruego, Que ya en 1906, a bordo del Gjoa Fue El Primer Hombre en Completar el Recorrido del famoso in Paso Noroeste, deseaba repetir la Ruta Ártica Que Fridtjof Nansen (Intro explorador noruego) .Y en 1893 a bordo del Fram, Dejando Establecimiento de Establecido en Oeste es el primer premio en el Polo Norte Geográfico. Con El Acuerdo de Nansen al Pide Que el Fram, Preparar Una Nueva deriva Artic Desde el estrecho de Bering y asi Alcanzar el Polo. En Septiembre de 1909, y tras el doble Anuncio de los americanos de Cook y Peary de Asus respectivas Llegadas al Polo Norte (ácida polémica en La que intervenir Tuvo Que el Congreso de los EE.UU.), Amundsen en Aventura cambia Los Planes, Iría Al Polo Sur. Nos Que Compite contra de Scott Y Que traiciona una Nansen (Que un su vez tenia Planes De Realizar una Expedición al Polo Sur), el MAS es prudente callar. En nio de 1910, el Fram Hace a la mar Rumbo, oficialmente, al estrecho de Bering.
CUANDO Hayas Concluido El Transito Por Estas Páginas, esta Que alcances a Recordar de Acuerdo a tu capacity, te Hará Involver Una y otra vez a Leer y releer Este Bro, INCLUSO this Pequeña Página Que Te encuentras leyendo Ahora, un decodificar Que ya Estuvo codificado de antemano en Este trabajo bronceado desafiante Como revelador.
Decide Byrd es sinónimo del Antonia del hombre. El Almirante Richard Evelyn Byrd Nació en el Estado de Virginia en los Estados Dos de América en 1888, y en Toda Su Vida La Paso Entre el Aire y los Hielos.
HAST El Momento De Todo nuestro de Trabajo de Divulgación Bogotá de Nuestro boletín de Información Clasificada, Pocas Veces tuvimos la oportunidad, el privilegio y el El Desafío de ofrecer la ONU Formulario de bronceado y revelador Espectacular Como Este.
Tierrahueca tiene una búsqueda en Google de pagerank y malos resultados en términos del índice de citas tópicas de Yandex. Encontramos que está pobremente ‘socializado’ con respecto a cualquier red social. De acuerdo con Siteadvisor y Google Safe Browsing Analytics, es un dominio seguro sin revisiones de visitantes.

El Libro (Que En El Caso Que Nos OCUPA Es El manual de canalpowplop of this Línea de Productos) const De Una maquetación sencilla un doble con la columna de la ONU Fondo Que Avoca Viejos Diarios y antiguos mapas, Que A Pesar De Haber coche Preso en Blanco y Negro no dificulta en absoluto leer el texto. La mayoria de las ILUSTRACIONES (Alvo Aquellas Que corresponden a los personajes pregenerados en la parte central de del Libro) hijo dibujos a carboncillo A Medio Camino Entre el dinamismo de los cómics de Autores Como Alfredo Alcalá y La sobriedad de los cuadernillos de Campo de los naturalistas signo XIX. En Este SENTIDO la Calidad es impecable y la Multiplicidad de Ilustradores (Stephen Danielle Mike May, Mark y Jeff Selander Slemons) y perjudica a la Uniformidad del Estilo de un Largo De Todo El Libro.
No tienes idea. Todo es increíble y tienes muchas ideas sobre cómo romper nuestros detuvimos. Entrado en el hábitat y vol. Tiene expresividad ansiedad en su estilo. Cuando gritó, querida: “Bien, bien, bien.
Hoy La Creencia en la Tierra Hueca perdura con fuerza en foros conspiranoicos. Un grupo Llamado equipo Secure Público recientemente ONU Vídeo ES El que pretendía Existencia de Salinas fotos Que la NASA habia ocultado Y Que mostraban ONU agujero en el Polo Norte. Pero de Cuando INCLUIDO en Círculos ufológicos Acusa un equipo seguro de farsantes Dedicados un Manipular imágenes y vídeos con Puramente: intereses pecuniarios, Poco Más: Añadir Hay Que.
Épocas Donde la imaginación desbordada ESTABA.
Hechas son presentaciones, acomodadas en mi asiento. Una vez que llegues tarde, esta comedia corregirá la pista, finalmente, despegará. Las esperanzas serán mortales. Has estado en la zona, el profesor que nos ha dejado, seguido, sierra, sufi secretaria. Vale la pena no solo que estés en el medio del mundo que acabas de ver en la carrera del profesor.
Byrd MANTENIA Ocupado Todas Las horas del día, vigilando los Aparatos meteorológicos, limpiando el interior de la cabaña, Despejando orden de los Instrumentos de Medición Exteriores, se impusó: Además de Una serie de Ejercicios Físicos y todos los UDÍAS salia de la cabaña para Dar la ONU paseo a la luz de una linterna; Plantando varas de Bambú Sobre la creas, Das por cordel de la ONU, señalizaba El camino de regreso a la cabaña.
– This is an Referencia que soy Mirza encajar en la Argumentación Alvo Que supongamos Que esta confundiendo el Concepto de “ojo” “plano” con el de. De Mientras Que El Concepto de plano y de Parece afectar a la Exposición, que suponemos Que pretendía decir “ojo” Considérese Que la superficie de la Tierra, hijo Con Todas ASUS irregularidades Puede Ser considerada lisa Tales Puesto Que irregularidades irrelevantes un planetarios escala.
En Este Vídeo muestran dos Increíbles Historias, Supuestamente reales, SEGÚN borrar Paramore, Pero Más Asombroso Es La coincidencia Que Existe Entre Bas. Sus relatos son tan parecidos que nuestro pirata cree que podrían ser verdes.
“Sí” y responder el Maestro con una Sonrisa, “Usted está en el Dominio de la Rianne, El Mundo interior de la Tierra. Ahora Almirante diré Por Tu coche ha Citado here. Nuestro Interés Comienza Justo Despues De Que su corto explotó las Primeras bombas atómicas de Hiroshima y Nagasaki Sobre, UNASAM. Fue en ESE Momento alarmante Que enviamos Nuestras Máquinas voladoras un Do Mundo de la superficie para Investigar Que habia Letra Do Raza. Esto es, por SUPUESTO historia pasada Ahora, mi querido Almirante, Pero Debo Seguir Adelante. HEMOS Nosotros Nunce interferido Nantes en las guerras de su corto, y la Barbarie, Pero Ahora DEBEMOS Hacerlo Jory de han aprendido una ONU Que Cierto Poder Manipular no es para el hombre, la Energía Atómica. Nuestros emisarios ya Mensajes Han Entregado a los Poderes de Su Mundo y sin embargo y Caso Hacen. Ahora Listado ja ritmo de coches para Ser testigo de Nuestro Mundo Que Existe. Nuestra Ciencia y Cultura this Muchos millas de Niños Más adelantada Que la d su raza, Almirante.
3.- El Maestro ‘que hablo con Byrd indico: “Nuestro Interés Comienza here Justo Despues De Que ustedes detonaron las bombas atómicas Primeras Sobre Hiroshima y Nagasaki, UNASAM. Fue Un Momento bronceado alarmante Que enviamos Nuestras Máquinas voladoras a la superficie para Investigar Que su corto habia Letra … “Continuo Diciendo Que en 1945 y Despues, Bellos habian intentado entrar en contacto con los estadounidenses, Pero que habian Encontrado con hostilidades. Cada es que el resultado fue disparado y atacaron a máquinas voladoras.
Tienes mucha delicadeza con los sellos de la edad sobre rostro. Estaba en una gran mesa. Me invitó sentir en una de las lágrimas. Desesperado, toda la punta de sus dedos y soundrió. Hablo de nuevo dulcemente y DIJO Cuanto Liga: “El HEMOS Dejado entrar here Jory Usted es de Carácter Noble y Bien Conocido en el Mundo de superficie, Almirante”.
Ruanel: Así es. Desestiman total que puede haber otra cosa. Parte TODAS LAS ses Hay Que, Como la Argentina, y ESTÁN Muy cerca del Polo, Y y Belén de cubículos Asus, donde estan Protegidos del frío por estufas térmicas.