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However, Giannini never took Mr. Palmer up on his challenge. In fact Mr. Giannini never presented his proof anywhere. His stock answer to any inquiries was “You can find all the information in The New York Times.”
Popper held that only testable models are scientific models. If no testable claim can be made, then the model is not falsifiable – and not science. The late British philosopher Bertrand Russell illustrated this point in 1952 by humorously declaring that ‘between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot revolving around the Sun in an elliptical orbit’. Too small to be seen by telescopes, neither the existence nor non-existence of such a teapot can be tested by any reasonable experiment, argues Russell. ‘But if I were to go on to say that, since my assertion cannot be disproved, it is intolerable presupposition on the part of human reason to doubt it, I should rightly be thought to be talking nonsense.’
That land has been sighted out over the Arctic wastes by several different explorers from different directions at different times.  It is a land that has been sighted always in the same direction, whether seen from Greenland, Alaska or northern Russia.  The Russians called it Sannikov land, and have seen it north of the New Siberian Islands.  Admiral Peary on his way to the pole in 1909 sighted land northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard on the northwest coast of Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada.  With him, Lt. Green, MacMillan and their Eskimos also saw it and even later went on an expedition out on the ice to find it and only turned back when their Eskimos claimed it only to be a mist.  MacMillan swore it looked every bit like real land.  Admiral Peary did also, and so he named it Crocker land.  Dr. Cook on his way to the pole in 1906 saw it also towards the northwest of his trek to the pole from Ellesmere Island, and even took a picture of it.  Then from Harrison Bay on the north coast of Alaska, Captain Keenan sighted land also towards the northwest.  Jan Lamprecht in his book, Hollow Planets, makes an excellent case that these sightings of mirages of land in the arctic, could easily actually be land within a Polar Opening, seen as a doubly inverted mirage caused by the warm air that comes up out of the polar hole.
Notice that “heaven” here is singular. So Our Hollow Earth does have a heaven.  It is the central sun inside the hollow of the earth.  It is also the physical location of Paradise in the spirit world of this earth.  It is the “light” that lit up on the first day of creation.  The Bible calls it the “firmament” or “heaven” and was located in the midst of the waters above it and below it on the inner surface of the planet.
After about ten minutes, two of our wondrous appearing hosts come to our quarters and announce that I am to accompany them. I have no choice but to comply. I leave my radioman behind and we walk a short distance and enter into what seems to be an elevator. We descend downward for some moments, the machine stops, and the door lifts silently upward! We then proceed down a long hallway that is lit by a rose-colored light that seems to be emanating from the very walls themselves! One of the beings motions for us to stop before a great door. Over the door is an inscription that I cannot read. The great door slides noiselessly open and I am beckoned to enter. One of my hosts speaks. “Have no fear, Admiral, you are to have an audience with the Master…”
The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting a Gold Star in lieu of a Second Award of the Legion of Merit to Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. (NSN: 0–7918), United States Navy, for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States as Confidential Advisor to the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations from March 26, 1942 to May 10, 1942, August 14, 1942 to August 26, 1943, and from December 6, 1943 to October 1, 1945. In the performance of his duty Rear Admiral Byrd served in the Navy Department and in various areas outside the continental limits of the United States, employed on special missions on the fighting fronts in Europe and the Pacific. In all assignments his thoroughness, attention to detail, keen discernment, professional judgment and zeal produced highly successful results. His wise counsel, sound advice and foresight in planning constituted a material contribution to the war effort and to the success of the United States Navy. The performance of duty of Rear Admiral Byrd was at all times in keeping with the highest traditions and reflected credit upon himself and the United States Naval Service. General Orders: Board Serial 176P00 (February 4, 1946)


My question is:  Do you want to be here at that time? Or do you yearn for what many of our voyagers want — to go to Inner Earth where peace has always ruled — in the inner earth Kingdom of God.  Olaf Jansen reported that their God is Jehovah — the God of the ancient Israelites.  So we believe they are the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Many of us are descendants of the Vikings who settled Europe in the middle ages and who trace their ancestry back through mounds where they would bury their dead everywhere they migrated back to the Ten Tribes of Israel who after escaping the Assyrians in 687 B.C., escaped up over the Caucasus Mountains — hence many of us are Caucasians — actually descendants of the Tribes of Israel.  But the Biblical Apocrypha states that a large group of the Ten Tribes went further north.  A few years ago, archeologists found a burial of Caucasians in northern Mongolia.  Perhaps that is the route they took.  North of Mongolia are the New Siberian Islands, and north of the New Siberian Islands have been the sightings of the mirage of Sannikov land — that land within the polar opening that Arctic explorers have seen mirages of from all around the Arctic Ocean.  There must be a port city on that inner continent bordering on the open polar sea — because at times when the arctic air is right in Alaska a mirage of a city has been seen towards the north of curious architecture.
The hollow Earth theory suggests that planet Earth is either entirely hollow or contains a substantial amount of interior space. This isn’t a new theory, its existence has been proposed throughout human history. Buddhists believed that the inner Earth was made up of a race of people they called super men and women. They allegedly came up to the surface via tunnels that led to the inner Earth to oversee what was happening on the surface. The Buddhists apparently had lamas guarding the entrances to inner Earth in Tibet.
Finally, there’s the question of exactly why this would be kept secret — as with several other conspiracy theories, there seems to be no motive behind this one aside from “Let’s make the unwashed masses look really stupid!”
In William Henry Hudson’s 1887 romance, A Crystal Age, the protagonist falls down a hill into a Utopian, asexual, pastoral paradise; since he falls into this world, it is sometimes classified as a hollow Earth story; although the hero himself thinks he may have traveled forward in time by millennia.
10/31/2017.  A list member brought to my attention an article titled, “MH370:  What if it were to happen in the Arctic?,” written by Mia Bennett in Cryopolitics, March, 2014 in which she shows a map she made from data from OpenFlights.org, using great circle distances of the current airline flights over the Arctic.  You will notice on her map that no airline flies over the area where I have determined the North Polar Opening is located at 84.84 N Lat, 129 E Lon near Northland, Russia.  The reason airlines cannot fly over the polar opening is like one airline pilot told my friend Lord Ivars, “it would be like going into outer space” because it is such a large hole in the earth that an airline jet cannot fly over it.  There is not enough air over the hole to hold the airplane aloft.
We discussed Operation High Jump that went to Antarctica in the latter half of 1946 and returned in the first two months of 1947.  It consisted of 4,700 men, an aircraft carrier, a submarine, a destroyer, and some icebreaker ships led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd to the Antarctic to investigate where the hundreds of thousands of Germans escaped to at the end of World War II.  Secretary of Defense Forrestal wanted to tell the people what we were up to in Antarctica, but the world controllers didn’t and had him fired as Secretary of Defense and later thrown out of the 16th floor of the Bethesda Navy Hospital in Maryland. The Russians were spying on us to see what would happen and at one point filmed flying saucers coming up out of the Antarctic Ocean.  You can watch the documentary on my Other Links page near the bottom.  Our fleet sent up airplanes from the aircraft carrier but they were shot down by laser beams from the flying saucers.  The destroyer caught fire and some lives were lost in the fight before the saucers dove back under the waves.  The Hollow Earth Nation felt threatened and responded in defense of their country. 
In just forty days we arrived at Delfi, a city we had visited in company with our guides Jules Galdea and his wife, near the mouth of the Gihon river. Here we stopped for two days, and were most hospitably entertained by the same people who had welcomed us on our former visit. We laid in some additional provisions and again set sail, following the needle due North.
Even after Symmes’ death his idea continued to thrive amongst believers. Students and admirers of Symmes’ work, and even Symmes’ own son continued to publish materials explaining the increasingly odd theory.
When reviewing this phenomenon of the Transpolar Drift, I realized a most significant evidence for the location of the polar opening.  It is a jet stream of air that follows the same path of the Transpolar Drift across the north pole.  Studying this, I then realized that this jet stream of moist air is coming up out of the polar opening north of the New Siberian Islands, flows across the arctic and drops it’s moist air onto the Greenland ice cap.  Over the years, this has resulted in an accumulation of ice on the Greenland continent to the awesome depth of nearly two miles!
I frequently lay down on the bunker of our little sloop, and looked far up into the blue dome of the sky; and, notwithstanding the sun was shining far away in the East, I always saw a single star overhead. For several days, when I looked for this star, it was always there directly above us.
As Jan Lamprecht pointed out in his book, Hollow Planets, MacMillan apparently did not understand that a mirage in the Arctic, unlike mirages in the lower latitudes which reflect the sky, called an inferior mirage, in the Arctic the exact opposite happens.  Mirages in the Arctic, called superior mirages, reflect the earth’s surface.  This happens as the warm air rising up out of the Polar Opening creates a warm layer of air above the cold layer of air next to the ice that reflects what is on the surface to a person traveling over the Arctic ice farther away.  Many Arctic explorers observed in the far north what was called the “water-sky” where leads in the ice in the mirage would reveal water between the ice floes up ahead, which they would then use to try to find their way between ice floes.  The fact is, mirages in the far north Arctic do not reflect what is in the sky like they do in lower latitudes, but what is on the surface.  So if MacMillan, Green and his Eskimos were seeing land as a mirage in the far north, they were actually seeing land that is over the horizon reflected in the sky as a mirage of land.
Nine years later, January 13, 1956, the same Rear Admiral Byrd, leading another official expedition to the Antarctic, flew from his base at McMurdo Sound. which is 400 miles from the South Pole, and entered the hollow region of the Earth near the South Pole, for 2300 miles. Was he looking for the other Polar entry point to this hidden Land?
The argument in favor of the polar opening on the Canadian side of the pole proposes that the largest basin in the Arctic sea is located north of Canada — in the Beaufort Sea.  The ocean currents there rotate clockwise in a giant whirlpool.  It is suggested that maybe the ocean water is draining down the polar opening in that area.  In fact, in the center of the Beaufort Gyre is the location of the lowest ocean tides in the Arctic Ocean.  Jan Lamprecht of South Africa brought this up when he was studying this area for his book, Hollow Planets.  You can view the tidal map on his website at http://www.hollowplanets.com/journal/J0007Tides.jpg.
It is all very simple, as you will someday see. Our city is a fun place, with many activities always going on. There are plays, musicals, and everything you can think of, except for competitive sports. We don’t compete here; we only cooperate in our athletics and have fun. Nothing is done to “win”, only to enjoy to its fullest.
Indigenous Eskimos believe that there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean and observations by several Arctic explorers like Olaf Jansen and Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., who claim to have seen mirages of exposed land near the North Pole, indicate that the most plausible location for an opening is located at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude.
For scientific purposes, gyroscopes will be taken to help determine the beginning of the entrance to inner earth.  At the geographic North Pole, a gyroscope will be set horizontally.  It will be used to detect a curvature greater than the normal earth curvature of 68.9 statute miles to a polar degree.  Entrance into a polar opening will cause the gyroscope to tip gradually vertical.  When it reaches vertical orientation, the ship should be located approximately half way through the polar opening.  The ship’s radar could then be bounced off the opposite side of the opening straight above the ship to determine the diameter of the polar opening at it’s neck.  A quarter of the way into the polar opening the inner sun should come within view over the horizon to the north, such as was reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  Thermometer readings from the crows nest should show a higher temperature from air emanating from within the hollow interior of the earth, than air down next to the ice.  Temperatures farther south should be colder than further north with a north wind, such as was reported by Fridtjof Nansen when he was located at 79˚ 18′ N Latitude, 137˚ 31′ E Longitude.  The sea should be tested periodically to find that point on the polar lip where centrifugal force separates the salt from the fresh water from iceberg melt water leaving fresh water on the surface of the ocean, as reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  A lookout should be maintained for drift wood, plants, dirt and rocks scraped off inner earth river banks and deposited on the icebergs as they were pushed out to sea.  Land will be expected to be reached at a distance within 1,700 statute miles north of the northernmost coast of Arctic lands, as reported by Admiral Byrd.  Large rivers emptying into the sea should be found with land covered with lush vegetation.  The inhabitants of inner earth will likely contact us with one of their ships or flying saucer type craft.  Permission will be requested from them for further entrance into their world domain.  Descendants of the original Lost Tribes, Viking colonists, Eskimos, Germans and Hopi Indians will hopefully be found there.
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Ah, the underworld. From time immemorial, people have believed that there is another world lying just beneath the surface of our planet. To a number of cultures—the ancient Greeks for one—it is a dark place filled with the souls of the dead. But most of these early beliefs were metaphorical or mythological in origin.
I remember hearing my Father remark that the giant race of people in the land of “The Smoky God” had almost as accurate an idea of the geography of the “outside” surface of the Earth as had the average college professor in Stockholm.
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PASADENA, Calif. — An international team of astronomers has discovered that Neptune’s south pole is much hotter than the rest of the planet.  In fact, the same has been discovered on many other planets including our own.  There exists an anomalous source of heat at the poles.  This is exactly what we would expect if all the planets are hollow with interior suns shinning out through polar openings.  Read more here.
The next step is wherever you want to put your foot. After you reach Fifth Dimensional consciousness and are securely in the Fifth Dimension, you will then choose your future destination at that time. Some of you may choose to return to a Third Dimensional world to help other souls regain their full consciousness, and some of you may choose to go back to your Home Planets.
The directions in Our Hollow Earth are the inverse of the directions of the compass on our outer world.  Like an electromagnetic coil, where the flux inside the coil flows from the south pole to the north pole, the north pole of the hollow earth is our south pole and our north pole is their south pole.  The magnetic flux of the earth’s electromagnetic field flows out of their north pole, which is our south pole, continues north on the outside surface of the earth and then flows into our north pole, which is their south pole.   When Olaf Jansen and his father entered the hollow earth near our north pole, they discovered the River Hiddekel – the river that flows out of the Garden of Eden towards their south pole – which is our north pole.  So the first river mentioned in Genesis, the river Pison flows towards their north pole, which is our south pole.  East is towards the right of the north pole of inner earth – just as it is on our outer earth.  The earth rotates towards the east, and the sun goes down in the west, and, as Olaf Jansen described it, since the Inner Sun is divided between it’s day and night sides the bright side goes out of sight on the west side of the Inner Sun at night.
As recorded in these books, Valient Thor told Dr. Stranges that his planet Venus is hollow like our Earth is hollow and that his people live INSIDE Venus.  As you will also learn in this video, Valient Thor told Dr. Stranges that all the planets in our solar system including Earth and Venus are hollow, and that people live in their interior worlds.  In the 50’s Howard Menger was taken to an alien base on the far side of the moon in a Venusian flying saucer craft, as he described in his book, The High Bridge Incident, The Story Behind the Story, and at that base he met people from all the planets in our solar system. 
One of the first things they showed us in the interior was their capability of interplanetary travel and time travel. The basis of time travel is likened to bending space, which comes through the power of meditation and by the acceptance of being an unlimited being. If you train your mind at a subconscious level that you are an unlimited being all things are possible.
Hollow Earth Expedition uses the Ubiquity rules, which were also created by Exile Game Studio. The main feature of the system is its use of binary dice pool rolls to determine success. Under the default rules, each even number rolled counts as a success, while odd numbers count as nothing. Odd ‘nothings’ do not cancel out even ‘successes’, making dice rolling quick and simple. This binary system has also led to the development of special Ubiquity Dice, which are not detailed below.
The rotational orientation of the Inner Sun is different than the rotational axis of the Earth — causing the magnetic poles to be located half way between the two axis.  Since the Inner Sun rotates slowly — taking about 700 years to make one rotation, this causes the earth’s magnetic field to rotate slowly around the earth.  Scientists estimate that the North Magnetic Pole, presently located in Northern Canada moves northwest at about 8 miles per year.  The different rotational rate of the Inner Sun as opposed to the earth’s shell, both having electrical charges, is what gives rise to earth’s strong magnetic field.
Our first President, George Washington, saw in a vision given to him by an angel at Valley Forge, that at the end of the age, our country would be attacked by all the countries of the world.  He saw that the good Lord would send help towards the end of the war when our countrymen were almost to give up the fight for our freedom — but not without great loss.  This also has been predicted in scripture, see Joel 2, Isaiah 3:12-26 and Ezekiel 39:6.  See my paper on The Coming Attack on the United States on my website.
But the good news is that our prison sentence is about up.  The flying saucer people came to tell Larry that they have a project they call, “Project Milana.”  They told Larry that our prison sentence on this planet is about up (my estimate is about the year 2021 when I estimate the earth will be hit by a devastating solar flare).  And that they are coming to take us all back home.  That is, those of us that deserve to be taken back home, which I doubt would include murderers, liars, thieves, adulterers, and war mongers, in short, all who insist on breaking the Creator’s laws. 
But, to be honest with you … I don’t believe there will be any takes. I believe I have proven my case. On the cover of the original propertied diary is the question: “Is This “The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd?” I say NO!

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On his second expedition in 1934, Byrd spent five winter months alone operating a meteorological station, Advance Base, from which he narrowly escaped with his life after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly ventilated stove. Unusual radio transmissions from Byrd finally began to alarm the men at the base camp, who then attempted to go to Advance Base. The first two trips were failures due to darkness, snow, and mechanical troubles. Finally, Thomas Poulter, E.J. Demas, and Amory Waite arrived at Advance Base, where they found Byrd in poor physical health. The men remained at Advance Base until October 12 when an airplane from the base camp picked up Dr. Poulter and Byrd. The rest of the men returned to base camp with the tractor.[2] This expedition is described by Byrd in his autobiography Alone. It is also commemorated in a U.S. postage stamp issued at the time, and a considerable amount of mail using it was sent from Byrd’s base at Little America, which was powered by a Jacobs Wind 2.5 kW. A postal employee worked under extremely difficult conditions to cancel 153,217 envelopes for collectors.[31] In 1934 a Miniature sheet showing six of the stamps was also issued.[32]
believe what follows, on February the nineteenth, just after completing three hours into his flight, Admiral Byrd had an experience which totally changed his outlook on life, and his personal view of the American Government as well.
In June, 1906, Peary had stood on the summit of Cape Colgate and announced his discovery of what he called Crocker Land.  He wrote in his book, Nearest the Pole, “North stretched the well-known ragged surface of the polar pack, and northwest it was with a thrill that my glasses revealed the faint white summits of a distant land which my Eskimos claimed to have seen as we came along from the last camp.”  A few days later he stood on the summit of Cape Columbia and recorded, “The clear day greatly favored my work in taking a round of angles, and with the glass I could make out apparently a little more distinctly the snow-clad summits of a distant land in the northwest, above the ice horizon.  My heart leaped the intervening miles of ice as I looked longingly at this land, and in fancy I trod its shores and climbed its summits, even though I knew that that pleasure could be only for another in another season.”  (pp. 202, 207)
The 18th-century Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley believed that unusual compass readings could be explained by the fact that the planet was composed of a hollow shell, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury respectively.
Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, a Department of Defense School located in Negishi (Yokohama, Japan) opened on September 20, 1948. The name was changed to R.E. Byrd Elementary School on April 5, 1960.
The idea of a hollow Earth is a very common element of fiction, appearing as early as Ludvig Holberg’s 1741 novel Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum (Niels Klim’s Underground Travels), in which Nicolai Klim falls through a cave while spelunking and spends several years living on both a smaller globe within and the inside of the outer shell.
In 1981, I took my family and we flew to Fairbanks, Alaska to check out the hollow earth theory.  While there, I met John Gagne, who had gone to Alaska several years previously searching for evidence of Our Hollow Earth.  He related to me that while working as a Radio Anchorman in Juneau, the Alaska capitol, one weekend he was out with his friends up a canyon near the city, they saw a UFO light up on the top of a nearby mountain.  It presently turned red and zipped off into space.  Back on the radio station he brought up the subject of the UFO he and his buddies had seen.  Shortly after that, he related, a woman named Sylvia Darvell came into his office and told him about her dear friend, Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s discovery.  She said she had been involved in Alaskan politics for many years and was a close friend of the Admiral.  She said that after the Admiral had made a flight into the Arctic in the winter of 1947, he had come to her and told her what he found.  The Admiral told her that after flying beyond the pole he had come to open ocean, then a continent covered with lush vegetation where a mammoth was sighted wandering below.  He reported that soon he was sided by flying craft that have since come to be known as flying saucers, which took control of his craft and landed him near an inner earth city.  He was taken into the inner earth city and interviewed by a government official of that land beyond the pole, who gave him a message to return to the United States government.
One day soon after this, I felt exceedingly drowsy, and fell into a sound sleep. But it seemed that I was almost immediately aroused by my Father’s vigorous shaking of me by the shoulder and saying: “Olaf, awaken; there is land in sight!”
Our days are filled with laughter, no matter what we do, and we are always surrounded by our family and friends. For as we have said, there are no strangers here. We understand the concept of oneness, and we practice it in everything we do. For example, when we are doing our work in whatever area it is, we rely on each other and help each other by working in unison to complete the task, and to complete it perfectly. We don’t skip details to finish quicker, as some people on the surface do, because we have our very lives invested in the outcome. We know the importance of doing everything well, for we all depend on the quality of what we produce.
There are entry caverns all over the Earth, where interactions can take place. Only some are currently open. Nikola Tesla, the genius inventor of electrical technology, is now living inside the Hollow Earth. He began to receive information in the latter part of the 1800’s and discovered that: “electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels”. In the 1930’s the tunnel entrances and passageways were closed off by the Hollow Earth civilizations because “corporations” at that time were misusing Tesla’s technology to gain entrance into the Inner Earth. The Hollow Earth’s two main Portals are at the Holes at the Poles, which were closed off in the year 2000 because our governments were setting detonations at the Poles to blow open entrances into their world. They have installed a magnetic force field around Earth’s polar openings to further camouflage the entrances. This way, the openings are protected from air and land sightings. In the past there were entrances to the Library of Porthologos on the surface. One such entrance was the Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed by fire in A.D. 642.
If the earth were really hollow surely NASA would know about it. In fact, we’d have to think several world governments would know about it. And this opens the door to the final phase of any good tin-hat theory: Government conspiracy. Surely, given the technology we possess today, keeping the secret of a hollow earth would be a massive cover-up, spanning numerous countries and governments.
Olaf Jansen and his father were Norwegian fishermen in the 1800’s who, according to their religious mythologies of Odin and Thor, believed in a land “beyond the North wind” that is populated by a race of giants and is ever green and lush.
For many centuries, humankind has dreamt of inner worlds. Numerous writers have been inspired by the idea, not least Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs (At the Earth’s Core, 1914), Edgar Allen Poe (The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, 1838) and, most famously, Jules Verne, whose 1864 novel A Journey to the Centre of the Earth has been adapted numerous times for both stage and screen.
This discovery that the Sun has a solid surface has got to be the greatest landmark in hollow planets research in decades.  Because if the Sun has a solid surface as these solar satellite photos show, then this can only mean one thing — that the Sun is hollow!  Why?  Because the Sun does not have enough mass to be solid all the way through.  If the Sun has a solid surface, the Sun would have to be hollow!  This confirms the conclusion I had arrived at in my book years ago, in which I calculated the density of the Sun’s shell if it were hollow with a shell thickness 10% of its diameter — and came up with the figure of 2.86 gm/cc, which indicated to me that the Sun has a solid surface.  A PhD college professor asked me for my calculations, and I sent him a spreadsheet with those calculations.  Of course, the calculations are all in my eBook, available on my website http://www.ourhollowearth.com/, but if any of you are interested, I can send you the spreadsheet also.
There are aero-ships (we term on the surface as flying saucers) in which a part of themselves, a part of their personality goes into the creation of the aero-ship through the process of thought, due to their very powerful minds. This makes the aero-ships perfect in design and execution in motion. Only a few persons of the surface have these similar abilities to create, due to the repression of these abilities in childhood by religion, education, and family fears. The people of the interior are allowed to enter the space of their imagination, if you will, and there they create. Disease will not enter their bodies – for it is not allowed.


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected electrons emanating out of Saturn’s polar area, as you can read on this Space Daily article.  Of course, this seems unusual to NASA scientists that claim that auroras are caused by our outer sun.  Actually, the opposite is what is happening.  Saturn is hollow, and it’s brilliant aurora is caused by it’s Inner Sun emanating electrons and protons from its solar wind OUT of Saturn’s polar opening which then follow the electromagnetic field lines of the planet AWAY from the polar area.  This powerful Inner Sun solar wind is what causes the auroras to light up on all the planets including earth.  While in Alaska in 1981, I watched the auroral radiation flowing UP causing the light of the aurora.  The auroral lights are NOT caused by our outer sun, but by an Inner Sun suspended within the hollow of each planet.
First off, he confirmed that Admiral Byrd did, indeed, travel to the Inner Earth as he said he did. He said that there is a Sun in the Inner Earth, but it is different than our outer Sun. He said that the Aurora Borealis was not caused by the Sun of the Inner Earth, but from a different light source. he said that the opening at the Poles were very wide and ships and planes can fly into it, however it is naturally protected by some kind of energy field. People can find it if they really search for it, however, it is slightly camouflaged by this energy field.
In 1869, the Baptist fundamentalist Cyrus Reed Teed reported his divine revelation that the Earth was hollow. At first glance, nothing novel. Jules Verne had explored a similar concept five years prior in his science-fiction adventure Journey to the Centre of the Earth. But while Verne imagined a subterranean cavern of fantastic creatures, Teed declared in earnest that we were literally living inside the sphere. In this strange cosmology, the Sun, planets, stars and galaxies all occupy the Earth’s interior. The Earth’s crust is an infinitely thick layer of rock encasing the entire Universe.
Undoubtedly this [article] will lead to still further action on the part of Mr. Giannini, whose place in this weird question of the mystery surrounding both Poles must certainly be settled in the pages of this magazine. Thus we invite Mr. Giannini to use all the space he needs in our pages to present his case – which as we see it is to produce the proof with which he backed up his book and the information concerning Byrd that he has presented.”
The second item of interest comes from the discovery by a California scientist, Michael Mozina, who after examining images of the Sun from several solar satellites, has concluded that the Sun has a solid surface.  On his website at http://www.TheSurfaceOfTheSun.com, you can watch solar movies showing the Sun has a solid surface.  In one movie-short, a sun quake occurred on the Sun, and a tsunami went out in all directions from the epicenter — like when you drop a rock into a lake.  As the waves travel out from the epicenter, you can see them pass over stationary features on the solid surface of the Sun beneath the waves.
As part of the multinational collaboration for the International Geophysical Year (IGY) 1957–58, Byrd commanded the U.S. Navy Operation Deep Freeze I in 1955–56 which established permanent Antarctic bases at McMurdo Sound, the Bay of Whales, and the South Pole. This was Byrd’s last trip to Antarctica and marked the beginning of a permanent U.S. military presence in Antarctica. Byrd spent only one week in the Antarctic and started his return to the United States on February 3, 1956.[38]
This meant that these seemingly “heavenly” bodies weren’t heavenly at all, but points of the vast land surface of the universe, part of which was the earth’s surface. There was no need to develop rockets to explore space, wrote Giannini for “space” was an illusion created by the refraction of the lenses of our eyes, telescopes and cameras. All we needed to do to reach Mars or Venus was to climb into an airplane (or amphibious vehicle) with a very large tank of gas and fly (or drive) there. When Admiral Byrd flew beyond the poles he had proven Giannini correct – the earth did not end at the poles, but continued into “vast new lands.”
In the days that followed I became well acquainted with Olaf Jansen, and, little by little, he told me his story, so marvelous, that its very daring challenges reason and belief. The old Norseman always expressed himself with so much earnestness and sincerity that I became enthralled by his strange narrations.
I frequently lay down on the bunker of our little sloop, and looked far up into the blue dome of the sky; and, notwithstanding the sun was shining far away in the East, I always saw a single star overhead. For several days, when I looked for this star, it was always there directly above us.
“The society used as it’s emblem the crest of the Thule Society … Shush said he was a retired U.S. Marine and a pilot whose goal was to fly a dirigible into one of the polar openings and establish contact with the Arianni, (his spelling) the “tall blond, blue-eyed super-race” that rules the inner world. The Arianni, he wrote, spoke “a language very much like German” and lived in “cities built of shimmering crystal” and used their saucers – again called flugelrads – to patrol the skies of the surface world and keep an eye on us … Shoush sold copies of what he claimed was a suppressed diary kept by Admiral Byrd during his North Pole flight of 1947.”
After his expeditions, the American press announced Admiral Byrd’s discovery to the world. After the release it was immediately suppressed by the government and Byrd was made out to be a man known to make false claims. His story was quite popular, and was published in National Geographic (12). It’s also worthy to note that his son, Richard Byrd Jr, lived a very difficult life. He died a very mysterious death(14), he was found dead in an empty warehouse. It’s worthy to note that he was 6 years old when he accompanied his father on his expeditions. 
When I came to the Pentagon they gave me the field commission as First Lieutenant. After 3 weeks of being there they handed me my full Colonel rank, saying “you have to be a full Colonel to be stationed at this next facility”. There were 150,000 personnel in this facility, approx. 85% military personnel and 15% civilian. Following my arrival I was taken underground and did not see the light of day for 11.5 years.
“At the end of one month we had traveled far into the north, beyond the Pole and into a strange new country. We were much astonished at the weather there. Warm, and at times at night it was almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange that we were both astonished. Ahead of the warm open sea we were on what looked like a great mountain. Into that mountain at a certain point that ocean seemed to be emptying. Mystified, we continued in that direction and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the Earth. We kept sailing and then we saw what surprised us… a Sun shining inside the Earth.
Famous author and lecture, David Icke, explains in his book, Moon Matrix, exactly how the moon is likely hollow as well. While Icke has been received lately harshly with criticisms, an ActivistPost.com article points out how, “Icke believes that the moon is an inter-dimensional, intensity portal for entities and energies from other dimensions. He believes that aliens use the moon as a home base for hijacking signals from the universe so that our bodily forms that are experiencing this virtual reality on Earth, can’t fully experience what our creator meant for it to be. These aliens are the same reptilian shape-shifters that Icke claims are responsible for much of suffering on our planet. Reptilians want to filter anything beyond our five senses so that it manipulates what kind of world we can experience.”
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Any time that I have approached the question of this impossible flight and the lack of evidence supporting it, those diehard believers have pointed at the “Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd” as “proof” that he did indeed make such a flight. It is time we look closely at this so-called “document.”

garden eden hollow earth | hollow earth woolly mammoth

On March 13, 1956, Admiral Byrd returned to the United States and said,”the present expedition has opened up a vast new land.” (which he later referred to as an “enchanting continent in the sky.”)  He reported how sea water changed to fresh water nearer the Pole opening and the waters became warmer and more tropical. He believed the opening to the Poles was convex versus concave, whereby ships or planes could accidentally float or fly into the opening.
Someone on the inside of a hollow Earth would not experience an outward pull and could not stand on the inner surface; rather, the theory of gravity implies that a person on the inside would be nearly weightless. This was first shown by Newton, whose shell theorem mathematically predicts a gravitational force (from the shell) of zero everywhere inside a spherically symmetric hollow shell of matter, regardless of the shell’s thickness.
7. We will establish that the arctic remains of frozen mammoths, woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer and other animals found on the northern shores of Siberia and Alaska originate from inner earth and are still living there, and were not suddenly frozen in some supposed Ice Age catastrophe.
The armada arrived in the Ross Sea on December 31, 1946, and made aerial explorations of an area half the size of the United States, recording ten new mountain ranges. The major area covered was the eastern coastline of Antarctica from 150 degrees east to the Greenwich meridian.
People of the surface who seek to reach the Inner Earth inhabitants through meditation, will receive it. Children who are being born now are becoming more capable of using the wholeness of their brain, which is in common practice in the Interior.
Do the hollow earth people have a message for us?  There are many things in the late Larry Foreman’s book, Passport to Eternity, that makes me believe that the flying saucer people he met out in the desert outside Los Angeles in 1960 are actually from our hollow earth. 
In our opinion, this will be the greatest expedition of all time!  Our goal is the discovery of a new world inhabited by a people at least as civilized as ourselves.  We even venture to propose that all indications are that they are MORE advanced than we and infinitely more peaceful.
Indeed, the flavour of Einstein’s Universe is utterly different from that of Newton’s. Yet, aerospace engineers might shrug at the choice between Newton’s physics and Einstein’s physics. The choice is not between the correct solution and the incorrect solution but, rather, the appropriate solution and the inappropriate solution. If your spaceship isn’t travelling close to light speed or near an extremely large mass, the appropriate solution is the simpler solution: Newtonian mechanics. Likely for this reason, the engineers behind NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto steered through space not by Einstein’s physics, but by Newton’s. The results are incredibly accurate. After travelling across the Solar System for nine and a half years, the New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby of Pluto in 2015 was off by a mere 72 seconds. 
As given in the edition of my book that includes my paper on the ORIGIN, CAUSE AND CONTROL OF GRAVITY — FOUND!, even Isaac Newton did not believe that gravity was a pull.  He believed that space was full of an etheric substance that allowed light to travel through it.  In my book, I give the evidence that the Michelson-Morley experiment that all college text books claim proved that the ether of space does not exist, actually did not have a null value.  They performed the experiment underground in a basement with heavy concrete walls that shielded most of the effect of the ether in their interferometer experiment.  They just considered the low value they obtained as within the range of error.  Ignored in the all the college text books, are the 25 years of continuous experiments that Edward Morley conducted with Dayton Miller in which they conclusively proved that there is an ether in space flowing into the earth that effects the light beams of the interferometer.
In the Book of Moses, revealed to the American prophet Joseph Smith, in a passage about Enoch is recorded, “And it came to pass that Enoch looked upon the earth; and he heard a voice from the BOWELS thereof saying:  Wo, wo is me, the mother of men; I am pained, I am weary, because of the wickedness of my children.  When shall I rest, and be cleansed from the filthiness which is gone FORTH OUT OF ME?  When will my Creator sanctify me, that I may rest, and righteousness for a season abide upon my FACE?”  (Moses 7:48)
Reed claims that the Poles cannot be discovered because the Earth is hollow at its Pole points, which exist in midair, due to the existence there of polar openings leading to its interior. When explorers thought they reached the Pole, they were misled by the eccentric behavior of the compass in high latitudes, north and south. Reed claims that this happened in the case of Peary and Cook, neither of whom really reached the North Pole, as we shall later see.
Karl Unger reached our hollow earth in 1943 as a refugee from World War II in the German Submarine U-209 captained by Heinrich Brodda, and wrote a letter back to his friend in Houston, Missouri, Tawani W. Shoush, from the hollow interior of our earth.
This so-called ‘mirage’ would look very red and ‘brazen’ in color. What makes this most curious is the fact that these explorers were extremely adept at telling their location from the layout of the stars and the position of the sun.
Prior to his Arctic expedition, Nansen had visited Russia and consulted with their experts about their sighting of a mirage of land they termed Sannikov land north of the New Siberian Islands.  The New Siberian islands even today are covered with bones and remains of mammoths and other inner earth animals that Olaf Jansen claims fell into ice crevasses of inner earth rivers that empty into the Arctic Polar Opening where they froze and later were carried out to sea and eventually ended up deposited onto northern Arctic shores.  Remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth, foxes and a hardy breed horse that scientists claim are prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice.  Recently, some scientists have been attempting to find some of these exotic animal remains that are frozen and preserved in Arctic ice. They want to take samples of the frozen flesh and use it to clone these exotic animals to start a sort of Jurassic Park.  Little do they know that a Jurassic Park of sorts already exists located inside Our Hollow Earth, and can be reached through the North Polar Opening, north of the New Siberian Islands, from whence all the frozen exotic carcasses come from.
When Thompson was found, the roof of his blue Honda Accord had been crushed almost to the floor. The fireman who rescued him was amazed he hadn’t been decapitated. As he’d been sitting, helpless, in the wreck, Thompson had had a vivid near-death experience. He claimed to have seen a “light so bright that it burnt my eyes” and made him “legally blind” and to have had bizarre knowledge about the world poured into him. When he regained consciousness, he was convinced that the Earth was hollow and had an opening at the North Pole. He’d come on Coast to Coast to discuss his mission to locate and explore it.
The Hollow Earth was also theorized by William Reed in his 1906 book The Phantom of The Poles. Based on his studies of early Arctic explorations and scientific evidence, he wrote that the Earth is not solid as widely believed, but hollow with openings at both ends. In the summary of his revolutionary theory, Reed states: “The Earth is hollow. The Poles, so long sought, are phantoms. There are openings at the northern and southern extremities. In the interior are vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. Vegetable and animal life are evident in this New World and it is probably peopled by races unknown to dwellers on the Earth’s surface.”
The surprise of my Father and myself was indescribable when, amid the regal magnificence of a spacious hall, we were finally brought before the Great High Priest, Ruler over all the land. He was richly robed, and much taller than those about him, and could not have been less than fourteen or fifteen feet in height. The immense room in which we were received seemed finished in solid slabs of gold thickly studded with jewels, of amazing brilliancy.
“The diary itself, written in comic-book prose worthy of Michael X or Guy Ballard, describes Byrd’s awe building as he draws nearer to the Pole. He looks down and sees vegetation instead of ice: There should be no green valley below! We should be over ice and snow! … Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth…”
The Poles ARE magnetic phantoms. While airlines may claim they “fly over the Poles” to cut flying distance time, they actually fly around the rim of the Poles, avoiding the opening.  If they actually flew over the Pole area, which is a restricted no-fly zone (ask any pilot), their compass instrumentation would become so unstable as to render the plane dangerously inoperable.
In Dr. Raymond Bernard’s book called “The Hollow Earth” he tells of a man who confirmed Admiral Byrd’s story. Dr. Nephi Cotton of Los Angeles reported that one of his patients, a man of Nordic descent, told him the following story:
Consider this for a moment. What if this moist jet stream of air, over the years, had instead flowed over Alaska, or Siberia, or the Norway-Sweden-Finland peninsula — which are all at the same latitude as Greenland?  If it had, those places would today be covered by an ice cap 2 miles thick just like Greenland is today!  If we follow that jet stream of moist air from Greenland back across the Arctic, we find that it points to the location of the polar opening — on the Russian side of the pole!  The same thing is happening in Antarctica.  Warm, moist air coming up out of the polar opening, which I estimate is located at 51 W Lon, 84.84 S Lat, has covered the east Antarctic ice cap to a depth of over 2 miles!
“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven.”
Olaf Jansen and his fisherman father, who attained the land of Our Hollow Earth in a voyage in their small fishing boat through the North Polar Opening, tells of their first sighting of the interior sun. It was the first part of August 1829. At first, Olaf’s father thought it was a mirage.  They had been sailing about 15 days northeast from Franz Josef Land when Olaf records: “One day about this time, my father startled me by calling my attention to a novel sight far in front of us, almost at the horizon. ‘It is a mock sun,’ exclaimed my father. ‘I have read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away.'”
Glass has a density of 2.6, so if the Sun’s shell has a density of 2.86, then this could indicate that it is a giant crystal ball with some metal impurities — just as the spectroscopic images show.  On Michael’s home page is a still image in gold color of the solid surface of the Sun showing some mountain peaks, which in another movie short on his website you can watch lightning flashing from those peaks.
In twelve hours this cloud of whiteness would pass out of sight as if eclipsed, and the twelve hours following corresponded with our night. We early learned that these strange people were worshipers of this great cloud of night. It was “The Smoky God” of the “Inner World.”
“When our calculations showed us to be about an hour from the Pole, I noticed through the cabin window a bad leak in the oil tank of the starboard motor. When I took the wheel again I kept my eyes glued on the oil leak and the oil pressure indicator.”
In ancient times, the concept of a subterranean land inside the Earth appeared in mythology, folklore and legends. The idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of “places” of origin or afterlife, such as the Greek underworld, the Nordic Svartálfaheimr, the Christian Hell, and the Jewish Sheol (with details describing inner Earth in Kabalistic literature, such as the Zohar and Hesed L’Avraham). The idea of a subterranean realm is also mentioned in Tibetan Buddhist belief.[1][2] According to one story from Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is an ancient city called Shamballa which is located inside the Earth.[2]
Before this we thought the wind was carrying us North by Northwest, but, with the needle free, we discovered, if it could be relied upon, that we were sailing slightly North by Northeast. Our course, however, was ever tending northward.
The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting a Gold Star in lieu of a Second Award of the Navy Distinguished Service Medal to Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. (NSN: 0–7918), United States Navy, for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service in a position of great responsibility to the Government of the United States as Commanding Officer of the U.S. Antarctic Service. Rear Admiral Byrd did much toward the difficult task of organizing the expedition, which was accomplished in one fourth of the time generally necessary for such undertakings. In spite of a short operating season, he established two Antarctic bases 1,500 miles apart, where valuable scientific and economic investigations are now being carried on. With the U.S.S. BEAR, he penetrated unknown and dangerous seas where important discoveries were made; in addition to which he made four noteworthy flights, resulting in the discovery of new mountain ranges, islands, more than a hundred thousand square miles of area, a peninsula and 700 miles of hitherto unknown stretches of the Antarctic coast. The operations of the Antarctic Service have been a credit to the Government of the United States. His qualities of leadership and unselfish devotion to duty are in accordance with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
Olaf Jansen and his father Jens Jansen, Norwegian fishermen, accidentally discovered the North Polar Opening in 1829 in search of the “Chosen Ones” of their ancestors and entered the hollow earth where they lived for two years with the giant people there.  Olaf then returned to Sweden by way of the South Polar Opening after being rescued by a Scotland whaleboat from an iceberg.  His father was killed when their fishing boat was struck and sunk by the iceberg in Antarctica.  Olaf later immigrated to the United States and died in Los Angeles in 1908.  Here is a YouTube video recording of Olaf Jansen’s story.
Also in 1927 the City of Richmond dedicated the Richard Evelyn Byrd Flying Field, now Richmond International Airport, in Henrico County, Virginia. Byrd’s Fairchild FC-2W2, NX8006, “Stars And Stripes” is on display at the Virginia Aviation Museum located on the north side of the airport, on loan from the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. He was a 1929 recipient of the Langley Gold Medal from the Smithsonian Institution.


In October 1989, Warren P. Aston on an expedition to look for the Land of Bountiful described by Nephi in the Book of Mormon,  in looking for the most likely location on the southern coast of the Saudi Arabian peninsula — discovered a lush wooded inlet with fresh water, fruit trees, and iron ore that could be picked up from the ground — where Nephi and his brothers could very possibly have built their ship to migrate to America around 587 B.C.  In a similar pilgrimage, our upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition will attempt to locate the Lost Tribes of Israel in the North Countries of Our Hollow Earth — that the Book of Mormon records the resurrected Savior, in his visit to ancient America, said he would also visit when he said, “Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold.  Them also must I bring, and they shall hear my voice; that there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” – John 10:16, 3 Nephi 15:17,  3 Nephi 17:4.  The Savior at that time promised the Nephites that he would visit the Lost Tribes of Israel that had been led away by the Father out of the land of Jerusalem.  We expect to find the Lost Tribes with their OWN scriptures relating the Savior’s visit to them after visiting the Nephite nation in ancient America.  This will be a Third Witness to the World that Jesus IS the Christ, the Savior of the World — the first Witness being the Holy Bible, the second Witness being the Book of Mormon.  — 2 Nephi 29, 2 Corinthians 13:1, Deut 19:15   Also listen to Apostle Dollin H. Oaks of the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints April 2006 General Conference talk, All Men Everywhere
Bernard seems to have accepted every legend ever associated with the hollow Earth idea, including the notions that the Eskimos originated within the Earth and an advanced civilization dwells within even now, revving up their UFOs for occasional forays into thin air. Bernard even accepts without question Shaver’s claim that he learned the secret of relativity before Einstein from the Hollow Earth people.
Nothing here breaks down or becomes obsolete as it does above ground, so we don’t have to keep replacing things. This is why we have so much free time here, because we don’t have to keep reproducing the same things over and over again, because nothing breaks down. Most everything lasts hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
Marcelo Martorelli’s book on the Hollow Earth and our expedition is out in French, titled, The Planetary Call, available at Amazon.com.  Marcelo was the host of our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition conference in Argentina in May 2004.
On the east coast there were numerous icebergs, yet here we were in open water. Far to the west of us, however, were icepacks, and still farther to the westward the ice appeared like ranges of low hills. In front of us, and directly to the north, lay an open sea.
For a long time I thought that the Illuminati were at the top of world control of our outer world.  Then again, and again, I would come across reports of the Jesuits being involved in nearly everything.  And I remembered that even the Illuminati was first set up by a Jesuit Priest, Adam Weishaupt, May 1, 1776.  Now we learn that Pope Francis is a Jesuit.  And how curious that he came to America and was accepted so very well by former President Obama.  He spoke to Congress, at the UN and at Philadelphia.  One thing after another, and now I am convinced that the Jesuits are indeed at the top of world control like I have been told.  The Jesuits control the Catholic church, the Illuminati, the Communists, the International Bankers, the UN, the Democrats and the Liberals.  Indeed, the Bible calls this group of no-gooders the “Great and Abominable Church” run by Lucifer in this fallen world.  So of course, they don’t want the world to know about Our Hollow Earth and the Political Kingdom of God that is the government of Our Hollow Earth.  Lucifer and his fallen angels that Jude talks about in Jude 1:6 are hard at work trying their best to wrest control of this world from the Creator.  Most likely they know they will lose, but they will do their best to take as many with them as they can. 
In due time we returned to Jehu, at which place we spent one month in fixing up and overhauling our little fishing sloop. After all was in readiness, the same ship “Naz” that originally discovered us, took us on board and sailed to the mouth of the River Hiddekel.

la terre était creuse | théorie de la terre creuse richard e byrd

Quelque chose est définitivement faux et anormal ici! Nous devrions seulement déborder de glace et de neige! Au château, de grandes masses forestières sont visibles le long des pentes de la pente. Nos outils de navigation
Cependant, nous pouvons déjà voir que le message de ce texte latin a dû attendre des siècles avant que nous puissions comprendre la portée, et de plus, il était nécessaire d’attendre que les satellites soient inventés, L’exactitude que nous cachons à nos gouvernements depuis les convoitises. Donc tout se passe si loin dans ce monde que certains intellectuels brillants pensent être livrés au hasard au hasard.
Le Contrôle de l’Esprit reVu tout expression interdisant de l’authenticité, l’évolution de l’Esprit Humain en same diminuerait Temps AINSI Que la Laliberté de Penser, les facteurs cellulaires LORs de Que fait l’objet d’un continuel Bombardement Alliant terreur et la négativité. »
Certains d’entre nous commencent à envisager de laisser notre ancien monde trop étroit et soumis à la décadence générale. Nous allons commencer à nous installer dans le grand monde universel s’il est différent de la société du vieux monde. Ceux qui me parlent de ce blog ou d’autres sont les pionniers de cet exode dimensionnel.
Mais de Qui retient this Encore Notre Caractéristiques de l’attention, cé c’est nouveau, Médaillon where Apollo XI verser, les “” astronautes, Neil Armstrong et Buzz Aldrin, Drapeau plantent la Lune sur américain. Dommage cé Que nous dit Commentateur Qui-on, is a de la Historien spatiale conquête, et de la dissuasion nucléaire (dire NOUS préférons, bien Sur, un Historien de l’Spatial épopée), pas Jugé bon ne Ait de nous dire, Qui a pu Filmer et l’image this Prendre, si bien des Deux “agencée”, astronautes Côte à Côte évoluant, sur la Lune. Sur SAIT, Buffet, que en third confrère, Collins Nommé, .Duke dit-on, très Eloigne, en haut de Ciel Nair, et le module de commande dirigeait de. Donc, il ne pouvait en aucun cas prendre une photo aussi bonne !!
En août, nous avons visité les roses de Ross (Rhodostethia rosea) et avons eu la chance de tuer trois jeunes exemplaires de cet oiseau rugueux. Ce mystérieux habitant de l’extrême nord, personne ne sait où il va, ni d’où il vient.
, a déclaré un jour: “Les ordres de discrétion des ovnis 1 viennent du sommet. L’Air Force n’est rien d’autre que elle. Edwards s’est lancé dans une croisade vigoureuse pour libérer la censure officielle. Il s’est efforcé de montrer que quelque chose était caché du public. J’ai été l’ami d’Edwards pendant des années, je pense qu’il pouvait dire qu’il savait de quoi il parlait. C’est pourquoi je partage pleinement l’opinion qu’il a exprimée ci-dessus. Des révélations récentes de sources diverses n’ont fait que confirmer cette opinion. Voici les faits. Le lecteur a le droit d’être informé. Au fil des ans, de nombreux chercheurs intéressés par les OVNIS ont estimé que l’Armée de l’Air était en possession de faits concernant ces moteurs mystérieux. Mais les fonctionnaires ne voulaient pas les livrer au public pour des raisons connues d’eux-mêmes. Divers articles ont paru dans la presse à ce sujet. Voici quelques-uns des plus significatifs. En 1958, Bulkley Griffin, Standard de Bedford Standard, Massachusetts, a écrit une grande série. Un de ses papiers disait: “Le Pentagone sur les ovnis est une réalité. Dans cet article, la question était: De quel droit une organisation militaire monopolise-t-elle tout sur les OVNIS et ne permet-elle pas au public d’en savoir plus? L’armée de l’air a sa propre réponse. L’ordre 200-2 commence: “Toute investigation et analyse des OVNIS sont la seule responsabilité de l’Armée de l’Air, qui a le droit de défendre les Etats-Unis. “En outre (toujours dans cet ordre 200-2), les OVNIS sont désignés comme” une menace possible pour la sécurité des Etats-Unis. ” “. Mais pourquoi ce silence persistant? Aucune réponse définitive n’a été donnée à cette question importante. La CIA, d’une manière mal définie, et le FBI, dans des cas individuels, étaient intéressés par l’affaire. Mais aucun d’entre eux n’a la réputation d’être très logique! Le Conseil de sécurité nationale n’est plus. Les membrés de la sous-Commission permanente du Sénat chargée des enquêtes W fait avoir sur la question study, Puisi W de pas Décidé enquêter (!) Et de Public Tenir Aucune, privée OU publique. Une victoire pour l’armée de l’air. À la fin de 1958, une série d’articles de John Lester a paru dans le Newark Star Ledger. Cette série avait un sens. Le principal Donald E. Keyhoe, président de la Commission National d’Investigations des Phénomènes Aériens, DÉCLARA «Les Révélations de journal CE confirment Qui cé publiquement .Duke Connu de Notre Commission, à Savoir Que des Observateurs, Nombreux et Hautement SE QUALIFIE, torsions Persuade de l’existence de sauces volantes et leur contrôle par une force intelligente. “Keyhoe, un officier de la marine à la retraite, a ajouté qu’une telle révélation” aiderait à briser la censure officielle qui frustrait le public avec la vérité “. Dans la diapositive, l’Air Force et la CIA ont gardé leurs secrets avant de décider quoi dire au peuple américain. 1 OVNI: objets volants non identifiés (objets volants non identifiés). (NA.T.) La Terre Creuse 5 un representative haut Cependant la place de l’Armée de l’Air TribordTV same Temps déclarait Que les non Objets Volants IDENTIFIE ÉTAIENT des véhicules interplanétaires. TribordTV Raison sociale Janvier-février 1963 de ufologue Publié par Keyhoe, à l’article de l’ONU ont fait Référé par un membre Déclaration du Congrès, John E. Moss, président de la sous-commission de l’information. Cette déclaration avait été publiée par le Washington World. Qu’est-ce que Moss? Que ces contrôles sévères visaient à une meilleure gestion de l’information au ministère de la Défense. En fait, les agents d’information étaient relégués au rang de poupées ventriloc. Que le public n’avait pas le droit de revendiquer le droit de connaître la vérité. Moss a dit à la Commission d’enquête de la Force aérienne nationale que son propre comité était autorisé à examiner certains cas, mais il n’était pas autorisé à enquêter sur tous les faits de la censure officielle. Major Keyhoe, à souligner, a toujours cru à la réalité des sauces volantes, et cela bien avant le premier article qu’il a publié sur le sujet, qui date de janvier 1950. On disait que la CIA jouait un rôle dans cette comédie qui pourrait s’appeler “le secret des ovnis”. “Des preuves supplémentaires sont fournies dans un paragraphe du livre de Leonardo H. Stringfield: Inside Saucer Post 3-0 Blue. Dans son livre, p. 42, Stringfield, un chercheur UFO bien connu de Cincinnati, souligne un certain M. A. D., appartenant à un important département de Washington. Ce M. A. D. aurait dit qu’il avait une affaire devant la Cour fédérale. Mais comme avec une seule injonction, nous pourrions empêcher toute
On est par l’Etonné franchement effilochage de l’Ombre considérable des Aldrin et d’jambes fait demander à un Penser sur la photo Ajout d’un dessinateur peu expérimenté. Bien Sur, les de l’exploitation admirateurs d’Apollo 11, la Parada et trouveront Diront, par exemple, vous d’s’agit Qu’il l’illusion d’optique, que l’ombre bien, plus grand is, vu Qué soleil était très bas à l’horizon et que … etc …
9.) Les Explorateurs des graines subtropicales trouvent, des fleurs, des cultures de plantes vertes et des arbres et de Bois légé beaucoup de l’Océane flottant Qui arctique d’avenir could be lieu Que Aucune Autre Notre Terre Creuse & que de l’intérieur de notre Terre).
Un informateur anonyme a expliqué que les scientifiques de la NASA se sentaient frustrés parce qu’ils n’avaient pas été en mesure de localiser cette civilisation clandestine et étaient incapables de répondre à leur technologie. “Ils en savent plus sur nous, ce que nous sommes sur eux. “Il a admis. Selon lui, les scientifiques pensaient que cela pourrait être la découverte la plus importante depuis. La photo prise au cours de la mission STS75 1996 sur le pôle Nord de la Terre est également éloquente.
La mer caverneux a fait l’objet d’énormes ondulations, ou créer des vagues, OCTOPIZZO le résultat des tempêtes à l’intérieur de la terre ou des ajustements puissants de gravité entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur des océans. Comme nous l’avons été élevé sur la crête d’un Mensa a fait plusieurs vagues des marins, ainsi que les Lookout, a déclaré qu’ils avaient vu un éclair de lumière, dans la direction du centre de la terre!
La montée de notre planète verra l’extension naturelle des cellules de toutes les créatures vivantes. Aucun régime ne sera absolument utile dans 100 ans, nous serons tous libérés du concept de mort physique. Nous décidons de partir ou de rester tout. Le vieux monde sera passé.
C’est pourquoi cette photo aurait dû faire partie de toutes les petites annonces de la NASA Top-Secret, car elle démontre l’existence d’un trou brillant dans l’extrême nord de notre planète, elle contredit toutes les données scientifiques généralement acceptées. par la science officielle. Il s’agit d’un Hollywood hommes Que l’Tellement on arrive pas à en same Ivoire Fond! Cette photo a été prise en juillet, époque de l’année où il est allé au pôle Nord il y a 24 heures; C’est pourquoi le trou dans les nuages ​​est si clair et si visible. Mais le fond de ce trou n’est pas blanc, car il est censé refléter la couche de glace et de neige qui devrait rester 365 jours par an. Pourquoi? Parc simplement en un Qu’il pas N’y. Et pourquoi pas là? parce que ce trou communique avec le centre de la terre qui est une zone climatique chaude et chaude chaque saison!
Il est facile de comprendre que tout changement dans la vitesse de rotation de la Terre changera la taille des trous polaires ainsi que l’équilibre de positionnement du matériau par rapport au centre. Donc, un ralentissement entraînerait un effondrement au moins partiel: les trous des pôles se développeraient, et ce matériau augmenterait l’écorce de l’écorce, et ce dernier serait sûrement en concurrence avec le centre, espérant qu’il y aurait un autre équilibre. en raison de sa rigidité. Mais une augmentation de sa vitesse de rotation entraînerait une expansion que seule sa rigidité pourrait supporter avec plus ou moins d’efficacité. Parce qu’on n’oublie pas qu’il y a un équilibre stable entre la force d’attraction
Curriculum américain Steve Currey, l’un des plus grands explorateurs de flotte du monde, a servi de guide à des dizaines de milliers de personnes, y compris les sénateurs et le Congrès américain, les chefs d’État, les chefs d’entreprise , des célébrités et des enquêteurs. En 2005, il a eu l’idée de lancer une expédition scientifique dans l’Arctique pour résoudre une fois pour toutes le scandale du tremblement de terre.
Pendant quelques années, mon équipage m’amène à une autre attitude. C’est-à-dire, créer un autre climat plutôt que de souffrir. Degré J’apprends à devenir actif, mais cela nécessite un apprentissage progressif.
En Dépit des affirmations dogmatiques quasi-incantatoires ET martelées sans relache par les locataires de la Science Officielle actuelle, la force de l’Est this Reconnaître évidence: la Constitution de la Terre, d’au-delà vous avez
Bien sûr, il y a encore beaucoup de vieux spectres à affronter, ceux de nos vieilles personnalités de nos vieilles vies. C’est là que notre équipage est pleinement utile et même indispensable.
Mais ou M. Siragusa l’a-t-il cherché depuis 1979, comme on ne le voit pas, sur les images présentées. Avez-vous à juger …? Il a également dit dans le livre en question “que dans le centre de la Terre vivent des êtres de deux à cinq mètres de haut, parfaitement blancs et que leur proportion est déterminée par l’effet de la force centrifuge contraire à notre” . (Voyons donc ici que ce ne sont pas des déclarations comme celle-ci qui font un, même des journaux dans la sensation.)
Jean Steen Mackintyre Qui voulait aux Résultats s’en des Tenir datations à nouveau et discréditée fils Emploi Elle perdit, le site de voiture à nouveau ferme Par les … plus Tarde Autorités sur en Russie le site trouva un analogue 300 Vieux de 000 ans Ce Qui donnait bien justifié par la décennie des archéologues Jean Steen-Mackintyre. Malheur à ceux qui osent défier les pontificateurs …
Faut-il Donca Croire, le gouvernement et ses sbires américain (que may-être du journaliste le magazine TRUE, en Serait), à savoir le Dr Sarbacher, Qui a d’enormes Prisa en Risques demander … tout dévoilant?
Bien que cela ne signifie pas, dans le Soleil central, il n’est pas faux, cependant, d’apprendre qu’en 1898 l’auteur des ouvertures polaires avait déjà connu , alors que nous avons appris ce fait incroyable, seulement en 1972 quand un ami de la Métropole eut la bonne idée, de nous envoyer le livre de “Bernard Michel”, publié par R. Bernard en 1971, et travaille pratiquement improbable dans le livre de poche:
Notre brain was formate sur tous this Avec les référence Que demander au Problèmes nous aussi posent, dites-la et la maladie Morte de Notre enveloppe. LLC à l’autre monde, et les Mêmes Autres Mondes, la chaîne au LLC déploie qui-dimension correspondent à plusieurs à la physique Quantique. Toute notre biologie répond à ce changement. Nous intégrons rapidement une EXPANSION de la conscience qui change notre regard, nos sentiments et ainsi nos pensées. La Réponse à DEVIENT “qui je suis” plus avast, plus et correspondent, plus documentée du tout à l’enseignement de nos sciences de l’anciennes naturelles du XX éme école Siècle terrestre. Je suis invité à aller plus loin dans ma conscience de ces problèmes. Le catéchisme ne suffit pas.
En ce qui concerne ce libre échange au pôle Nord, si souvent cité par ARTivision, pour mieux le visualiser, jetez un coup d’œil là-dessus, où apparaît cette immense mer libre, sur fond bleu foncé:
très utile sur ce sujet).
Céci being VID éclairons caractéristiques question LLC: << PUISQUE CES pas PEUVENT Ouvertures polaires en Être vues dimension commentaire CET 3ème AMIRAL un pu en 1947 Hollywood Savoir CE, et same S'y enfoncer Ivoire pu l'intérieur de visiter Ville et ses this occupants. De vous, plus terribles Qué Prises les semblez Photos des Astronautes Par les Pôles torsions vraies, je veux bien Admettre l'an 2000 qu'après la Terre à changer de commencerait dimension d'where la découverte de l'oxyde Aces, un Byrd Mais versez je militaire serais surpris si vous me disiez que c'était un homme spécial déjà en 1947 il devait être et son chauffeur grimpait ??? Puisque vous dites «petit gris», avez un niveau technologique beaucoup plus élevé que le nôtre, et combien peu d'intentions charitables, comment expliquent-ils qu'ils n'ont pas envahi notre planète il y a peu de temps et ont exterminé l'humanité? Pour répondre à votre question, les Tibétains "bodhisattvas" montrent que le corps physique est un véhicule vivant qui permet l'incarnation. Cela vaut toutes les planètes habitées de l'univers et pour toutes les dimensions. Il n'y a que sur notre terre que le "plus fort" a l'impression qu'il va à la cassette avec le véhicule loué après un très court laps de temps. Bien sûr, dans le monde de la vie, le «plus fort» se rend compte que sa vie continue avec un autre véhicule. Pourquoi sont les équinoxes? C'est un peu les solstices verser discriminatoire 🙂 vous vez ça, il avec pas de faire Suffit du jargonnage en des Termes du sortant genre "Temps matriciel" ou "Quantique multidimensionnelle" qui veulent clito Orien dire Ensemble Prisa (c'est juste une construction incompréhensible pour s'assurer) pour prouver les théories de la fantasy. En physique Quantique (Qui est xhosa ont distincte) du Journal d'une théorie lévite imaginee Été verser Pallier de la superposition Problème des Etats par l'Quantiques illustrée du chat de expérience Schrödinger. Donc en français "quantification multidimensionnelle" signifie dalle. Les bains en matrices s'intéressent Aux Phénomènes Mathématique Linéaires ou LLC LLC, Somme tout acceptions, très Fantasque Du Temps, LLC Mienna Qué AINSI plus "traditionnelle" (Qué quoi) Le Temps Ne est pas linéaire, lévite Quand on parle calme multivers. Donc ici vous vous réunissez tous avec des théories que vous ne comprenez pas un rêve pour se débarrasser des contradictions tout en se rassurant mutuellement leur véracité. « Le 13 Janvier, les membres de l'expédition aux Etats-Unis a accompli un vol de 2.700 miles de la base à McMurdo Sound, qui est à 400 miles à l'ouest du pôle Sud, et pénétraient une étendue terre de 2.300 miles au-delà du pôle. » (Annonce radio, confirmée par la presse du 5 février). " "J'ai vécu près du cercle polaire en Norvège. Un été, j'ai décidé avec un ami de monter à bord d'un bateau et d'aller aussi loin que possible dans le Nord. Nous avons donc fourni un approvisionnement alimentaire pour un mois et des primes pour la mer. Nous avions un petit bateau de pêche avec un voilier, mais aussi un bon moteur. "Après un mois, nous avions beaucoup pénétré dans le nord, et nous avions un pays étrange qui nous a surpris par sa température. Parfois il faisait si chaud la nuit que nous ne pouvions pas dormir. (Les Explorateurs Arctiques qui appartiennent à LLC les Régions enfoncés W fait de polaires Semblables Observations de CES de hausses Qui température les Parfois à oter their poussaient LOURDS -. Vétements chauds. L'auteur) En attendant que tous nos circuits naturels fonctionnent correctement, nous sommes moins susceptibles d'utiliser les éléments disponibles dans le domaine de la médiation, qu'ils soient vivants ou inertes. Donc, évidemment, il y a la terrible nuisance de l'interférence inutile. Mais entre cela et rien d'autre, le choix est facile. Tout demander les Ventures Rappelle de étrangement l'amiral Byrd, au cours de fils vol du 19 1947 de La FÉVRIER Région, et polaire Ce qu'il Lui est Couleur, bains Quand IL advenu un message Voulu PUBLIER les des habitants du Centre de la Terre . https://www.hollowearthresearch.org/ https://www.hollowearthresearch.org/dans-book [otp_overlay] [redirect url='HTTP://HOLLOWEARTHRESEARCH.COM/bump' sec='']

la terre était creuse | preuve de la théorie de la terre

Page 51 26 Septembre 1893 -14 ° C Température Latitude 78 ° 50’N. « Au sud Leve un Grand EUR rougeâtre, cerclée d’or de nuages ​​jaune, sur fond bleu flottant En same Temps, l’Aurore etend Boréale de draperie changeante, tantôt argentée, tantôt jaune, rouge Geekosystem OU à moment each de la forme en Bavière;. un instant, le météore se étale de, un autre il du contrat, en Puisi déchire d’argent hérissés cercles de rayonnes Flamboyants, et FINALEMENT, s’éteint Comm subitement apparition Mystérieuse Have. Un instant Près des Anges de langues flambent au Zénith, et de l’horizon, le Mont ont Raie Brillante Qui LLC Vient confondre Nair clarté. Pendant des heures s’irradie en phénomène lumineux au-Clartés étranges du grand désert dessus glacé, ont Impression de laissant vague et d’inexistence, vous fait un Qui instant de la chaîne douter. Silence et HNE Profond, Comm la Impressionnant de l Symphonie ‘ l’espace, non, je ne peux jamais croire ce monde peut finir dans la tristesse et en vain. Pourquoi alors? toute cette beauté, s’il n’y a plus de créature pour en profiter
Depuis que notre planète a été transformée en institution criminelle pour dissuader l’énergie des prisonniers, la sexualité a été codifiée afin de maintenir une frustration constante avec la frustration. En conséquence, il est très difficile pour les humains vivant sur terre aujourd’hui d’expérimenter la sexualité selon les lois naturelles et universelles.
“Imaginez la poussière comme quelque chose qui dérange au milieu de l’océan Arctique!” Nansen dit: “Nous sommes ici depuis des années, et qu’est-ce que cela nous a apporté? Rien poussière, poussière, poussière et le premier vent ne s’est séparé. ”
C’est ce qu’il a acquis aujourd’hui, le Pentagone l’a mis dans le secret militaire et a confisqué son carnet de vol. En conséquence, il était interdit de parler en public. Le doute planait sur cette histoire pendant près d’un demi-siècle et il s’est finalement terminé à la fin des années 1990, lorsque le fameux carnet de vol est apparu. ”
Incroyable! L’Waite des Régions extrême de Mar rapidement la de l’Assez Alaska, le Canada et la Sibérie. Au nord de cette ligne, aucun arbre ne pousse! Ce Qui Veut dire Que, logiquement, tout autour du Pôle Nord, sur Doït pas, plus petit apercevoir un rayon arbre de de 1700 miles (2735 km)!
“La pression interne augmente avec la profondeur: aucune cavité ne peut exister dans les 40 miles (environ 64 km) et ceci est dû à la pression sur les roches résidantes”.
Nous voyons, alors, que de façon aléatoire, le voyage Norge, passe au hasard le «trou polaire» en question, et voir l’altitude de croisière et le système de brouillard et de nuages ​​dans la région, il est possible que L’équipage n’a absolument rien découvert, si ce n’est une lueur boréale caractéristique de l’endroit négligé. Pour le savoir, le manuel du commandant de l’écriture devrait être en main. Nous notons cependant que ce trou polaire dressé par nos soins n’est absolument pas écaillé, puisque, de plus, on l’a vu plus haut, son diamètre varie en fonction de la «respiration» de la planète.
– Regardez, Lobsang, si nous avions le temps et l’énergie, nous pourrions aller directement au pôle sud, en suivant ce tunnel; nous pendant six Avons parcouru des mois et des Kilomètres Kilomètres, nous emmenant des masses Avec de nourriture, campat la nuit, et, tout this Mars Près, Buyant un tunnel passé enfin du dernier, nous découvrîmes nous étions LLC Que un étrange paie; mais nous avions peur de nous montrer. Toutes les questions ont toujours été soigneusement étudiées.
Mais nous avons des internautes qui savent également comment enquêter sur ce problème dans des zones très reculées. En effet le 08
D’Borda Disons, Que l’ont une des pricipales Raisons (il y en a d’beaucoup autres), les Ovnis is Qué, W ont très supérieure Avance technologique à la Nôtre, et si l’sur DETERMINER à Oumar arrivait functioning, demandez au pays permettrait Qui a des épaves d’Récupère Ovnis, de faire un lien de la Connaissance considérable du cosmos, et la lévite puissance porterait of this paie, à un niveau par Rapport aux Autres inimaginable nations de la Terre.
En conséquence ABSOLUE: tout ce qui est visible doit et peut s’expliquer par nos lois, nos connaissances et nos expériences complexes dans tous les domaines. Mais c’est une grave erreur qui nous bloque.
Des pilotes de chasseur [Sivion] par AVENTURES étasuniens seraient de Pôle Sud de un paysage inconnu nos Géographes sur, plus de 1 000 miles avant de rebrousser chemin !!! Ils ont vu un verdissement vert …
Absolument, cependant, ils ont reconnu seulement un très petit périmètre [écrit en 1974], un cercle de quelque huit kilomètres de rayon. Oh non! Nous n’avons pas exploré la Lune. Et nous n’avons pas exploré la Terre. Il y en a encore beaucoup à découvrir.
Je reviens à Toujours this réflexion: Cette planète a is Planète d’torsions Nos Experience ET Viesi Experimentales nos versent en Voyage esprits. Ils sont boulimiques d’expériences. Effectuer des tests est le vrai plaisir de nos esprits.


Asseyez-vous. Olaf parle d’un soleil intérieur souriant, d’un monde de trois quarts de terre et d’un quart d’eau.
Cela dit qu’il n’arrête pas d’essayer de comprendre. Ce que je découvre des mondes d’angles est clair d’autres mondes créés pour l’expérience. This SORT de “Cast Famille OU” Appartient universelle aux Coulisses de Plutôt la création, Comm des Serviteurs en Forma. Ils servent le PLAN dans lequel nous évoluons. Ils sont donc des “planificateurs”. Alors ils vivent toutes les planètes. Je ne sais pas si elles sont générées par des mères et même le MERE COSMIC. Si elles le sont, elles ne sont pas des créatures en évolution comme nous. Ils font partie des fonctions du grand créateur.
Des histoires plus que surprenantes (acceptées comme verticales dans certains cercles marginaux) ont également fait circuler Hitler et certains de ses partisans ont fui vers des paysages souterrains dans le monde après la guerre, en prenant une entrée dans le Antarctique.
Merci, monsieur VESONE. Je vais être le plus direct, il est possible, avec vous, l’idée de questionner vos réalités ou réalités, et je ne suis pas sûr, parce que je crois vraiment que plusieurs vérités, plusieurs dimensions et
Les clichés présentés ci-dessus, ont été sauvés par miracle de destruction. Il y a diverses perturbations atmosphériques observées au-dessus du pôle Nord. Les nuages ​​volent autour de l’ouverture. Il est à noter que les clichés ci-dessous ont été pris lors des nuits polaires.
Leur lumière étant très forte, vous devez grandir dans votre propre pour soutenir sa luminosité. Ils connaissent toutes les particules et utilisent facilement la fusion atomique dans sa forme la plus avancée. Constamment, ils surveillent vos apprentis sorciers, et ils interviennent parfois quand cela semble trop dangereux pour la planète. Leur action a déjà sauvé plusieurs fois la réalité de votre monde. Cependant, c’est avec amour qu’ils vous soutiennent dans la tâche difficile d’expérimenter avec vous.
son travail par Marcelo Martorelli, fondateur et PDG d’une ONG basée en Amérique du Sud basée sur la culture et la paix, la fondation P.E.A. Linked des Annees à DEPUIS mère de Celui Qu’il «Mahatma de l’accident, le Maître Raul J. Albala, plus sous le nom Connu de«Yaco», il published un Livre recemment,« L’Appel des Maîtres de planétaire Terre Creuse “, ce qui explique une partie de ce qui lui a été révélé dans la ville de banlieue située dans la région de Cordoba en Argentine.
0800 heures – La turbulence légère est signalée dans la direction est à 2321 pieds d’altitude, 1700 pieds de correction, aucune autre turbulence, mais le vent arrière augmente, les paramètres de contrôle de la lumière, la performance de l L’avion est très bon maintenant.
Ne trouvez-vous pas que cette déclaration, semblable à celle de Byrd, aurait été faite en février 1947 (avant sa fuite du 19 février 47), d’après le site internet ci-dessus: http:
Si la terre était creuse, l’accélération de la gravité serait beaucoup plus faible qu’actuellement, car la masse totale de notre planète serait nettement plus petite !!! … Donc on serait plus léger et on pourrait sauter plus haut … sans perchoir!
1005 heures – Je change d’altitude jusqu’à 1400 pieds et fais une boucle serrée vers la gauche pour mieux examiner la vallée ci-dessous. Elle est verte avec de la mousse ou une sorte d’herbe très dense.
un chercheur curieux, aurait pu aussi se demander à ce moment-là (avant 1970, bien sûr), pourquoi la NASA n’a pas envoyé (dans les missions Apollo 11 et 12, qui auraient été étudiées le sol de la lune), les astronautes sur les rives du cratère Vitello, où il n’y a pas de discussion possible, des traces de plus de 600 mètres de long, laissés par deux “véhicules” d’environ 5m et 25m de large, pesant des centaines de tonnes, et a grimpé les pentes de deux petites caisses?
Selon moi, le créateur n’est pas
Comme la Lune, la Terre n’a pas échappé à des théories surprenantes: après la Terre plate, ceux qui admettent qu’elle est
Merci pour vos tout demander explications est tres complexe, si j’ai bien compris nous Vivons l’Âge des ténèbres par les archontes diriger par des Biais Grèce et Dracos, is encre Enlil Mais Gentil est méchant l’Histoire à Mais garder en mémoire enlil comme le bien et le dieu de la bible? La Bible les Écrits reprend des cunéiformes sumériennes tablettes, l’Humanite Mais avant l’Déjà existait des Annunakis Arrivée? si l’encre à Premier adama le create plan divin des préconise périodes d’âge d’or les Dirigé par habitant de l’encre et argatha Représenté Avec la Souvent contient sur les sceaux cylindrique, et l’âge des tenebres with Enlil is this bien Pourquoi?
pas. Vous avez maintenant été choisi pour témoigner ici que notre monde existe. Vous voyez, notre culture et notre science ont des milliers d’années d’avance sur les vôtres, amiral. “J’ai interrompu”, mais qu’est-ce que cela a à voir avec moi, monsieur? ”
Oui, c’est vrai que chaque humain est une planète autonome dans sa propre bulle intime. Cependant, cette bulle ne peut pas être comme autrefois (c’était le cas de Kingu) d’utiliser les lois universelles à sa manière. La connaissance et le non-respect de ses lois quantiques communes provoquent des courts-circuits pour élire son auteur. C’est ce qui se passe aujourd’hui.
POURTANT, Gregory Ryskin, de la Northwestern University (Statistique Kunis), une ont propos les verser Autre hypothèse des variations à la Cour échelle, Cell du Siècle, Qui W pu Être verser précisement mesurées la Assez period récente. Ce géophysicien est impliqué dans un nouvel acteur: les océans. Composés d’eau salée, ils sont conducteurs.
C’est alors le 29 février 2004 que nous avons été contactés par Mme Régine-Françoise Fauze, qui est la chaîne d’entités transcendantes de Soria, qui est formée, pour connaître environ 4520 entités cosmétiques, à se soumettre à son analyse. Les deux images suivantes:
“Les signaux radio seraient composés d’un code mathématique très complexe, qui nous a convaincu que nous étions en contact avec une colonie d’êtres vivants dont l’intelligence est sans aucun doute supérieure à la nôtre.” Il affirme que les scientifiques n’ont pas eu beaucoup de mal à déchiffrer les messages, mais il a nié à plusieurs reprises de révéler ce qu’ils faisaient.
Donc, si la force d’expulsion des particules en mouvement, prêtes pour les pôles est trop faible pour empêcher leur effondrement au centre de la terre, ce serait seulement à une certaine distance du centre de rotation et à une vitesse rotation fixe; pour un tour 24 h. Il n’y a pas de problème majeur pour une petite ouverture correspondant à une petite quantité de matériau. Et tout il y a un équilibre par la suite. Ce matériau est automatiquement attiré vers le centre dans un système relativement simétrique tel que pour une sphère, le matériau des deux pôles se mutuellement et soumet un effet global au centre ainsi qu’au reste de la sphère et le stabilise. .
L’inimitié des mammouths congelés en quelques heures a causé un certain nombre d’annotations. Certains sont vrais autres que ceux d’Alaska Ferbanks. L’une des annecdotes les plus authentiques est le baron Wrangel, naturaliste russe du XIXe siècle dans l’île qu’il découvre dans le port de Sibérie septentrional et auquel il donnera son nom. Le sable était retenu par des défenses gigantesques et les os d’autres animaux disparaissaient lors d’une erreur de catastrophe primitive.
En Buffet, il Ivoire d’Borda Faut Que de Naples se tord Observateurs, Avec de très means Faibles, Comm webmaster du siteARTivision, Qui W à réussi mettre en preuve, les bizarreries de la des Photos NASA, Que des Alors Qui journaux avoir un pignon dans la rue et un spécialiste des spécialistes de l’espace, n’ont rien vu.
Mais, le point le plus surprenant, est la seule étape entre les deux “pistes parallèles”. Comment l’astronaute, marchant sur la Lune, dans n’importe quelle direction, peut-il laisser la trace d’un seul pas? … à vous de juger …
Ce n’est pas, en effet, une information cosmique disponible à tous, et même le travail de Raymond Bernard, “The Terre hollow”, publié en 1971, ne parle pas . Mais lui, M. Pascal Cazottes, avait eu la révélation remarquable. En fait, dans le même article de Nexus n ° 21 de 2002, il écrivait aussi:
A aucun moment, ce texte ne nous parle du freinage important, préalable à l’arrivée sur Terre, et même qu’il nous apprend, la distribution du Module de Service, qui contient la tuyère centrale, qui peut stabiliser le navire. La décélération, faite après cette largeur, atteindra 59 m
À 17 heures. 30, le Norge atteint 83 ° 30 ‘par 10 ° de longitude est. Depuis l’observation de 14 heures, il a été expulsé des kilomètres d’Unidedayza. Le ballon continue à se déplacer vers le nord le long du méridien jusqu’aux approches du pôle, où il est encore légèrement déporté vers l’est, ce qui fait que l’expédition entre le Spitzberg et le pôle est presque terminée. simple.
13 Avril CE 2016 Mais, Nous et résistons pas, vous avez de Fois, plus au plaisir de vous Presenter Verbe de du Grand Maître CE de Findhorn, Verbe Qui nous could be d’assimiller un permettre Principe, Pte à nous de permettre Tanta Comprendre Soit peu, Qui this préccède:
Nails W Alors à Pensé des engins hybrides Concevoir (un peu Comm verser Maintenant nsa Voitures, nous utilisons et l’électrique courant essence òû la GPL et l’essence) en des turbo Réacteurs ajoutant .. plus si turbo réacteur Pouvait propulser, Le vol était possible seulement avec l’utilisation de l’énergie “VRIL” (comme ils ont appelé cette énergie) qui a entraîné des problèmes insolubles, des ruptures et des dettes importantes aux bases d’installation et, plus, alors que la dernière phase de la guerre s’évanouissait rapidement, les vagues de milliers de forces de l’armée de l’air américaine et d’explosifs, d’avions et de combattants Les Britanniques, accusant des milliers de tonnes de bombes sur tous les sites, stockant tout sur le sol, n’ont pas permis le développement de nouveaux hybrides, technologiquement incompatibles avec eux, l’état même de la connaissance, même très avancé, avait l’allemand à cette époque.
Mais il y a toujours ce problème d’oubli de nos précédentes incarnations, je me suis toujours demandé pourquoi cela oublie, je pensais que c’était peut-être ne pas être dérangé si dans ce dernier ou peut-être certaines des actions précédentes d’actions négatives que nous aurions pu avoir pour nous déranger dans cette nouvelle incarnation, ou peut-être des actions bénéfiques qui auraient tendance à nous croire supérieurs ou quelque chose comme ça. Nous pourrions penser que ces incarnations successives visent à nous faire évoluer car je pense que c’est le but pour une fois de réaliser l’évolution désirée pour ne plus nous réincarner dans ce monde de 3ème dimension et entrer dans les dimensions supérieures ?
« En 1945 et par la suite, nous Essayé de Avons LLC course Envoyer un message à, les efforts n’ont MAIS qu’hostilité et nos Rencontre Fulgelrads MITRAILLES furent. Oui, et same malice et Avec poursuivis par Vos AVIONS animosité de combat. Aussie, je tu me dis mon fils, il y a une grande tempête qui se concentre sur ton monde, une furie noire qui ne faiblira pas pendant de nombreuses années, il n’y aura aucune protection contre ta science. jusqu’à ce que chaque fleur de votre culture soit transpercée et que tous les êtres humains éternuent dans un grand chaos.Votre récente guerre n’était qu’un prélude à ce qui devait arriver à votre race. plus clairement une heure par heure … Pensez-vous que je me trompe? “Non,” répondis-je, “il est déjà arrivé que ces temps sombres viennent et restent pendant plus de 5 ans.” “Oui, mon fils dit le Maître, les périodes sombres vous viendrez maintenant pour votre course à couvrir la terre comme une morgue, mais je pense que certains de votre race passera à travers cette tempête, après cela, je ne peux pas dire.
Ceci est juste une histoire préliminaire. L’image avant d’acquérir le droit de reproduire des photos prises lors de cette randonnée à travers le monde de la glace, nous aurons l’occasion de compléter cette vue d’ensemble lorsque la première icône d’expédition documente dans les quinze
Comme je le dis très souvent: Concernant notre connaissance de notre histoire, comme celle de la planète et de notre univers, nous sommes comme des enfants de 3 ans. Certains ont 4, 5 ou 6 ans et nous les appelons «savants» ou «maîtres» ou «princes» ou «seigneurs» ou «sauve». Nos autorités accueillantes et bien organisées, vivant dans nos ministères ou nos temples, estiment que nous sommes, en fait, trop jeunes et fragiles pour connaître de tels secrets. D’un autre côté, ils sont assez sages “pour connaître et apprécier” ….. Donc ceux que nous appelons aujourd’hui “Elite” sont montrés par la majorité.

amiral richard byrd terre creuse | tunnels en terre creuse

De la même manière pour Reed, ce sont les majestueuses forêts et forêts du monde qui sont responsables de la neige colorée, du pollen et des morceaux de bois mortels.
Je CROIS Donca très nous commençons Sincèrement à Que de sortir CE de l’Cauchemar mauvais sur Notre Ancien Youm. Ce ne sera qu’un chapitre du grand livre de l’expérience humaine qui en compte une cinquantaine!
Nous observons donc avec satisfaction qu’il existe des schémas d’ondes sismiques dans les deux cas: le premier pour la terre entière et le second pour le sol creux défendu


Quiconque ne croit pas que la Terre est creuse, peut-il me dire d’où vient cette poussière? Elle Ne EST PAS UN Élément ous avez Qui s’accumule très marchandise sur la Glace inviter, en échantillon libre ous, et un dit Nansen Alors:.? « Rentrons Chez nous resterons caractéristiques Pourquoi pas NOUS davaNtage Orien Que de la poussière, poussière, poussière. ”
à la recherche de notre cas, nous sommes venus tout à coup au magazine français, déjà là, pour les puristes, qui ont peut-être la malchance de le trouver dans un vide général, photo de couverture:
Hummmm.lash est clair. 1.je CONSTATE un jesus Qu’y òû Yehoshua òû Soit Yeishu devant les nom des personnages 2.l’evangile de ju’dah d’un Jésus parle (lequel? Je sais pas.Mais d’Empresa l’enseignement Que j’ai RECU , je conclurait vote Que ce jesus officiel Que l’sur tous connait) 🙂 * ju’dah Qui dit un Jésus je sais d’où tu viens tu est de l’Eon sortit de Jésus * Arbeloa Qui SIAF a ju’dah decouvrir l’existence de l’humanité (si je ne me trompe pas)
Les deux fils de AN: Enki et Enlil ont travaillé dans la rivalité CRUEL. Deux lignes distinctes sont sorties et elles sont toujours présentes sur notre planète. Ces deux courants se battent encore aujourd’hui. CES Deux supportèrent Dualité lignées Port Qui terrestre elle-same les conditions de l ‘expérience positive Qui est la Base de fonction de l’ Cole UNIVERSELLE TERRESTRE.
Je ne réponds pas. Tout cela était inconcevable. L’arrêt de l’ascenseur interrompit mes pensées. Je suis entré dans la pièce où mon mécanicien radio était toujours debout. L’anxiété a marqué son visage. Je me suis promené à lui en disant:
C’est pourquoi un astronome a admis qu’à Titan il y a “une sorte de nuage de vortex” tournant au pôle sud de la planète, et vortex, qu’il appelle un complexe météorologique. Vous devez juger tout cela …
En effet, alors qu’il est au moins trente kilomètres, ici le magma est à une profondeur de huit à dix kilomètres. Il a été déterminé que le calder qui était supposé être complètement éteint était le théâtre de plusieurs éruptions dans une périodicité tournant autour de 700 000 ans. Pourquoi?
0910 heures – Grand et large éventail de glace et de neige ci-dessous, notez la couleur de la nature jaunâtre qui se propage linéairement. Modifier l’itinéraire pour un meilleur examen de cette couleur ci-dessous, et noter une couleur rougeâtre ou violette ainsi.
Il est clairement vu dans le texte de Paris Match 1242, mentionné ci-dessus, que “l’astronaute” Neil Armstrong, devenait violemment “un ours cage”, et il a dit qu’il ne voulait pas pour en savoir plus sur la lune. Le même titre de ce Paris Match 1242, est à notre avis très explicite: “Ils sont encore dans la Lune”.
Votre question 3: C’est le sujet le plus triste et le plus cruel de cet exode de l’humanité dans l’immense prison de reptiles ou de matrices. Comme le montre la série de films MATRIX, la fiole reptilien est complète dans ces fonctions et auto-centrée dans son énergie. Cela signifie qu’il nourrit et réconforte tous ceux qui le servent, prie, appelle, soutient, sacrifie et enseigne dans son enseignement. Le bon mouton est honoré et récompensé! Celui qui devient rebelle est affrété. C’était un résumé de l’ancienne loi qui disparaît à l’époque.
TELOS NIVEAU 1: Ce niveau supérieur est le centre du commerce, de l’éducation et de l’administration. Son temple central est en forme de pyramide avec une capacité de 50.000 mètres carrés. Tuenti les difices Autour GOUVERNEMENTAUX, un Palais de justice, des Illes d’archives, d’arts et de divertissement, une tour de communication, le port un espace, des Ndeye, des Dépots de vêtements et de nourriture, un Hôtel répandrai les émissaires Étrangers en visite, un Palais l’authority Ra abritant et Rana Mu qui appartiennent au Roi et la Reina régnants de la Lignée lémurienne royale. Ce sont les ancêtres fondateurs des ancêtres. La périphérie étend la plupart des habitants des habitants.
. Les images radar, de la du Glace Déplacement, à des Intervalles captées de Quelques jours, pour grand tord utilisées Nombre d’articles D’ONU Générer en Haute résolution, carreaux pour la Recherche sur le climat, les tells Que Marines Cartes la vitesse de Donnant Déplacement crème glacée. Les produits GlobIce fournissent des données complètes sur l’Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics à une résolution dix fois supérieure à celle des autres configurations actuellement disponibles par satellite.
Nous allons maintenant mentionner Ray Palmer, rédacteur en chef de Soucoupes flying, expert sur le sujet, convaincu que les découvertes d’Amiral Byrd lors des deux sondages fournissent une explication de l’origine des sauces volantes. Ray Palmer croit que les engins volants non identifiés ne viennent pas d’autres planètes, mais de l’intérieur de la Terre, où il y a une civilisation à l’avance pour notre aérospatiale, en utilisant des sauces volantes pour leur voyage aérien, et se propageant à la surface de la terre par des ouvertures polaires.
vert est notre ami Aurélia: (http:
Rapidement, nous sommes retournés à la grande porte de l’appartement du Maître et une fois de plus nous avons pénétré dans l’ascenseur. La porte s’est glissée silencieusement et nous avons été conduits immédiatement. Un de mes hôtes a encore parlé: «Nous devons nous dépêcher maintenant, Amiral, parce que le Maître ne voudrait pas vous retarder plus longtemps dans votre temps et vous devez retourner apporter son message à votre peuple».
Il y a environ trois ans, après avoir lu le chapitre I du livre “L’empreinte digitale de Dieu”, j’ai cherché d’anciennes cartes où l’on pouvait voir le trou dans le poteau. Nous sommes allés, mon
«J’ai Quitté l’armée de l’air en raison de their Manières par Ceux qui autoritaires à cherchaient Comm des maniaques comporter du Contrôle, Qui W stagnation generer de capacité à et à Sagir Penser que vous avez d’Manière Créatives. En acceptant leurs ordres, sans parler de cette information, ils considèrent que c’est le fait que nous obéirons automatiquement.
permis comme mot fort et bien choisi selon les circonstances lorsqu’il est utilisé dans les circonstances et nécessairement nécessaire.
11 h 35 – Notre radio devient folle et une voix anglaise sort avec ce qui pourrait être un léger accent nordique ou germanique! Le message est: “Bienvenue, Amiral, dans notre région, nous atterrirons dans exactement sept minutes!
Faites attention aux familles hybrides qui ont toujours été dans le secret des dieux ou en se soumettant aux autres. Les interventions planétaires des dieux sont extrêmement rares selon les textes anciens, et nous connaissons aujourd’hui leurs méthodes hyper intelligentes. Leurs constructions seraient basées sur les constructions d’ENKI, c’est-à-dire OSIRIS, l’Egypte et l’Atlantique submergé.
Mais Byrd a pu découvrir ces 7.770.000 km², pour la plupart inconnus de l’humanité, ce qui montre clairement que le territoire occupé par les autres nations (voir ci-dessus) diminue évidemment comme une peau de chagrin?
Vous voulez-Commençons par l’Anglais en ouvrage Intitulé “pas de ce monde” de Peter Kolosimo, et en français “Spatial Archéologie”, en 1971 Chez paru chez Albin Michel, LLC à Prestigieuse collection, hélas disparue: « Les Chemins de l ‘ impossible “. Voici donc quelques-uns de ces travaux remarquables:
Elle nous amène à la ville scintillant avec une grande vitesse. Comm Approchons Nous, la Villa Semble fait en Être cristalline.Bientôt matière NOUS A un grand arrivons bâtiment Qui est d’un genre que je te ne ai jamais vu avant. Il Parait Être des croquis tiré de Directement Franc Lloyd Wright, òû may-être encore d’un film better un de Buck Rogers.
Ce sont des questions fondamentales dans le contexte du sujet. Elle résume la question: «Qui sont les dieux, tels que les tablettes du sommet, par exemple, quelles sont leurs technologies et quel est leur but pour la planète? >>
Il est inacceptable, au prix de payer pour cette caméra … Les experts ont également montré que la caméra n’avait aucune protection contre les conditions dures et les radiations qui prévalaient sur la Lune, et par conséquent, les films obtenus seraient tous “brûlés”.
Cet auteur n’était évidemment pas au courant de l’information ultra-secrète sur les pôles de la Terre, qui sont actuellement diffusés sur le Net, et nous l’avons déjà révélé en partie. Mais pour les puristes qui veulent aller à la source des documents présentés ici sont quelques mots que nous avons reçus à l’époque sur Jean Anne qui a produit quatre articles remarquables sur notre site:
Quand vous dites que Seth et sa dynastie sont des reptiliens, il y a quelque chose qui me dérange! Les humeurs de l’ère égyptienne étaient encore les mêmes avant Seth, après quoi, qu’est-ce qui a changé Seth avant lui? La location était déjà présente pour que le défunt puisse l’accomplir, si nous comprenions que les reptiliens connaissaient devant nous les nombreuses vies et incarnations, si c’est le cas, cela signifie que nous ne sommes que des copieurs qui les aiment premier? S’il nous a génétiquement modifiés et que le résultat est la réflexion que nous avons aujourd’hui, pourquoi ne pas les remercier? La question qui brûlait mes lèvres, et la chose la plus importante à mes yeux pour ma compréhension personnelle et ce qui suit: ce que sont exactement les Hébreux, et pourquoi l’étiquette de Hitler, financée par un groupe hébreu ailleurs, a cherché pour les détruire
À leur tour, tous ces explorateurs ont posé la question de savoir si le phénomène de l’aube boréale agissait sur l’aiguille de la boussole. Mais ils le déduisaient, que ce n’était rien, et que le phénomène n’avait donc rien à voir avec l’électricité et le magnétisme.
Les oscillations des marées génèrent des courants, parfois très puissants; par exemple, entre les îles Barents et Edge. En foulant les pentes des hauts plateaux continentaux de l’Eurasie, les marées créent également des turbines – sorte de mini-cyclones aquatiques – qui se creusent dans l’ensemble de l’eau (vortex).
Quant à votre rêve ci-dessus, il est puissant et merveilleux. Cela montre combien de ces pionniers des cavernes connaissent déjà l’autre monde libre, combien ils se souviennent de leur subconscient. Les êtres qui s’expriment sur ce blog sont très souvent en retard et n’ont pas complètement perdu leurs capacités en incarnation. Ils ne sont plus des moutons et le système les rejette comme chômeurs.
This Amer libre is Donca hommes et is Reliée au Emeli polaire, Qué nous cachent nos gouvernements versent de questions des Vulgaires de prestige national, et militaire, et SURTOUT verser l’I’assureur et pérenniser Oumar concevoir scélérate “Diviser for better régner”, et versez nous par de Mener le bout du nez. En plus des scientifiques pour ne pas saluer leur réputation, mettre en garde cette mystification, et nous allons le montrer plus bas …
Dit autrement, la Science actuelle, ADMET QU’A l’est implicitement France APPARU un noyau central, Qui a pendentif accrétion nominale brute des milliards d’Années, Pour en à l’État l’arrivant de Notre actuel et des Autres Planète par la same occasion.
Je commence à lire les mémoires de mes chemins. Alors je découvre les “familles” ou les lignes qui m’ont soutenu. Ces visions de mon passé se prolongent aux perspectives d’avenir et me permettent de choisir d’autres voies qui me sont les plus préférables. C’est beaucoup de travail!
Les Agarthiens sont donc des millions dispersés sous le globe. Il y a environ 12 000 ans, ils ont investi cet univers rocheux. Ce sont des humains qui “ne voulaient pas vivre avec le déluge et ses conséquences”. La fraternité galactique a été étroitement liée aux peuples Agartha, pendant des millénaires. Leurs civilisations ont de multiples analogues et partagent les mêmes préoccupations avec les Terriens. Et les Agarthiens ont aussi des vaisseaux capables de se déplacer à travers les mondes.

空心土最好的证据 | 空洞地真假

香巴拉王国在未来几百年后会被发现,然后人类开始进攻~~~第六代班禅喇嘛所写的「香巴拉王国指南」中有一段对最终战争的描述是:「百万雄兵兮彩色缤纷,四十万大象兮愤怒狂奔,黄金战车载满战士武器,齐赴大战场兮英勇莫敌。」由人类所发动的战争,使得香巴拉王朝的「神兵」数以万计由天而降,以超科技,反物质的各种密法神咒及武器,横扫全世界,人类的科技难以抵挡~~~最后佛教时轮金刚系统的密法会在那个时期弘扬一段时间~~ 〜
欧拉福父子住了两年之后就想要回家。巨人们告诉他们,归程很危险。但欧拉福父子想回家的意愿较强,巨人们为他们准备了必需用品。他们辞别了巨人们,就开始了艰难的航程。计算地表季节之后,他们决定从南极出口返回,因为南极正开始夏季。在南极,父亲杰斯葬身恶浪之中。欧拉福却幸存下来,在冰山上被一捕鲸船救了。但当他向船长安格斯麦克弗森诉说自己的经历后,被当做疯子关了起来,直到欧拉福表现的比较 “正常”。辗转4年8个月之后,欧拉福才得以回到斯德哥尔摩。在那里他向亲叔叔再次讲述了段离奇的经历,然而却被邪恶的叔叔送进了疯人院关了28年。直到叔叔死后,他才被放出来。欧拉福晚年移民到美国。因为害怕被再次当成疯子从而受到无尽羞辱,欧拉福希望他的自述 “TheSmoky上帝” 这本书在他过世之后再出版。
(注:耶和华的希伯来文发音是Yehovah或Yehowah,因为希伯来文没有Ĵ通道,译成英文就是耶和华,耶和华或耶和华亚威旧约圣经里的意思是天主,上帝,神的代名词希伯来原文的字母是明智的,他-勒沃 – 嘿 – 耶和华,但是十诫里不允许信徒直接叫他的名字:不可妄称耶和华你的神的名,就只好以我主>我的主的母音代替,或写4字神名:耶和华,法语是JHWH,拉丁语是IHVH,到了新约圣经就改成RIO =洛德上主,原本的意思在火星上的部队和猎户帝国里是主奴关系的主人,却被圣经写成上帝,天神,天主来理解旧约圣经里他说:我是你们的上主耶和华;新约圣经却改成:我是你们的上主 – 万军的统帅)
暴露「地心人」真实存在文章来源:CHN强国网于2015-02-2821:31:58在披露了「监听门」等丑闻事件后,斯诺登在「世界年代记」网站上还公布了一项令人惊愕的机密文件,这份文件中提到:「远高于人类智慧的种族 – 地底人存在于地球的地幔中」斯诺登坦言,在其看到的文件中写着一些操纵远比人类智慧高的种族之类的内容。据说,内容中还涉及到一些之前发生的,被认为可靠性极高的目击事件。那就是有热水从海底的裂缝中喷出,跟有关UFO从海底起飞直接进入太阳轨道的一些目击事件的调查而且,斯诺登称:「国防部国防高等研究计划局(DARPA)的大部分人,确信地球的地幔中存在着远比现代人类聪明的人类。」据说,地幔数十亿年来都没有任何变化,因此那里很有可能成为维持长期生命,稳定居住的场所。「地底人」很有可能就生活在那样的环境中,那是与我们完全不同的温带环境。在那里,可以使他们的智慧加速提高,并不断进化。
哈雷明白地球空心论听来令人难以置信,然而他自认论点有力,此外这理论还援引了哈雷的友人艾萨克。牛顿(牛顿)当时发表不久的旷世巨作 “自然哲学的数学原理” (原理)。哈雷的理论是错的,但考量当时人类的科学进展,确实算是推论缜密──甚至根据巴克内尔大学(巴克内尔大学)杜恩。葛莱芬(杜安格里芬)在<结构之妙:一文中的说法,既然 “自然哲学的数学原理” 是现代科学的开端,因此哈雷的地球空心论可说是第一:科学中的中空地​​球(空心地球科学在什么结构好奇心)个现代科学预测。 )来照顾自己的花园(地盘),繁衍出自己的后代也等于是复制更多自己的业身(罪恶之身,因此圣经里强调人生而有罪,也另有不良居心)。我们要进一步揭露一些细节但不会离题太远。 史前人类用超级科技打造的地下长廊,各种功用一定远远超过今人修建的 “末日地堡”,相信它足以抵挡各种灾难。在大灾难来时通过地下长廊里的人们逃到地内世界成为那里的居民。很多民族从此就再也没有回到地表。利莫里亚人和亚特兰蒂斯人的一部分都逃了地下。根据Sheldan吃,利莫里亚最初是一个拥有地下成员的地表社会。第一个首都位于约25000前沉入太平洋的某个岛屿上,第二个首都则位于地心世界。后者也是利莫里亚政府在大灾难后移居的位置。那时地表新的统治者 - 亚特兰蒂斯帝国,命令将主要的隧道入口封存起来,只有在亚特兰蒂斯末日时,利莫里亚人才打开这些封口,从某种死亡中救活了很多地表居民这些被救活的地表居民构建了一个社会,在后来的某个时期回归地表,成为位于亚洲南部的拉马帝国。在大洪水及拉马帝国。灭后,利莫里亚人重新聚集起来,将他们新成立的社会命名为Aghartha.Aghartha的首都香巴拉(香格里拉)则重新搬迁到一个洞穴中,此位置正位于今天西藏拉萨所在位置的遥远地底。 (注:有一类爬虫类的阿修罗嗜血4D,是世界里很负面的阿修罗​​,好战,易怒,享受血气的味道,或吸取血里的精气给自己提供营养或能量,就像一些吸血的动物如水蛭,蚊子,蝙蝠等等冷血动物靠吸血来维持生命,这些吸血的动物也是这类阿修罗投胎转世而成,但通常是先投胎成人,还是一样好战喜欢见血才投胎成为吸血的动物去满足自己这种强烈欲望。西洋的吸血鬼也是阿修罗,算是一种精灵,但实际情况没有电影演的那么夸张,可以跟人类面对面打架,还会被杀死,怕阳光倒是真的,跟鬼没什么两样。 https://www.hollowearthresearch.org/ https://www.hollowearthresearch.org/dans-book 负面的阿修罗​​就会鼓励或允许信徒杀生,比如杀猪宰羊,或伤害身体穿针穿剑之类的表演,还可以用碗盛血来拜,就要小心跟这样的神打交道,会被处罚,最好是静悄悄地疏远,不要得罪。其他好战的阿修罗都嗜血,除了自己常找人打仗以外,也鼓励和怂恿人类之间大打出手,死越多人流越多血越好,这样他们就可以喂饱大量军队人口,只要是哪里有怒气难平要报仇的,这种低能量的频率就会吸引他们的共振前来推波逐澜,巴不得这个人或这些人快点打起来。如果是性情温和不容易发脾气的人他们就没有机会挑衅怂恿去激怒这个人,加上一直维持正面能量的频率和亮光,他们不敢靠近也无利可图。因此要很小心个人的情绪起伏贪,嗔,痴爱权爱钱,物质主义,自我中心,冷酷无情,常欺负人和其他负面情绪走极端的都会吸引同类的阿修罗前来阵或频率共振,使自己更难自拔甚至是鬼上身,通常都会遇到贵人解救脱困,那是守护灵的安排,不要对有助益的建议随便说不) 到了1975年再见面时,她才邀请教授上她的飞船走一趟星际之旅.Hernandez在1975年4月22日的日记里记下这件事。那天他参加完一个学术研讨会觉得很疲倦,到了停车场就已经看到LYA在车里等他,她问教授是否愿意当她的副驾驶,教授想休息就建议改天再试。不过LYA说这件事很重要,她不敢保证下次还有同样的机会教授还回说:如果不是太远就可以...(教授还以为要去坐飞机,因为她只问要不要当副机师,没有说要乘坐飞碟) 这个综合体耶稣的其中一个耶稣往东逃到印度的克什米尔>克什米尔(靠近巴基斯坦),在那里以耶稣的名字活到晚年终老。另一个则往西带着家人离开(到了英国),跟玛利亚>玛丽亚(守在十字架下面的三个女人之一,是耶稣的老婆,但圣经隐瞒这个关系)生了个儿子,这就是天主教廷千方百计要斩草除根不留任何痕迹的神圣家庭,却也是信徒们极力保护要薪火相传的神圣血脉>神圣血统,甚至是几百年后这个家庭的后人还把这个家族通过新大陆>找到新的土地带进来新世界,也就是后来的亚美利加,今天的美国。因此,这个耶稣综合实体(确有其人)基本上由两个人组成,一个往东一个往西,同样是为了躲避教廷的追杀。当然(在圣经故事里的耶稣)还有其他人(的小角色),如果要用传统的方式(追本溯源)去研讨耶稣的故事,就会打开充满矛盾谬误的P安道尔的盒子>潘朵拉宝盒。当你更进一步去寻找真相时,就会发现圣经里的耶稣是许多不同人物和角色的综合体,不是真正那个耶稣的真实故事(有耶稣这个人但没有圣经吹捧的那么神勇)。
这位被希伯来人称为耶和华的司令官(耶和华是这些主子们自己取的名字)就是米特>闪族人(阿拉伯人和犹太人)的创造人,也就是火星主人或主人们(爬虫类和帝国主义者),原本在上一次的亚兰提斯文明被发放到地球上来,毁灭后再把同类的闪族人发放到中东来(继续重复同样的游戏却不懂得从过去的毁灭中吸取教训)。这些被称为耶和华的司令们是英文译名,希伯来名是JHVH,根本就不存在于希伯来语当中,是外来语(不只是外来语,是太空名,有什么人是用字母取名的).JHVH的发音是明智-他-勒沃-嘿(也念耶和华亚威),其实是指火,土风,水(物体宇宙的4大元素,要到色界四禅天的20D以上才没有这些元素,人死时灵魂因为要摆脱这4大元素的肉身的捆绑而挣扎痛苦,脱离之后感觉像走出监牢海阔天空)或光芒,稳定,振动和磁性的原理(也就是物理宇宙的4大能量场,弦理论统一场的弦理论的4个基本能量,爱因斯坦的E = MC的平方只是其中之一,而且不稳定有破绽),也是创造宇宙万物(有能量的物理元素和各种形式的物体)的基本元素。
根据Sheldan吃,利莫里亚最初是一个拥有地下成员的地表社会。第一个首都位于约25000前沉入太平洋的某个岛屿上,第二个首都则位于地心世界,后者也是利莫里亚政府在大灾难后移居的位置那时地表新的统治者 – 亚特兰蒂斯帝国,命令将主要的隧道入口封存起来,只有在亚特兰蒂斯末日时,利莫里亚人才打开这些封口,从某种死亡中救活了很多地表居民。这些被救活的地表居民构建了一个社会,在后来的某个时期回归地表,成为位于亚洲南部的拉玛帝国。在大洪水及拉马帝国灭迹后,利莫里亚人重新聚集起来,将他们新成立的社会命名为Aghartha.Aghartha的首都香巴拉(香格里拉)则重新搬迁到一个洞穴中,此位置正位于今天西藏拉萨所在位置的遥远地底。
跳高行动“参与者包括4000多名官兵,13艘舰只和1艘航母,6架直升机,6架水上飞机,2架多用途飞机,15艘其他飞机等官方称这次行动的目的是:有南极的极端温度下试验新材料。然而这是二战结束后的第一个南极夏季,当时经济还陷入一片混乱,美国海军正经历这战后的大规模削减,很多舰只都退役,大规模人员削减。耗资如此之大,动用这么多军事装备去南极,如果只是 “试验新材料” 是解释不过去的。
书中的第一次战争是这样描述的: “英勇的阿特瓦坦,稳坐在维马纳(类似飞机的飞行器)内降落在水中,发射了” 阿格尼亚“一种类似飞弹武器,能在敌方上空产生并放射出密集的光焰之箭,如同一阵暴雨,包围了敌人,威力无穷。刹那间,一个浓厚的阴影迅速在潘达瓦上空形成,上空黑了下来,黑暗中所有的罗盘都失去作用,接着开始刮起猛烈的狂风,呼啸而起,带起灰尘,砂砾,鸟儿发疯地叫??似乎天崩地裂。 “” 太阳似乎在空中摇曳,这种武器发出可怕的灼热,使地动山摇,在广大地域内,动物灼毙变形,河水沸腾,鱼虾等全部烫死。火箭爆发时声如雷鸣,把敌兵烧得如焚焦的树干“。
尼沃林的 “新物理学” 理论认为:我们的地球在形成之初,只不过是飘荡在宇宙中的一团巨大冰块,在太阳和宇宙能量的影响下,它开始受热变成熔岩状态,接着又开始慢慢冷却,地球表面便形成了坚硬的岩石层,但岩层底下的熔岩却仍然保持着沸腾状态,岩浆受热不断膨胀,形成气体扩散到地球外面,经过数亿年的这种膨胀和扩散后,地球中心事实上已经成了一个 “巨大的空壳”。尼沃林认为,气体大规模扩散的主要出口就在南北两极,现在,那里仍然可以清楚地看到的 “巨大洞穴”这是地标的预览。
物理学家威廉·普拉默和约翰STROY已经表明金星上可能有一大片(人类)可承受的温度,尤其是北半球和南极地区应该会比观测卫星所侦察到的还要凉爽。另外,俄罗斯的亚历山大Lebedinsky教授说金星上大部份的表面平均温度是110°F的灰色,虽然电信波测出高达700°F灰色(43 C)。灰色这个消息都被五角大楼压着不放出来让大家知道,类似现象可以从霓虹灯管的冷表面测出来,虽然灯管的电信波高达几千度F.
(注:有所不知若说得唐突一点是无知,不过这么说容易伤到人家的自尊心,就采用另一个没有贬义或歧视之嫌的说法:有所不知不是自己低能,其实都很聪明,而是一些很难掌控的客观条件导致无从知道明白而有所不知,像人类的隔阴之谜和幻像的真实很难分辨出假相和真相。但是也不能老是怪客观环境不怪自己不努力去弄清楚真相达到觉醒而有所知,到最后问题的关键还是出在自己身上。这是大部份爬虫类和人类在未觉醒前的普遍态度以致每况愈下,灵性上不断退化,不断从图5d掉落到3D 4D再到的地球再到动物界,最糟的是落入自己和同类人创造出来的地狱)
美军退伍上校史蒂文斯在回忆录中写道:“我们的情报部门已经知道德国人在建造8艘非常大的型潜艇,它们都下了水设备相当齐全,可是以后就无影无踪地消失了。直到现在我们也说不清楚它们去了何方。它们既不在大洋底部,也没停靠在我们所知道的哪个港口。“美国海军上将理查德·伯德也说过一起1946年年发生的奇事。当时美国往南极派去一支考察队,但考察队 “乔治一号” 被一支来历不明的海军击沉,更确切地说,是遭到一些突然冒出水面的“飞碟 “袭击。人们开始怀疑,这些” 飞碟“是不是来自于传说的雅利安地下城。

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Of all I saw at Area 51, 95% remains hidden from the public. Going into Area 51 is like going into another world, where they are terribly afraid that other countries and other parties are going to get “this” information. Their thoughts being “if we admit that the Earth is hollow, with a central intelligence in it, this is going to cause discord and fear”. This fear process is generated by the private companies who seek to control and advance their own needs and personal agendas through Area 51.
13. We hope to find there also the descendants of the Lost Viking colony that settled Greenland in about 985 AD and which disappeared from there sometime before 1721 AD when Greenland was recolonized by Europeans.  The Greenland Eskimos say the Lost Viking colony migrated into the northern paradise they’ve always known about, but don’t go there believing it to be guarded by evil spirits.
The governing city within the Hollow Earth is called Shamballa. It is located inside the very center of the planet, and can be accessed through the holes at either the North or South poles. The Northern and Southern Lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections from our Hollow Earth’s Inner Central Sun, which emanates from her hollow core.
The Shambhala Tibetan headquarters of the “spiritual government of humanity,” may be located in the vicinity of Balkh, a former Afghan settlement known as “the mother of cities”  according to the prestigious scholar on Tibet, Alexandra David-Neel. The folk traditions of Afghanistan say that after the Muslim conquest, Balkh was called  Shams-i-Bala (Candle High)  which seems a transformation from the Sanskrit Shambhala into Persian. 
One Book of Enoch, written in the Aramaic language of Jesus’ time has survived the centuries, and was translated by R. H. Charles.  In this book, Enoch wrote, “And I went from then to the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH, and I saw a blessed place in which there were trees with branches abiding and blooming.” (Chap 26:1)  He speaks also of the ABYSS in the earth — his word for the hollow of our earth.  He spoke of “columns of FIRE” that struggle “together to the end of the ABYSS” referring to the solar wind from the inner sun that emanates out through the polar openings to light up the auroras at the polar ends of the earth. (Chap 21:4-5) He speaks of the four rivers that come out of the Garden of Eden that “take their course in the CAVITY OF THE NORTH” indicating that he knew the north polar opening exists and within the earth is located the lost Garden of Eden and its four rivers that flow to the four points of the compass thus giving the earth “four corners” that the scriptures speak of. (see Isa 11:12).  Enoch knew that the righteous dead are taken to the inner sun Paradise or Heaven of the Spiritual World of this earth saying, “and thus have the spirits of the righteous been separated.  Namely, by a CHASM (the hollow), by WATER (the earth’s shell covered with oceans), and by LIGHT (the inner sun) above it.” (Chapter 22:9-10)
They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!! We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type!
So how does gravity work in a polar opening?  The answer is that since by far the greatest portion of the earth’s mass is located in its shell, then that is where gravity accelerates towards.  Therefore, as one advances through the polar opening, the water and the ship are not accelerated towards the center of the earth, but towards the central sphere of gravity located in its shell.  As such, the water of the ocean adheres to the side of the polar opening, just as the earth’s oceans adhere to the sides of its outer surface.  More than likely, however, one would weigh less at the neck of the polar opening than further outside of it because of the mass of the earth that would at that point be directly above one’s head.
The Hollow Earth theory states that the Earth is a hollow planet with ancient entrances to the subterranean world scattered throughout it, including near both polar caps. This theory has been reported since ancient times and scientists such as Edmund Halley have defended it throughout history.
Interestingly enough, Phoebe reported the city in the Sun is the New Jerusalem, as described by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21, and as I had concluded, is a giant terraced mountain with a square bottom — having a pyramid shape. Perhaps the ancient Meso-Americans, Chinese and Egyptians knew the New Jerusalem would be like a pyramid, and so built their temples with that shape.
On June 8, 1912, Byrd graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned an ensign in the United States Navy. On July 14, 1912, he was assigned to the battleship USS Wyoming and was later assigned to the gunboat USS Dolphin, which also served as the yacht of the Secretary of the Navy.[4] While serving on board Dolphin he made the acquaintance of future Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, then the Dolphin’s commanding officer, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt, who used Dolphin for transportation. He was assigned to Dolphin when she was involved in the United States’ intervention in Veracruz, Mexico in 1914.
The Inner Earth consists of Telos and over 120 other Aghartha Subterranean Cities of Light just a few miles beneath Earth’s surface, including the city of Catharia, which is directly inside the center core of the Earth (beneath the Aegean Sea) and is where the Library of Porthologos is located and where Mikos is from. The Inner Earth consists of all the area that is below the Earth’s surface throughout the globe, including caverns and a vast tunnel system. It includes all 800 miles from the top of the Earth’s surface to the inner hollow opening in the center.
Hollow Earth Theory is an interesting hypothesis, one almost too amazing to get your mind around. There are those who believe that our planet holds a dark secret, witnessed by few and guarded by governments. The idea is equal parts absurd and fascinating, and has many supporters around the world.
After a long hard, cold, losing battle with the icy conditions, and in most cases the ice itself, Byrd and his team found a place in Antarctica where the waters ran warm, an “oasis”, as reported previously by Intellihub.
Operation High Jump was to last for six months into 1947, but it was cut short and returned to the United States in February.  Admiral Byrd was interviewed by the Chilean El Mercurio newspaper on March 5, 1947,
This scriptural passage is referring to the 3rd day of Creation, when God caused the first original continent to emerge from the waters that covered the surface of the earth.  But it was the inner surface of our hollow planet God is talking about.
Indigenous Eskimos believe that there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean and observations by several Arctic explorers like Olaf Jansen and Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., who claim to have seen mirages of exposed land near the North Pole, indicate that the most plausible location for an opening is located at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude.
0910 Hours- Vast Ice and snow below, note coloration of yellowish nature, and disperse in a linear pattern. Altering course foe a better examination of this color pattern below, note reddish or purple color also. Circle this area two full turns and return to assigned compass heading. Position check made again to base camp, and relay information concerning colorations in the Ice and snow below.
On finally reaching Stockholm, as I have already related, I found that my good Mother had gone to her reward more than a year before. I have also told how, later, the treachery of a relative landed me in a madhouse, where I remained for twenty-eight years – seemingly unending years – and, still later, after my release, how I returned to the life of a fisherman, following it sedulously for twenty-seven years, then how I came to America, and finally to Los Angeles, California. But all this can be of little interest to the reader. Indeed, it seems to me the climax of my wonderful travels and strange adventures was reached when the Scotch sailing-vessel took me from an iceberg on the Antarctic Ocean.
“Brooks Agnew resigned last September,” says Cluff. “He said a major stockholder in his company had withdrawn all their money, saying it was because [Agnew] was involved in an expedition to find the Hollow Earth.”
The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting a Gold Star in lieu of a Second Award of the Navy Distinguished Service Medal to Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. (NSN: 0–7918), United States Navy, for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service in a position of great responsibility to the Government of the United States as Commanding Officer of the U.S. Antarctic Service. Rear Admiral Byrd did much toward the difficult task of organizing the expedition, which was accomplished in one fourth of the time generally necessary for such undertakings. In spite of a short operating season, he established two Antarctic bases 1,500 miles apart, where valuable scientific and economic investigations are now being carried on. With the U.S.S. BEAR, he penetrated unknown and dangerous seas where important discoveries were made; in addition to which he made four noteworthy flights, resulting in the discovery of new mountain ranges, islands, more than a hundred thousand square miles of area, a peninsula and 700 miles of hitherto unknown stretches of the Antarctic coast. The operations of the Antarctic Service have been a credit to the Government of the United States. His qualities of leadership and unselfish devotion to duty are in accordance with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
It must be understood that this expedition has no sponsors.  This is a we, the people expedition.  No military, no government, no organization is sponsoring and paying for this trip.  Just us interested voyagers that have always wanted to find a way to go to visit the hollow in our earth — that land “beyond the pole” that Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd discovered, which discovery was never given credit to him, and which has ever since been held as World Top Secret by those that sent him there.  But we give him credit.  We want the whole world to know who discovered Our Hollow Earth in modern times.
To emphasize the degree of dedication to which I performed this research, allow me to inform you that at one point, I had collected over one thousand and three hundred files related to these different areas of thought.
Now, when Admiral Byrd flew BEYOND the pole when he flew through the north polar opening in February 1947, he did that from the American side of the pole, not the Russian side.  If he had flown from the Russian side of the pole, then beyond the pole would be on the American/Canadian side of the pole.  But Admiral Byrd was not flying for the Russians, but for the U.S. Navy — from America.  The fact that he said he flew “beyond” the pole indicates to me that he discovered the north polar opening on the Russian side of the north geographic pole.
He continues: “It has its own Sun, which is obviously smaller than ours, but it actually looks bigger to the inhabitants, because it’s nearer. And animals, such as mammoths, still exist inside. All the animals are much bigger than what we have here, as are the people. It’s also reversed – so our north is their south and vice versa.
The Hollow Earth theory is a pseudoscientific belief and conspiracy theory stating that the Earth is propagated by people whose skulls are hollow. Theories include that the inhabitants of the “Inner Earth” walk around the inside feet-up,[notes 1] or that a smaller sphere is inside the larger (sometimes it is stated this object works like a sun for the inner Earth denizens), which is more in line with the theory of gravity, though not geology.
This polar expedition proposes that we seek out that land where our cousins, the Greenland Vikings went, and visit them in their hidden land within the North Polar Opening that is within the hollow of our earth.  Indications are that that land is inhabited.  The story of the Scandinavian explorer Olaf Jansen and his father who attained that land through the north polar opening in 1829, maintains the people there are friendly, highly advanced in the sciences, arts, and geometry.  And that they are ardent worshipers of the Israelite god Jehovah, whom they believe has a throne on the sun of inner earth.  Most likely, since their god is Jehovah, these peoples of inner earth are actually the legendary Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, whom the Apocryphal author Esdras wrote, escaped the Assyrians in 687 BC and migrated to a region in the north called Arsareth, taking a year and half to reach that land.  It’s a veritable paradise.  Deuteronomy 30:4 calls it the “outmost parts of heaven” where the lost tribes were driven from their original home in Palestine.  Jeremiah called it “the land of the north.” (Jer. 3:12-18)  Other scriptures refer to it as the “north countries.”  It is a land where there is much gold, and abundance of precious stones, metals and giant forests.  It is a veritable Garden of Eden.  Indeed, Olaf Jansen claims that this is where the original Garden of Eden is located to this day — within Our Hollow Earth.  He was taken there on a monorail train of inner earth by friendly inner earth inhabitants.  It is located on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent where “…all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion.  In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain.  They divide and flow in four directions.  The place is called by the inhabitants, the ‘navel of the earth’ or the beginning, ‘the cradle of the human race.’  The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel.” (The Smoky God, p.114)
“Most recent evidence that there is something strange about the Poles of Earth comes in the launching of Polar orbit satellites. The first six of these rockets launched by the United States from the California coast were full of disappointments–and surprises. The first two, although perfect launchings, seemed to go wrong at the last minute, and although presumed to be in orbit, failed to show up on the first complete pass around the Earth. Technically speaking, they should have gone into orbit but they did not. Something happened, and the location of this something was the Polar area.”


Finally, to our great joy, the grinding of the ice ceased, and within a few hours the great mass slowly divided, and, as if an act of Providence had been performed, right before us lay an open channel. Should we venture with our little craft into this opening? If the pressure came on again, our little sloop as well as ourselves would be crushed into nothingness. We decided to take the chance, and, accordingly, hoisted our sail to a favoring breeze, and soon started out like a race-horse, running the gauntlet of this unknown narrow channel of open water.

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We sailed for three days along the shoreline, then came to the mouth of a fjord or river of immense size. It seemed more like a great bay, and into this we turned our fishing-craft, the direction being slightly Northeast of South. By the assistance of a fretful wind that came to our aid about twelve hours out of every twenty-four, we continued to make our way inland, into what afterward proved to be a mighty river, and which we learned was called by the inhabitants Hiddekel.
The Terra Arcanum is an esoteric society dedicated to keeping the Hollow Earth a secret. They have their foundations deep in the mists of time, and only a few of their current members realize their true origins.
Jump up ^ “Admiral Byrd Dies at 68. Made 5 Polar Expeditions. Admiral Flew Over Both Poles and Helped Establish Antarctic as a Continent”. New York Times. October 9, 1988. Retrieved May 23, 2008. 5 Arctic and Antarctic Trips Provided Groundwork for U.S. Defense Concepts Frigid Testing Ground First Trip in 1928–1929. Born in Virginia. Polar Flight Eclipsed Work Under Federal Auspices. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, U.S.N., retired, the first man to fly over the North and South Poles, died in his sleep tonight at his Brimmer Street home. He was 68 years old. …
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected electrons emanating out of Saturn’s polar area, as you can read on this Space Daily article.  Of course, this seems unusual to NASA scientists that claim that auroras are caused by our outer sun.  Actually, the opposite is what is happening.  Saturn is hollow, and it’s brilliant aurora is caused by it’s Inner Sun emanating electrons and protons from its solar wind OUT of Saturn’s polar opening which then follow the electromagnetic field lines of the planet AWAY from the polar area.  This powerful Inner Sun solar wind is what causes the auroras to light up on all the planets including earth.  While in Alaska in 1981, I watched the auroral radiation flowing UP causing the light of the aurora.  The auroral lights are NOT caused by our outer sun, but by an Inner Sun suspended within the hollow of each planet.
13. We hope to find there also the descendants of the Lost Viking colony that settled Greenland in about 985 AD and which disappeared from there sometime before 1721 AD when Greenland was recolonized by Europeans.  The Greenland Eskimos say the Lost Viking colony migrated into the northern paradise they’ve always known about, but don’t go there believing it to be guarded by evil spirits.
The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is by far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach.
After four years and eight months’ absence I reached Stockholm, only to find my Mother had died the previous year, and the property left by my parents in the possession of my Mother’s people, but it was at once made over to me.


The story of Hollow Earth has not solely been tied to science fiction. I wanted to present some available information out there as it is a very intriguing subject. It’s worthy to note that UFOs are constantly seen coming out of the water(17) , maybe some of these objects are from advanced civilizations that live in the Earth’s interior? Until we actually penetrate inner Earth, hollow Earth remains a strong possibility.
Also, as I had concluded in Chapter 8 of my book, the angels told Phoebe that the Sun is a giant crystal.  Scientists, on the other hand, claim the Sun is entirely gaseous.  But if it is hollow and has a shell thickness 10% of its planetary diameter, that would give the Sun’s shell a density of 2.86 gm/cc, and so would have a solid surface.  Glass has a density of 2.6 gm/cc.  And it’s not hot inside as scientists claim either, but a nice warmth is provided for the celestial city suspended within the Sun’s hollow interior.  You can get Phoebe Marie Holmes book, “My Visit To The Sun”  at Amazon.com.
Within a fortnight I was permitted to go about and take my place as one of the seamen. A little later the Captain asked me for an explanation. I told him that my experience had been so horrible that I was fearful of my memory, and begged him to permit me to leave the question unanswered until some time in the future. “I think you are recovering considerably,” he said, “but you are not sane yet by a good deal.” “Permit me to do such work as you may assign,” I replied, “and if it does not compensate you sufficiently, I will pay you immediately after I reach Stockholm – to the last penny.” Thus the matter rested.
There is no use of money in Agartha. People use the barter system and there is plenty of everything for everyone. Energy is free. The cities are accommodated with moving sidewalks and for shorter distances a sort of scooter is used. An electromagnetic system called “the tube” is used for travel from one city to another. It can reach speeds up to four thousand miles per hour.
Whether inland among the mountains, or along the seashore, we found bird life prolific. When they spread their great wings some of the birds appeared to measure thirty feet from tip to tip. They are of great variety and many colors. We were permitted to climb up on the edge of a rock and examine a nest of eggs. There were five in the nest, each of which was at least two feet in length and fifteen inches in diameter.
I am Mikos. We thank you for your question. Here in the Hollow Earth we don’t distinguish between our trees, plants, and vegetables, as they are all living entities, each with their own consciousness carrying the Life Force. However, the plants and vegetables give themselves freely to us for our consumption, as long as we leave the plant intact and eat only its fruits, so that it can multiply and reproduce year after year.
      Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his or her daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city self-sufficient. The farming, building, and manufacturing industries of the surface world are rendered obsolete by this Light technology. For example, each individual can change the appearance and interior design of her residence on a whim. This technology also transports a person from one point to another almost instantaneously. This means that the world becomes a community as accessible to you as your immediate neighborhood. Thus, Agharthans’ thinking is not constrained by the limiting conditions that their surface neighbors live under. The freedom conferred by this Light technology has released wonderfully creative talents that are put to full use by their society. Happily, the Agharthans are now using these skills to reunite Aghartha with their surface brethren.
NOTE: There is some disinformation on this subject coming from the Mainstream Media. Wikipedia says, “There never was any attack”, and they left only because “winter was approaching”, In Antarctica! LOL!
The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. (NSN: 0–7918), United States Navy, for extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession as Commanding Officer of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition I, in that on November 28, 1929 he took off in his “Floyd Bennett” from the Expedition’s base at Little America, Antarctica and, after a flight made under the most difficult conditions he reached the South Pole on November 29, 1929. After flying some distance beyond this point he returned to his base at Little America. This hazardous flight was made under extreme conditions of cold, over ranges and plateaus extending nine to ten thousand feet above sea level and beyond probable rescue of personnel had a forced landing occurred. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, U.S.N, Retired, was in command of this flight, navigated the airplane, made the mandatory preparations for the flight, and through his untiring energy, superior leadership, and excellent judgment the flight was brought to a successful conclusion.
The British scientist Edmond Halley (1656-1742) proposed a hollow Earth to explain anomalous compass readings. The anomalies are now known to be caused by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field as well as mountains and localized iron ore deposits.
However, there were a few icebergs that had floated far northward into the open water still ahead of us on either side, stretching away for many miles. Directly in front of us, and by the compass, which had now righted itself, due North, there was an open sea.
The simplest most irrefutable query made in the article, are about “the light” changing. “How could he have seen the sun anyway? February is a period of total darkness,” observes Crenshaw. If still stuck in the dream, you can visit the Arctic Theme Page of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website. “The darkness lasts [from early October] until the beginning of dawn in early March.”
However, I will say that for Admiral Byrd to have gone to the North Pole in February of 1947 would have been like Eisenhower leaving the European front to check on General MacArthur’s doings in the Philippines. Then why did Giannini insist that Byrd made this fictional trip? A fact which, when studied closely, could discredit his whole book – even his theory. Walter-Kafton-Minkel explained it away as simply shoddy research. My research indicates there could be a more sinister reason.
“Can it be that the reason the descending cone does not come over the Pole on that last low pass is because the Polar Area is mysterious in extent, not in the area calculated by the rocket men, and therefore not taken into consideration? Can it be that the nose cone fell to Earth inside that “land of mystery” discovered by Admiral Byrd? Where else could they have gone? If the Earth at the Poles is as given on today’s maps, could four successive “low-level” launchings give the same inexplicable result — unreasonable disappearance?” (LANDS BEYOND THE POLES by Ray Palmer, published by Gray Barker, pp. 13-14.  See also DEEP BLACK by William E. Burrows, pp. 105-106.)
I left the Air Force due to their domineering ways by those who sought to act like control freaks, who were stagnating my ability to think and act in a creative manner. In accepting their Orders not to talk about such information, they take it for granted that one will automatically obey.
If you would like to get an idea of what the paradise of Inner Earth is like, you may want to order Lost Horizon, the full color 1973 version, at www.moviehunter.tv.  I was able to get this video at that website after searching for 20 years for it.  It is not sold in any store.  It’s the story of Richard Conway and his 4 fellow travelers that were kidnapped and flown into the Himalayan mountains where the pilot from Shangri-La crash landed their DC-3 in a canyon and was killed on impact, but the passengers were unscathed and rescued by people from a nearby Lamasery in a valley of the mountains called Shangri-La.  After walking through the blizzard and snow up the mountain, the rescuers of Shangri-La took Conway and his friends through a cavern.  The blizzard was blowing fiercely as they entered the cavern, but when they emerged on the other side, there was nice sun shinny weather with flowers everywhere in blossom – a veritable paradise.
My thoughts are interrupted in a cordial manner by a warm rich voice of melodious quality, “I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral.” I see a man with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his face. He is seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs. After I am seated, he places his fingertips together and smiles. He speaks softly again, and conveys the following:
The illuminati watch carefully that no secrets of a hollow Earth are revealed to the public. No-fly zones are in place both at the North and South Pole. Even satellites are not directed over these no-fly zones. Strangely enough, they are less careful with photos of other planets. Like this picture of the opening in the South Pole of Jupiter which can easily be found on NASA’s site (1)
The conspiracy aspect supposedly relates to a large hole providing access to the underworld, which is located somewhere in the Arctic or Antarctic regions,[3] and the attempts to keep it quiet made by the superpowers in conjunction with whatever the Grand Theory du jour is, be it reptilians, Tibetan masters, Atlanteans and/or aliens. That there are undisclosed entrances to these “inner worlds” extends also to the Moon, with one video purporting that you can see it on Google Earth,[4] though this is just a graphics glitch caused by stitching multiple low-resolution and high-contrast images together in combination with the usual seam errors produced at the poles when using spherical UV mapping. These theories are also associated with apocryphal stories of apparently bottomless holes in various locations, such as Mel’s Hole in Washington, USA.
There was a mild, luminous light which my Father said resulted from the outer Sun shining in from the South aperture of the Earth. That night we slept soundly, and awakened the next morning as refreshed as if we had been in our own beds at Stockholm.
“It could hardly be said to resemble the sun, except in its circular shape, and when not obscured by clouds or the ocean mists, it had a hazy-red, bronzed appearance, which would change to a white light like a luminous cloud, as if reflecting some greater light beyond.”
And yet, intuition is a lousy filter for science. Many decades before Abdelkader, another individual also suggested that the fundamental geometry of the Universe had been misunderstood and that a journey through space changes an object’s size. Einstein’s theory of relativity probably sounded almost as laughable as Hohlwelttheorie when first introduced. With his new models of time, space and gravity, humanity exited the age of intuition.  
“In twelve hours this cloud of whiteness would pass out of sight as if eclipsed, and the twelve hours following corresponded with our night. We early learned that these strange people were worshipers of this great cloud of light. It was ‘The Smoky God’ of the ‘Inner World.'” (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 102, 103)
Evidently my continued activity on the iceberg had attracted their attention. On drawing near, they put out a boat, and, descending cautiously to the water’s edge, I was rescued, and a little later lifted on board the whaling-ship.
MacMillan continued 9 more days in the direction of the mirage, but not seeing it again, and having run short of food, and finding the going very rough ice, they decided the mirage was a will-o’-the-wisp, that Crocker Land did not exist and turned back.  On the way back to land, they saw the mirage again.  “Throughout the day the mirage of sea ice, resembling in every particular an immense land, continued to mock us.  It seemed so near and so easily attainable if we would only turn back.”   (pg. 86)
In the nucleus of all atoms, my theory of gravity states that the spinning nature of nuclei particles creates a vacuum in the ether causing all surrounding ether to accelerate into fill that vacuum in the nucleus of all atoms.  The acceleration of the ether into fill the vacuum in the ether in the nucleus of all atoms is what gives the effect of gravity — it is a push by the ether accelerating into the vacuum in the nucleus of all atoms.  The Gravitation Constant means, therefore, that for every gram of matter in the universe, an acceleration in the ether of space is generated to the value of 6.67259 x 10-8 centimeters per second squared towards the center of that gram of mass.  As the ether accelerates towards the centers of each atom, the ether exerts a pressure force we call gravity.
Above the deafening tumult of the raging waves, I heard my Father’s voice. “Be courageous, my Son,” he shouted, “Odin is the God of the waters, the companion of the brave, and he is with us. Fear not.”
Because astronomers believe stars are gaseous and planets have liquid interiors they cannot explain the observed magnetic fields in suns or planets. Scientists today teach that the sun and stars are composed entirely of gases. But Skylab photography revealed that the nuclear reactions on the sun emanate from permanent stationary “nuclear cells.” Such permanency strongly indicates that the surface of the sun is solid, not liquid nor gaseous. In fact, the surface of the sun is relatively quite cool compared to its upper atmosphere.  If the sun has a shell that is perhaps 10% of the planet’s diameter in thickness, I have calculated that it’s shell would be solid having a density of 2.86 gm/cc, which is a little denser than glass.  As such, the sun could easily be a giant crystal globe!
One day soon after this, I felt exceedingly drowsy, and fell into a sound sleep. But it seemed that I was almost immediately aroused by my Father’s vigorous shaking of me by the shoulder and saying: “Olaf, awaken; there is land in sight!”
The Disney movie, The Island at the Top of the World (30th Anniversary Edition), most likely was based on Lt. Green’s theory that there was an island at up near the north pole where the lost Viking colonies migrated to.  But, as revealed by Olaf Jansen, it is not an island, but the inner continent within the north polar opening.
Hollow Earth Expedition uses the Ubiquity rules, which were also created by Exile Game Studio. The main feature of the system is its use of binary dice pool rolls to determine success. Under the default rules, each even number rolled counts as a success, while odd numbers count as nothing. Odd ‘nothings’ do not cancel out even ‘successes’, making dice rolling quick and simple. This binary system has also led to the development of special Ubiquity Dice, which are not detailed below.
There is more landmass inside (3/4 land and 1/4 water) and the land is more condensed than ours. Everything in the Hollow Earth is very carefully maintained to balance the ecological system of all life forms that reside there.
According to Dr. Brooks Agnew, who I have personally interviewed many times, a hollow earth is a very real possibility. Agnew has focused his studies to the North Pole region, as him and his team plan to one day locate a documented “polar depression” thus launching test overflights from a “nuclear powered icebreaker”.
Richard Byrd (1888-1957) was an American naval officer. He specialized in exploration and expeditions into the unknown. Admiral Byrd served as a navigator on several polar exploration flights, including the first flights over the Arctic and North Pole, as well as Antarctica and the South Pole. In his first flight over the North Pole, Byrd claims to have discovered an entrance to Aghartha, a legendary city at the center of the Earth.
In mid-winter on January 18, 1894 at 79° 18′ N Latitude, 137° 31′ E Longitude, explorer Fridtjof Nansen discovered that a north wind (a wind that blows out of the north) raised the temperature, while a south wind lowered the temperature.  At that time, Nansen was south of our estimated location of the polar opening at 84.84 N 129 E.  By February 21, 1896, their ship the Fram, which they had embedded in the ice, had drifted around the polar opening when again a wind from the southeast, towards the location of the polar opening, raised the temperature 18 degrees.
The interview Agnew, continues to get into the possibility of a hollow earth, questioning the possibility of advanced life within. Agnew explains how migration patterns of birds could be proof that something to the nature of a hollow earth exists, as birds are migrating north for winter in some cases, retreating to a warm area.
In his diary, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals –resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving –through the brush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degress F.
After we had given an account of ourselves to the emissaries from the central seat of government of the inner continent, and my Father had, in his crude way, drawn maps, at their request, of the “outside” surface of the Earth, showing the divisions of land and water, and giving the name of each of the continents, large islands and the oceans, we were taken overland to the city of “Eden”, in a conveyance different from anything we have in Europe or America. This vehicle was doubtless some electrical contrivance. It was noiseless, and ran on a single iron rail in perfect balance. The trip was made at a very high rate of speed. We were carried up hills and down dales, across valleys and again along the sides of steep mountains, without any apparent attempt having been made to level the earth as we do for railroad tracks. The car seats were huge yet comfortable affairs, and very high above the floor of the car. On the top of each car were high geared fly wheels lying on their sides, which were so automatically adjusted that, as the speed of the car increased, the high speed of these fly wheels geometrically increased. Jules Galdea explained to us that these revolving fan-like wheels on top of the cars destroyed atmospheric pressure, or what is generally understood by the term gravitation, and with this force thus destroyed or rendered nugatory the car is as safe from falling to one side or the other from the single rail track as if it were in a vacuum; the fly wheels in their rapid revolutions destroying effectually the so-called power of gravitation, or the force of atmospheric pressure or whatever potent influence it may be that causes all unsupported things to fall downward to the Earth’s surface or to the nearest point of resistance.

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L’océan se brise constamment et brise le manteau de glace qui l’écrase. Les courants stagnants et les tempêtes se révèlent des crevasses et partagent cette glace en morceaux de différentes dimensions appelés floes, qui s’appellent le puzzle, appelé le pack.
La peur de ce monde et des autres mondes ne devrait plus jamais nous toucher. Ce qui est vraiment important à réaliser, c’est que ce jeu n’est qu’une expérience artificielle. C’est ce que j’essaie de vous dire plus haut. Cette expérience, comme toute expérience, n’a d’autre réalité que le programme holographique qui en est le support. C’est l’animation.
Nous avons immédiatement commandé ce numéro 1028 dans Paris Match que nous avons reçu environ 15 jours plus tard. Nous Avons eu eu le loisir Alors espionnent d’examinateur à la Loupe en l’Malia question et de nous l’apercevoir aspect Qu’elle d’présentait un demi-Port Avions de 25 à prés de 30 de longue Kilomètres, et la DonT partie centrale de Sphères Serait de constituée Près de 4 km de diameter Apparemment (demander le repos à Mais prouver) que vous avez d’surmontées pour trier de “flèche titanesque”. Alors, regardez les deux images agrandies ci-dessous:
Bien sûr, Byrd ne mentionne aucune découverte de végétation, mais vous avez noté le mot “au-delà”, pas “autour” du poteau, ou “après le poteau”, ou “derrière le poteau” . L’expression “au-delà du poteau”, que nous avons souvent dit dans nos articles, nous fait penser à un pays bien, et n’a pas les mêmes spécialités que celle qui nous entoure du poteau. Comment peut-il y avoir “au-delà du pôle”, une immense région, surtout “inconnue”, alors que tout le monde s’attend à trouver des écailles très glacées et enneigées perçues de manière perceptible?
Il y a les livres des ENFIN ANNEES 90 du couple de Meurois font de Givaudan à Qui ont Histoire de Révisée Penser des événements du Début de Notre Isère et SURTOUT à la several de présence Centraux with same personnages Charisme.


C’est Ce Qui Passe Aujourd’hui: when l’Humanite wants les civilisations Aujourd’hui des préférences Dimensions Autres SUPERIEURES faire Appel Doït Elle à des canalisant les médiums et Visions Provenant Pensées de Aces Dimensions à Notre 3D superposées restreinte. Je reprends l’exemple des ondes hertziennes sur la télé. Sur la Chaîne 1 vous de l’Eau See et un bateau, TANDIS Que sur la 2 vous vez AUTRE CHOSE, un camionettes et ont une route, par exemple. Mais c’est le même écran. Celui qui vivait exclusivement sur le 1 nierait ce qui était sur le 2.
Pour quelle raison alors? Jan Lamprecht, expert en informatique et originaire d’Afrique du Sud, réfléchit à la raison. Pendant des années il cherche tous les indices qui pourraient prouver que les planètes sont creuses et qu’elles ont des ouvertures à leurs pôles. Il pose au hasard sa main sur une photo prise par ATS III, qui montre clairement une dépression en forme de feuille dans la zone du pôle (voir ci-dessous, à la fin de la flèche rouge, l’image du trou polaire nord nous l’avons présenté dans la partie précédente: Byrd.html)
mon cher Amiral, mais je dois continuer.
7. Les Esquiments disent que leurs ancêtres étaient originaires d’une terre au nord où le soleil n’a jamais dormi. Marshall B. Gardner l’annonce “… les danseurs efforts de as Esquimaux dire verser where huiles appartiennent à la vénus, huiles indiqueraient au Nord et décriraient ont la Terre de … Prospérité perpétuelle” (Un Voyage À L’INTÉRIEUR DE LA Terri, page 302)
Nous vous invitons également à analyser en profondeur la puissance du projecteur placé derrière les astronautes. Il y a, bien sûr, beaucoup d’autres placés devant la scène et sur les côtés. Projectors CES, avec vrilles ILS pas à l’Ile des parasites, des Reflets (non plus jamais la NASA pair expliqués), Que l’observation sur aussi sur la photo suivante,
Mais Byrd a pu découvrir ces 7.770.000 km², pour la plupart inconnus de l’humanité, ce qui montre clairement que le territoire occupé par les autres nations (voir ci-dessus) diminue évidemment comme une peau de chagrin?
MON DIEU !!! En dehors de l’escalier et tribord il y a un type d’avion étrange. Ils approchent rapidement de notre côté. Ils sont sous la forme de disques et ils sont resplendissants. Ils sont assez proches pour que nous puissions voir leurs inscriptions.
. Ils vont attendre d’être sauvés. Qu’est-ce qui n’arrivera jamais?
ARTivision RECOIT 11 Quand Août 2015, n ° 69, de la Revue américaine, Flying Saucers, de Juin 1970, un article where d’Trouve un certain John M. Prytz, Qui nia en 18 points, la Terre de la Théorie Creuse.
Tout l’Histoire AINSI de l’Humanité Officielle is proche de la vérité … mais falsifiée LLC les Toujours de détails à Façon Souterrain Travail des faciliter Promoteurs de Notre Conscience gérants et conscience. C’est le moteur d’exploitation qui permet un accès facile aux turbulents 7 milliards de personnes.
D’un autre côté, le psychothérapeute que je vois de la pornographie est plein d’informations utiles qui racontent la relation entre la psyché et le corps. Les scènes érotiques font partie du psychodrame qui affecte les affects.
“En plus des montagnes, une vallée semble être formée par une petite rivière – ou ruisseau – qui coule vers la partie centrale. Aucune vallée verte ne devrait être ici, sous nous! Décidément, il y a quelque chose d’étrange et d’anormal ici! Nous devrions juste déborder de neige et de glace! Sur la gauche, les pentes des montagnes poussent dans de grandes forêts. Nos instruments de navigation glissent, comme des fous.
Notez que dans le documentaire ci-dessus, un chercheur est également vu pour enlever un énorme animal écarlate du pergélisol avec un simple sèche-cheveux. Comment peut-on encore retrouver 20 000 ans, des cheveux bien conservés qui ne touchent pas au toucher et dont la couleur et l’odeur n’ont même pas disparu? Mais, dans ce documentaire, trouve-t-on encore des découvertes de végétation verte après 20 000 ans? Et vous vez A noter également, esperons NOUS L’, les Termes dithyrambiques par utilisés et aussi narrateur Par les: Chercheurs incroyable, inimaginable, MAGIQUE, très très spectaculaire, etc .. mis en rouge LLC au texte. Nous aimerions, ne pas, consulter l’ensemble de données datant des dossiers trouvés et bien conservés … Ah si un utilisateur amical pourrait prendre part à ces rapports (non-tragédie il se passe), alors comme tout deviendrait plus clair ….
C’est pourquoi vous ne devriez pas être surpris de la difficulté à trouver des cartes du pôle Nord. Dr. Rosner, chef de la faculté de géographie de Tübingen, en Allemagne, a reconnu que la courbure de la Terre arctique fait partie des secrets militaires. Même la cartographie de l’océan Arctique, effectuée par les sous-marins atomiques, est protégée par la défense secrète. En tant que personne, il est difficile ou impossible d’obtenir des images de pôles. Quand Lamprecht voulait en acheter un
Capitaine George H
Toutes les religions subissent une révision profonde par des vagues de révélations qui révèlent leurs erreurs volontaires. Parce que jusqu’à maintenant la religion et la stratégie
Les textes fondateurs des Pères de l’Église de Rome sont historiquement faux. Nails voulurent “de Bonne Foi” ont une religion Créer en reprenant les unifiée Archétypes ANCIENS Isis Avec, Osiris, le etc..Ce n’ont pas compris Qu’ils à this c’est Que les époque Parrains du projet de l’Empire Romain les a utilisés pour rattraper
On voit aussi qu’il y a les mêmes expressions concernant le territoire du territoire aussi vaste que les États-Unis et le Mexique combinés, le cas du vaste territoire inconnu de l’humanité, existant sur la face du globe et nécessitant des investigations, puis l’affaire des chaînons manquants à la science au fil des faits, et finalement le cas clé et très surprenant du «nouveau continent». C’est pourquoi c’est un interprète, ce qui confirme clairement le précédent.
This explicitation Officielle, avec TIENT Donca pas du tout debout, pour ce disque Nord si polaire … brillant, si l’lévite sur SAIT d’les Près des Savants dires officiels. que le soleil est loin de là, et que sa lumière devrait être soufflé à cet endroit. En fait, nous vous invitons à le découvrir à la page 44, qui est écrite dans la série Outside mars 2008 du magazine Science-Life:
Cependant, nous pouvons déjà voir qu’il est possible d’avoir des planètes creuses avec ou sans masse centrale et beaucoup d’espace vide (ou plein d’air, ou de tout gaz) et une stabilité stable.
Mais, pendant que nous sommes là, faites beaucoup de gratitude à notre ami Jean Anne, qui, malheureusement, a quitté ce monde.
Par Ë Je Crois Que LORs de nos DÉROULEMENT Terrestres d’un NOUS bénéficions à double isolement: À l’nécéssaire Celui expérience, aussi maîs de L’Enfermement Celui Excessif de Nos Maîtres reptiliens Qui W Visiblement, plus loin Été beaucoup par ce Que demande plan universel .
et intitulé “Earth Enigmatic”:
– Le soleil rouge, que nous voyons le Jansen et Nansen. Nansen a approché le plus haut point 90 ° nord, qui est supposé le Pôle Nord, à 4 °. Robert E. Peary, qui se voit décerner la découverte du pôle Nord, le 6 avril 1909, est un personnage controversé. À juste titre. Il a dit qu’il a rejoint le pôle avec des chiens de fronde. Comme nous le verrons plus tard, il n’y a pas de pôle, et d’autre part, il n’y a que la pleine mer, ce qui n’est pas le domaine préféré des chiens de traîneaux. Lui ou son concurrent, Frederick A. Cook, qui prétendait avoir trouvé le policier le 21 avril 1908, n’ont pas pu prouver leurs affirmations. Cook a traité Pearty comme un menteur, Pearty a fait de même. Le Congrès américain a fini par donner une raison à Pearty, probablement parce qu’il était citoyen américain. Cependant, le Congrès a décidé que les perles ne pouvaient pas être prouvées. Le super-intendant des gardes américains ne faisait pas confiance à Pearty. “Nous avons seulement sa parole. Comme tout ce qu’il a affirmé jusqu’ici était faux, le monde n’a rien entre les mains qui prouve que ces déclarations sont vraies “.
TRANSPORT: Remorques mobiles, ascenseurs inter-niveaux et baskets électromagnétiques semblables à nos motoneiges de la ville. Pour le voyage entre les villes, les résidents prennent “métro”, un système électromagnétique souterrain capable d’accélérer à 3.000 M
– du continent américain. Ainsi, en 1954, le navire canadien du Labrador a mis 27 jours pour relier Halifax à Esquimaulc en utilisant le «Northwest Pass». Les prévisions météorologiques du Labrador et l’information géographique suggèrent que l’état des glaces rendra ce passage praticable pendant plusieurs mois par année.
Quand un corps est soumis à une infection et résiste, les infirmières sont un drainage qui évacue les liquides purulents. Cette aide retarde l’invasion massive et mortelle de sang par les bactéries.
Mais, en ligne droite of this affaire incroyable, Présentons dispose également super entrefilet, de la Revue de bien Connue Notre mon Roch Sauquere “TOP SECRET” n ° 47, published in 2010 Et Février Pour Les puristes, Qui Aiment partir des sources, voici la couverture de cette revue: